What People Hate About Their Bathrooms — And What To Do About It

Bathroom design can be difficult  — even hateful — when you are trying to keep up with the times. Fixing all the undesirable elements about your bathroom can be challenging and you might not even know where to start. Here are several suggestions for improving your space, including ideas on how to fix the lighting in your bathroom, vanity remodel ideas and more!

Shower and Tub

In many households, the traditional shower-tub combo is just not as practical. For people who a prefer quick shower, a bathtub goes unused and can take up space or just make showering more difficult. Replacing your bathtub with an enclosed shower is an option many people choose when updating their bathrooms.

With several kinds of bases and enclosures available, the tub-to-shower conversion can be a relatively easy process with endless possibilities. Or, if you like to indulge in a relaxing bath but are bored with your outdated tub, consider replacing it with a newer, sleeker option!

Toilet Placement

A frustrating part of the bathroom experience is the result of poor toilet placement. If it’s jammed between the vanity and a wall or offers limited legroom, using the toilet is going to feel cramped and uncomfortable. While plumbing limitations don’t always allow you to change the placement of your toilet, you can try to change its surroundings.

Is your vanity too bulky in proximity to the toilet? Swap it out for a smaller sink fixture, adding a cabinet or shelving above the toilet so you don’t lose valuable storage space. Does your bathtub take up much-needed leg room? Switch to a free-standing shower with a smaller base and a sliding door.


A common complaint is not having enough space at the sink for more than one person, so whether you have a double or single vanity can make a dramatic difference for your bathroom. For couples, families and roommates, a bathroom vanity remodel that replaces one sink with two can be a huge improvement. If you want more space but don’t desire a double vanity, swapping your larger vanity for a wall-mounted or pedestal vanity can free up that extra bit of elbowroom you need.


Lighting tends to be an afterthought in the bathroom design process as the majority of attention goes to the essential fixtures of the room. This can leave your bathroom poorly lit or with bad light placement, which can diminish your love for the other aspects of the room.

Upgrading your bathroom lighting is the perfect way to rejuvenate the space. First, consider the position of your overhead lighting. When mounted fixtures and recessed lighting are placed directly above your head, they can result in unflattering and harsh shadows. These lights should instead be mounted in open areas or walkways in the bathroom.

Other bathroom lighting ideas include switching out your lightbulbs to achieve a softer, brighter look. LED lights are not only energy efficient but can also offer a softer effect by emulating natural light in a space where there may not be much.

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As our perception of a modern bathroom changes, there will always be ways you can improve the look and functionality of your bathroom. When you’re thinking of updating your space, shop Modern Bathroom's vast collection of contemporary fixtures. There you’ll find the right pieces for every taste and style.

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