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Though often overlooked during a bathroom remodel, modern day toilets and bidets offer a wealth of style and functionality that can’t be ignored. As a premier supplier of bathroom vanities and other bathroom décor, Modern Bathroom is proud to offer a wide selection of the best toilets and bidets from top brands in the industry, like Toto and Danze.

Although they’re one of the most under-appreciated fixtures in a home, toilets designed in contemporary and traditional styles can complement a bathroom vanity and other bath accessories. For those interested in conserving thousands of gallons each year and saving money on utility bills, our line of eco-friendly toilets will help reduce your water bills while helping the environment.

At Modern Bathroom, we’ve scoured the web to bring you the best one-piece and two-piece toilet designs. With free delivery and savings of up to 70%, buying factory direct can save you valuable time and money. If you’re considering additional bathroom upgrades, we also have a wide selection of bathroom faucets and bathroom sinks.

Please note: Toilets and bidets found on our site are only available for Los Angeles area delivery, unless they are part of a vanity order or purchased in quantities of three or more. This restriction is due to the high risk of damage during shipping. As always, our customers in the Los Angeles area are encouraged to visit our showroom for an up-close and personal look at everything Modern Bathroom has to offer.

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