European Bathroom Design Ideas For Inspiration

European chic is trending this year, which is a great look for people who may not have a wealth of floor space. European designers definitely know how to squeeze a huge amount of value and luxury into a room. If you have a small bathroom that you are looking to upgrade, try one or more of these European design ideas for your interior décor.

Mirror Suspension

One of the best ways to get a little extra privacy in a small bathroom is to suspend a mirror in front of the window. From this centerpiece, you can place smaller matching accents and rugs around the bathtubs and bathroom sinks without taking much space.

Wallpapering for Space

The wallpaper that you choose can give even the smallest bathroom the illusion of more space. Lighter colors with sparse designs are the way to go if you need to expand the room a bit. Depending on your taste, your accents can match the color or contrast it to draw the eye, giving the illusion of a bigger room.

White and Black Contrast

Expanding on the tip above, contrast that makes the eye move tends to create the illusion of a bigger space. If you really want to dive deep into European decor, go with a strong contrast with the central elements in your bathroom. Use solid, deep colors without complex designs to keep the room from looking too busy, which shrinks the space.


Hexagonal tiling is the current style coming out of Europe. It is an eye-catching shape that tends to centralize itself in the space and serves as a good contrast to solid colors on your walls. If you do not have big, ornate pieces in your bathroom, using your tiling to add a bit of panache is a great way to spruce up the room without spending a great deal of money for expensive accents.

Corner Mirrors

Exponential room expansion can be accomplished through the judicious use of mirrors. Corner mirrors are specifically European — a look that may not be for everyone, but definitely sets the room apart for those who are bold enough to try the look. The most forward-thinking interior designers are placing small mirrors at the corners of the bathroom above the sink.

Feudal Accents

Many of the best European designs base themselves on a centerpiece from a particular time period, such as a Baroque mirror or a vanity of French limestone. Not only do you now have a styling that draws the eye, but you also create a sense of fantasy within your bathroom that makes every experience there more enjoyable.

Porthole Windows

Another European-influenced choice is nautical decor — shipshape accents led by porthole windows and hexagonal floor tiles. Use contrasting bands on your bathroom walls to finish the look and create an exciting journey for yourself every time you wash your hands!

Farmhouse Bathing

Another aspect of Europe that you can bring into your bathroom is the rustic landscapes of rural, widespread countries like Switzerland. Some of the best designers are even using chicken wire in their bathroom designs along with screening instead of traditional cabinet doors to ramp up the feel of the country. After all, this is how towels and other bath cloths were presented in the past, so why not return to a great tradition to give yourself a new look?

Tinted Mirrors

Depending on the laws of your state, you may or may not be able to have tinted windows on your car, but you can definitely have them in your bathroom. Slightly distressing your mirror can give a bit of color to the space without a need to repaint the entire room.

Strategic Storage

In a smaller bathroom, you must find a way to store your toiletries more efficiently if you do not want to create clutter. If you do not have a separate linen closet, you can invest in a deeper medicine cabinet that interacts with the piping in your bathroom. Many smaller European bathrooms incorporate these deep cabinets, staggering storage space around pipes. Use the extra space for custom bathroom vanities that will hide your laundry bins, giving you plenty of room for dirty linens and clothes without cluttering the room.

European design always seems to add a bit of modern flair to your feng shui, and it can do even more with your ideas incorporated into European traditions to create a beautiful hybrid. Keep the above tips in mind for your bathroom, and experiment with your own design choices to create new and exciting options for your bathroom!

Why The Popularity Of Wall-Mounted Vanities Has Risen

Take a look at today’s modern bathroom designs and you’ll see the ever-popular wall-mounted vanity. Wall-mounted vanities, also known as floating vanities, are vanities that mount to the wall instead of the floor, freeing more floor space and creating a modern, streamlined look. Over the last five to seven years, they have skyrocketed in terms of appeal — but do you know why? What makes wall-mounted vanities so popular? To help answer this questions and dig deep into a hot bathroom trend, here’s a look at some of the key selling points for wall-mounted vanities, which may explain what’s made these bathroom vanities so beloved!

A More Modern Look

Nothing says you’re moving away from traditional style faster or clearer than sleek, wall-mounted vanities. Because they step away from the classic look of a vanity and offer something different, these bathroom vanities provide a foolproof way to opt for modern style. At Modern Bathroom, we have wall-mounted styles that range from less than $400 to more than $3,000, providing hundreds of ways to create a contemporary look with a single piece. Whether you’re trying to move toward a modern look one piece at a time or you’re building a bathroom from the ground up, count on floating vanities to create contemporary style.

