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Bathroom Design Ideas

Have you ever taken a vacation and found yourself wishing you could transport that fancy hotel bathroom into your own home? There’s something about it — the clean, modern style with a clear presentation of thought-out themes and sophistication. At first thought,, having such a brilliant bathroom may seem like an impossible dream, but fortunately, renovating bathrooms to become exquisite examples of home remodeling is a much easier task once you take the first step. And how do you take that first step? Simple: with an idea. Think back to your favorite modern bathroom designs that you’ve seen and pick up a few more ideas from this page. By gathering design concepts and planning out your adventure in bathroom design, the dream bathroom can be yours!

Take note of the modern bathroom designs below to use as ideas for your own bathroom renovation. Make sure to incorporate a style that’s filled with your own personality and taste as well as a theme that’s unlikely to look dated in a few years (that means no neon paint and blacklights!). Additionally, if you’re remodeling a more ‘central’ bathroom that visitors often use, consider selecting a design that follows the overall decor of the house in order to have a flowing style throughout the guest-friendly rooms. Additionally, focus on larger fixtures to guide your theme, such as the bath vanity, bathtub, and shower. Large bathroom fixtures, especially the bathroom vanity, heavily influence the theme of a bathroom, so be sure to pick a style that you enjoy!

Here are a few modern bathroom designs created by our very own customers:

With its cool color scheme, beautiful tile work and overall attention to detail, this bathroom looks like it was clipped from a home remodeling magazine.

Featuring our Hana espresso vanity with glass countertop and matching mirror, the design also includes modern square light fixtures, a sleek tub with a side-installed faucet and a calming ocean painting to complete the relaxed mood.

Submitted by customer Scott F. in Fairview Park, OH

Incorporating our best-selling Dorchester vanity and Berlin 1 faucet, this bathroom's long shape is offset by a unique tile design on the far wall.

The Dorechester's large white porcelain sink complements the white toilet and bathtub, while its espress finish cabinet ties in nicely with the dark brown wall tiles.

The result? A clean, modern look that rivals a hotel bathroom.

Submitted by customer Phillip K.

Instead of a traditional double-sink vanity, this bathroom utilizes two single Accara vanities with clear glass countertops to give the space visual interest and provide extra counter/storage space.

The espresso finish of the vanities contrasts nicely with the earthy tones in the floor and tub surround tile. Matching round mirrors provide visual softness against the angular lines of the vanity and make the room look bigger.

Submitted by customers Julie and Todd T. in McKinney, TX

Designed by Arch Interiors Design Group in Beverly Hills, CA, this modern bathroom is a luxurious escape from a hectic world.

The centerpiece is our Bianca double vanity in espresso finish with white porcelain sinks and matching mirrors. Barely-there wall sconces create a soft glow against the peach walls while a white orchid adds an air of sophistication.

Simple, yet striking, this bathroom proves that less really can be more when it comes to remodeling.

Submitted by customer Chris G. in Beverly Hills, CA

This bathroom incorporates the wall-mounted Bianca 60" double vanity and matching mirrors/medicine cabinets in espresso finish with green frosted glass counters.

The open airy feel from the high ceilings is further accentuated by the floating vanity, which fits perfectly in a lighted nook to save space while providing a modern, clean look.

Plants and flowers add warmth and provide colorful accents to the neutral tiles and paint.

Submitted by customer John K. in Long Beach, CA

With modern bathroom design, relatively simple changes can be made to transform an old, worn-out bathroom into a fresh new space that can compete with five-star luxury resorts. Alterations such as replacing bathroom vanities, bathtubs, and tweaking the general decor can do wonders with the most hygienic room of your home, creating not only a relaxing atmosphere for those long days but an added value to your home. It’s widely known that kitchens and bathrooms reap the most return on investment when you’re in the process of selling your house, so take advantage of both opportunities by constructing your own intimate paradise while securing the highest price for your property through a bathroom redesign.

Remember, preparing early for a bathroom renovation helps eliminate all the unnecessary stress that comes along with remodeling on the whole, so be sure to stay ahead of the game by planning out your ideas beforehand. If you’re unsure of where to begin, follow this simple guide for a modern bathroom design head start:

  • Evaluate your home’s decor. Do you want to continue with the same decor or have a separate style for the bathroom?
  • Determine your design starting point. Will there be only a few replacements or a full makeover?
  • Have a theme in mind. Will it be minimalist? Artsy? Traditional? Natural materials? Colorful?
  • Find larger fixtures, such as bath vanities, toilets, and tubs to match your ideal design.
  • Search for accompanying fixtures, like faucets, towel racks, mirrors, and other small products to accompany your larger furniture.

Now it’s time to get started!



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