Selecting Sink Styles To Match Your Home

From modern to traditional, thinking about home style seems obvious when you’re shopping home plans or evaluating different architectural options. However, the overall style of your home actually matters for all aspects of its design, right down to the bathroom sinks. With that in mind, how can you select bathroom sink styles that are right for your home? Whether you’re building or remodeling, here are some tips for picking the best sinks to complement the rest of your residence.

  1. Know Your Style.

    If you’ve already picked fixtures for your kitchen or other bathrooms, start there. What shape, colors, design, etc., of sinks did you pick? If you went with an under-mounted stainless steel kitchen sink that has squared corners, for example, you went with a sleek and modern kitchen sink look. If you have white, decorative pedestal sinks in the powder rooms, you may have a more cottage-like, charming feel. Paying particular attention to the sinks already in place in the home, figure out what style most appeals to you. If, on the other hand, this bathroom will be the first style choice you’re making, browse the Internet or bathroom stores to explore possibilities and determine what look you like best.

  2. Know Your Options.

    Understanding all the possibilities is crucial when you’re trying to determine style preferences. There are under-mounted sinks, set beneath the countertop in a vanity; as well as above-counter sinks, which place a sink directly on top of the counter. Pedestal sinks stand alone, without storage space, but can create a strong statement and a more minimal bathroom look. Other options include one-piece console sinks, vessel bathroom sinks and drop-in sinks, each of which has a distinct look and feel.

  3. Think about Space or Budget Limitations.

    A double vanity won’t fit in a tiny bathroom any more than a pedestal sink will provide sufficient storage space for a huge one. Before picking the sinks for your new bathroom, determine what limitations you are facing. From the room’s square footage to the amount of money you have to invest, knowing your constraints can provide helpful parameters from which to make your decisions.

  4. Choose Colors.

    Looking at the bathroom as a whole, think about what colors and materials you like best. Will you want the color of the countertops to contrast or match the color of the sink? Do you want all the bathroom fixtures to go together? From brushed nickel to stainless steel, there are various different fixtures available, just as there are various colors of sink, from white to black and everything in between. Think about your sink choice in relation to the bathroom as a whole, then consider all the bathrooms in the home. Finally, think about it in relation to your entire home’s sense of style.

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