A Space Expander

If you’re trying to make the most of a small bathroom or add to the elegance of a large master bath, a wall-mounted vanity naturally makes the bathroom look bigger. Because it doesn’t sit on the floor, it creates an impression that there is more floor space than there actually is, making the space feel larger. This feature can go a step further when you pick a vanity that matches the color of your walls, so the vanity gives an illusion of almost blending with the space.

More Versatility

Floating vanities not only come in a wide range of designs and styles, but the very fact that they float means they have more versatility in placement, too. You don’t have to place them in an area where there’s a stable floor or a flat surface. You can decide on the height of your countertop, adjusting it to your needs. This versatility is a big selling point in awkward layouts, for consumers who are very tall or short, and really for anyone who wants complete customizability in their bathroom vanities.

Easy to Move

Another feature of the wall-mounted vanity is portability. Generally, these vanities are lighter and easier to pick up than the large, floor-mounted models. While wall-mounted vanities can be harder to install, they are easier to move from place to place. Durable and sturdy, they are built to withstand the warping that can occur in a bathroom environment’s humidity over time.

More Reachable Storage

Higher vanities, the wall-mounted kind that are lifted off the floor, make it easier to get to your bathroom supplies. Rather than having to bend down and dig deep into the back of your storage space, you can reach items quickly. Likewise, floating vanities often feature a design that allows for more drawers and usable space, too.


While trends come from somewhere, and the many features of floating vanities make it easy to see why they’ve caught on, the fact remains that they are indeed trends today. Popularity breeds more popularity, so being a trend has probably made floating vanities continue to be popular. When people are decorating their bathrooms and deciding on features, they will often look at other popular features. When magazines, blogs and design showcases are featuring wall-mounted vanities, consumers notice and the idea catches on further.

Are wall-mounted vanities right for you? Whether you’re building a new home, renovating a bathroom, or just curious about the floating-vanity trend, understanding the benefits they offer is key to understanding why they’re so popular. From their versatility to the way they expand a bathroom’s sense of space, these bathroom vanities have a lot to offer. Explore the possibilities we offer at Modern Bathroom to learn more about this trend, or contact us to discuss options!

5 Colorful And Fun Bathroom Ideas For Kids

There’s no reason why the kids’ bathroom has to be a ho-hum part of your home. In fact, with a little creativity, you can take your kids’ bathroom far from the routine and create a truly fun and colorful space your little ones will love! Whether you’re potty-training toddlers or helping your elementary kids remember to brush their teeth, you’ll also be glad you have an attractive, inviting bathroom in which to do it. To help you get inspired with ways to jazz up a bathroom for kids and the ones who take care of them, here are a few important ideas to keep in mind:

1. Start with the walls:

Whether you go with bold bathroom paint colors or fun wallpapers that feature animals or shapes, you can quickly and dramatically change the feel of your bathroom with the walls. Another great wall-decorating idea is to paint the walls with chalkboard paint so your kids can enjoy a private blackboard on which to create and draw. Every time they want to draw, you can let them redesign the walls in their bathroom space, creating fun and interesting conversation pieces as they do. In any case, by being intentional with your wall decoration, you can transform your bathroom into a perfect place for children.

2. Pick whimsical accessories:

Think about the decorative elements of your bathroom — the shower curtain, the floor mats, artwork to hang on the walls, towels to use each day — and look for options that highlight a kid-friendly feel. The market today is loaded with possibilities, whether you’re talking about an under-the-sea theme or products featuring your child’s favorite cartoon character. Explore the possibilities and see what works best for you and your kids.

3. Go educational:

With all the time you spend in the bathroom, why not make it a learning opportunity as well as a functional room? Use wallpaper that spells out the alphabet on corresponding animals and shapes. Pick artwork with multiplication tables. Hang a shower curtain that features the ABCs. When your children look at the same educational information day after day in the bathroom, something just might sink in — you never know!

4. Include a colorful chair:

Putting a small child’s chair in the bathroom serves multiple purposes. From a decorating standpoint, it can incorporate another lively color to add whimsy and style to the space. From a functionality standpoint, chairs offer places to store towels or toys, as well as easy locations for parents to sit during bath time. If your bathroom has the square footage to accommodate it, consider placing a small chair in the room.

