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July 12th through August 5th

Find Your Perfect Bathroom Sink

Whether you're seeking an elegant, modern, or Zen style bathroom, our collection of glass and porcelain, vessel and pedestal sinks are sure to give your bathroom the updated look you've been looking for.

You'll Love Our Selection of Bathroom Sinks

With undermount, self-rimming, wall-mounted or pedestal sinks from trusted brands like Toto and MTI, you'll love our selection of contemporary and traditional bathroom sinks at factory-direct prices of up to 70% off list price.

Vessel bathroom sinks have become a wildly popular sink option for bathrooms of all sizes. They add an artistic quality to bathroom design, and come in a large selection of shapes, colors, sizes and materials. No longer a trend, but part of a design ethic, vessel sinks sit on top of your vanity instead of underneath, and give any bathroom a truly modern look. Our selection of porcelain, glass, and stone vessel sinks includes many unique and colorful designs, sure to make a bold statement in your bathroom.

Pedestal sinks are a hot new trend in bathroom décor, and work equally well in modern, rustic, or classic bathrooms. Ideal for small bathrooms that are tight on space, nothing looks cleaner than a pedestal sink. With hundreds of iterations and designs on the market, Modern Bathroom has brought you a collection of the best choices in the market. We carry a huge selection of pedestal sinks in many finishes and styles, including corner pedestal sinks that make the most of space.

Under-mount sinks are a great easy-to-clean solution for updating your bathroom. Modern Bathroom carries a wide variety of different shapes and colors to suit your sink needs.

If a self-rimming bathroom sink is the route you’re looking to go, we’ve got some great solutions for those looking for a fast installation to mount directly to a variety of countertop material.

Wall-mount bathroom sinks are an easy upgrade to any powder room or bath in your home. With brands like TOTO and MTI, Modern Bathroom has a great selection to suit your sink needs.

For a more modern, contemporary look, check out our semi-recessed bathroom sink options. Modern Bathroom has a nice selection of both shapes and sizes to give your bathroom a fresh look.

A Range of Stylish and Durable Materials

When you buy a bathroom sink, it’s about more than pure function; you can make a major design statement with the style you pick. This is especially true today, when sinks come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Refresh your space, match the rest of your home’s style, showcase your personal taste, or bring your bathroom into modern times: It’s all possible through the right new sink!

Where to begin when you’re looking to select a luxury bathroom sink for a bathroom in your home? What should you keep in mind as you’re selecting sink styles? One popular option is glass. Glass bathroom sinks are not only beautifully designed, but are incredibly sturdy and guaranteed to last for years to come. By choosing a round, glass sink you can match the sink with your traditional bathroom décor, or you may wish to opt for a square style to provide a more modern flair.

Another possibility when you want to buy a bathroom basin is porcelain. Known for being clean and contemporary, our extensive line of porcelain bathroom sinks can complement any style décor, ranging from traditional bathroom vanities to bathrooms with a more modern look and feel. Our porcelain sinks require very little maintenance, and are among the strongest sinks in the market. With round, square, or oval styles in vessel, pedestal and undermount installations, you're guaranteed to find just what you're looking for on

Natural stone bathroom sinks are another beautiful way to add some rustic-flare to your bathroom. As one of the leading sink wholesale distributors, Modern Bathroom has a great selection of natural stone sinks from marble in a variety of colors to stone and granite.

We offer man-made stone bathroom sinks that bring a sophisticated look with unrivaled durability. These easy-to-clean, low maintenance sinks offer a beautiful solution to suit your bathroom updating needs. With options from VIGO, MTI and more, we have a variety of options and styles to suit your taste.

How do you know which style of sink to pick? We recommend you shop around to compare the pros and cons of each material, as well as see what styles you prefer. Porcelain sinks are non-porous and dense, as well as resistant to chipping and cracking, for example. Stone sinks offer the appeal of natural beauty with a rustic vibe.

Before you buy a sink, get to know the features of its material, so you can be sure you’re making a choice you’ll love for the long haul. Likewise, think carefully about your personal style, as well as the overall style of your home, to choose a sink that fits it. Ready to shop around? Part of what makes Modern Bathroom stand out among bathroom sink companies is our great selection, offered at affordable rates. Browse today to learn more!



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