How To Determine If Your Bathroom Vanity Is High Quality

You want the best for your bathroom, but with so many options available today, it can be tough to tell which options are high-quality bathroom vanities. Read below and we’ll show you what to look for to judge the quality of a vanity before you make this important purchase.

Check the Construction

Check to see if the vanity comes fully assembled or ready to assemble. Fully assembled vanities are typically the better choice because they’re factory built and factory tested for quality and durability, which eliminates possible user error during the installation phase. Next, check drawer construction. While it’s normal for the sides or back of the vanity to be made from thinner materials, drawers should be relatively solid since they need to be able to support the weight of items you place inside. If drawer bottoms flex, wobble or seem unusually thin, it may not be a high-quality vanity. Last, assess the materials used in construction. Particleboard is a common (and inexpensive) building material that can be laminated to give it a wood-like effect, and it’s historically associated with lower quality products. Shop around for solid wood or plywood with a solid veneer if you want a sturdy, long-lasting piece with a natural wood finish.

Check the Hardware

Hinges, doors, drawer pulls and drawer slides are all key pieces that make the vanity functional — and they should all be high quality to ensure longevity and ease of use. In general, hardware should be metal, not plastic, and it should feature sturdy fasteners to keep it in place.

  • Choose soft-close hinges to prevent noisy slamming doors and excessive wear on your vanity.
  • Check drawer slides to make sure that they open and close smoothly without hitches or resistance.
  • Door and drawer pulls should never feel wobbly on a brand-new vanity — although since they can loosen with time, they may need to be tightened on older vanities.

Check the Paint or Finish

The finish will be one of the biggest contributing factors to bathroom vanity quality because it is what seals the wood or particleboard against moisture. Fortunately, there are many great options to choose from. High-quality finishes will include things like oil-based polyurethane for natural wood finishes, varnishes that seal the wood or lacquers and oil-based paints that give you both color and a sealed finish. In general, avoid vanities painted with latex paints. While they’re not common among retailers, if you’re shopping for used vanities, you may see some in which the previous owners applied latex wall paint to update the color. These vanities will be prone to peeling, especially if the original finish wasn’t properly prepared prior to refinishing.

Faucets and Counters

These two things likely won’t come with a new vanity — you’ll need to purchase them separately — but they should still be a consideration since it wouldn’t make sense to combine an amazing vanity with poor-quality counters or faucets. For the faucet, it’s generally best to stick with respected brands. Usually, the larger brands offer better warranties and higher quality products, and you’ll be able to easily source replacement parts years into the future when wear and tear takes its toll. As to counters, there are lots of options to choose from, like laminates, stone or ceramic. Choose something that offers a built-in sink or the ability to install a quality sink easily and choose something that can handle lots of moisture. Stone will be the most durable choice for bathrooms, but ceramics and laminates are good choices too. Use the above to help you choose a quality vanity for your next bathroom upgrade. Whether you’re looking for a vanity, bathroom cabinets, faucets or other essentials, be sure to shop our selection to find high-end products that not only look amazing, but also go the distance.

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