5. Add creative decals:

When you can’t completely overhaul the bathroom for kids but want to make it more enjoyable, consider removable wall decals. You’ll find all kinds of colorful, creative designs that you can stick to cabinets and walls at kids’ height. What’s especially great about these features is that you can remove them down the road, when kids get older or you want to rethink your design.

When it’s a kid-friendly bathroom you’re after, try to think strategically about the features you choose! To give you a few ideas for where to start in making your bathroom more childlike and colorful, simply look at the suggestions above. From painting the walls playful colors to incorporating numbers and letters in the room, there are all kinds of potential for designing a fun and creative kids’ bath. What will you do to create the perfect bathroom space for your little ones? Try a few of these ideas to find out.

Keep Cozy With These Warm Bathroom Ideas

In winter, you need all the cozy home features you can get — especially in the bathroom. On icy, uncomfortable mornings, the only thing worse than leaving a warm, comforting bed is leaving it for cold, hard floors in your bathroom. What can you do? Are there ways to create a warm feel even in a typically cold space? What bathroom features make the biggest difference in a bathroom remodel? The good news is, there are lots of ways to make a bathroom feel warmer, some of which are simple (like adding rugs) and some of which are more demanding (like adding a fireplace).

To help make your bathroom feel more inviting and approachable, even in the worst of winter, here are some inspiring ideas for keeping cozy:

1. Install heated floors.

Hard, durable, easy-to-clean surfaces like tile, stone and porcelain are long-standing bathroom favorites when it comes to flooring. The only problem? They’re cold. You can do something about this by installing floor heat. Underfloor heating systems can go in when you’re creating a new build or retrofitting — and the result is warm and comforting surfaces to step onto while getting in and out of a bath.

2. Install heated towel bars.

Is there anything cozier than stepping out of the bathroom shower to warm, heated towels that you can wrap around your frame? Heated towel bars make this dream a reality. Install them into the bathroom to gain a little luxury in your daily routines.

3. Add soft rugs.

Adding textiles is a great way to add a warmer feel to any space. In the bathroom, this means bath mats or rugs that are soft and cozy. Floor textiles work beautifully in front of the tub, the bathroom sink and anywhere you regularly stand for extended periods. Other options for introducing more texture to the bath include hand towels, bath towels and curtains.

4. Decorate in warming hues.

When it’s warmth you’re after, don’t overlook the power of visual changes. Choose decorating colors known for enlivening a space like red, orange, yellow or deep blues. These colors instantly add to the warm and welcoming feel of the bathroom, even on frigid days.

5. Use intentional lighting.

Contrary to what you may have seen in other homes, there’s no rule that says bathrooms require boring lighting over the bathroom vanity. Think outside the box of standard flush-mount lights and choose an attractive chandelier or pendant light instead. In the bathroom, you have to make sure ceiling lights aren’t reachable from the bathtub, are properly grounded and up to code. Beyond that, there are a lot of possibilities!

6. Let in natural light.

Windows and skylights let more natural light into your room, so, even though it’s winter, you can still feel sunshine when it comes. Also consider glass shower doors and bathroom mirrors that help reflect light throughout the room.

7. Check bathroom efficiency.

The same windows that are letting in wonderful natural light could be the culprit for extra drafts and temperature chills. Test to see if your windows are letting in more air than they should by putting a piece of tissue around the perimeter. If it moves, you have an air leak that needs to be caulked to improve warmth in the bathroom.

8. Add a steam shower.

The beauty of a steam shower is that you can step inside while the shower steams — letting your pores open and your body relax. While this bathroom addition is a big-ticket item and might not work in every space, if you’re in the process of redesigning, it’s worth considering.

9. Add a sauna.

If you really want to go all out in creating a dream bathroom space, consider a sauna. A sauna is like your own heated haven, a place where you can warm up, cleanse toxins and more.

10. Add a fireplace.

Picture yourself sitting in the tub with a fire roaring nearby, and you’ll see the appeal of a bathroom fireplace. While this feature is definitely a luxury, it’s a great way to create a cozy, getaway feel right in your home.

Use the 10 ideas above to make your bathroom a little more inviting and enjoyable. Whether you’re planning a bathroom remodel or building a new home, thinking creatively about the bathroom can make all the difference in keeping the winter blues at bay.

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