How To Remove A Bathroom Mirror Glued To The Wall

You have a bathroom mirror that is attached to the wall — and you’d like to replace it — but you can’t see any clips or fasteners holding it in place. What now? Most likely, the mirror has been glued to the wall, which means it may be a little trickier to remove than if the original installer had used clips. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

Here are three methods to show you how to remove a mirror glued to the wall.

Method 1: Heat and Pry

This method for how to remove a glued-on mirror means you’ll need a sturdy drywall or putty knife, a drop cloth of heavy canvas, and a heat gun or a blow dryer. Heat guns are preferred — they’re relatively inexpensive to purchase, and they get much hotter than a blow dryer, which is ideal for melting adhesive.

Start by spreading your drop cloth, then use the heat gun to warm the mirror. Focus on a small section at a time, starting in one corner. As you warm the mirror, try to slide the putty knife beneath it. Eventually, you should start to feel the glue soften. Continue heating and prying with the putty knife until the mirror comes free.

Some recommend covering the mirror with tape for this method in case the glass breaks. If you’re using a heat gun, it will melt the tape’s adhesive and possibly the tape.

Method 2: Use a Wire Saw

When it comes to how to remove stick-on mirrors from the wall, a wire saw is one way. Here, you’ll need a drop cloth and a wire saw long enough to fit behind the mirror — perhaps a partner to help you, too. Work the saw behind the mirror and use it to cut through the adhesive.

If you have someone assisting and you’re using a wire saw featuring rings to help you pull it (as opposed to a wire saw with a wooden handle), ask your helper to pull one ring while you pull the other. This will make the process a little easier.

Be aware, though, that using a wire saw is possibly the toughest and most time-consuming of all methods — not only because the cutting process is slow, but because the wire saw will clog with adhesive and need to be cleaned often.

Method 3: Break the Mirror

If you’re looking for the easiest method for how to remove a glued bathroom mirror, this is it — but it’s also the most dangerous and damaging. You’ll need a hammer, safety glasses, leather gloves, drop cloth, duct tape and putty knife. Spread the drop cloth to catch broken glass, and put on your safety glasses and gloves. You can cover the mirror completely with duct tape or place duct tape every few inches across the mirror to help capture shards of glass and make cleanup easier.

Once you’re prepared, go to work with the hammer, striking the mirror hard enough to crack it but not so hard that you crack the drywall beneath, too. As the broken pieces start to come away from the wall, use the putty knife to pry any remaining pieces stuck to the wall.

Preparing for Your New Mirror

Whichever method you use, there will likely be damage to the wall behind the mirror. Often, this will just be adhesive remnants, in which case, you will need to learn how to remove bathroom mirror adhesive — usually with heat or by scraping it. There could be scarring or damage to the drywall, too, especially if you used a hammer to break the mirror.

If you’re planning to replace the mirror with one that is the same size or larger, simply make sure that the wall is smooth enough so that the mirror can rest flush against it. Often, this means using your putty knife to scrape raised bits of glue.

If the drywall needs to be repaired, then you have a bit more work to do. Smooth the drywall using sandpaper and your putty knife. Then, get some spackling or joint compound and appropriately sized spackle knives (wide ones for large holes or extensive damage, narrower for smaller holes), and use them to smooth the spackle into holes and cracks.

Let the spackle dry. On larger jobs, you may notice that the spackle shrinks as it dries. If so, put another coat on and repeat the process until the spackle creates a smooth surface. Use a drywall sander to create a smooth texture and remove any raised bits of spackle if necessary. Then you can prime, paint and install a new mirror.

When you’re ready to install that new mirror, we recommend hanging it with clips or fasteners. It should be much easier to remove, if needed — as you can see in this post about removing mirrors fastened with clips. Second, be sure to check out the selection of mirrors available here at Modern Bathroom.

Vanity-Top Materials And Styles For Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom vanities, there are a lot of countertop options available on the market, in various styles and price points. Whether you go with granite or solid-surface is really up to you, and will largely depend on your preferences and budget. However, making a good decision starts with knowing what’s available. Before you can commit to a particular vanity-top material, you’ll want to be sure you understand the differences between natural stone and manmade stone, for example. You’ll also want to understand the pros and cons of each countertop option. Ask yourself: Are you most drawn to the visual appeal of natural stone or to the warmth of wood? Would it make more sense to go with a manmade stone or with an acrylic-resin? What does each countertop material have to offer, and what are its drawbacks?

To help you think through these decisions and be able to shop the different vanity-top styles with confidence, here’s a look at four popular bathroom vanity-top materials and what they have to offer:

  1. Natural Stone:

    Whether you’re talking about the ever-popular granite or the trendy marble, natural stone countertops have a lot to offer, given that they’re durable, beautiful, heat-resistant and, if properly sealed, easy to maintain. Included among stone countertops are granite and marble; as well as limestone, slate, sandstone and soapstone, giving you several styles and colors from which to choose. While natural stone tends to be expensive, it’s usually a great choice in a small area like a bathroom vanity, where you can get a big bang for your buck in terms of visual appeal. At the same time, you’ll want to keep in mind that natural stone can stain, and large pieces may require extra support beneath the vanity.

  2. Manmade Stone:

    If you like the look of stone but want something more eco-friendly and stain-resistant, consider manmade stone countertops. Designed to be durable, heat-resistant, hygienic and low maintenance, manmade stone vanity tops are strong, available in many colors and styles, sometimes made with recycled materials and beautiful. While it is an expensive option, manmade stone can last a lifetime and looks as attractive as its natural counterpart. In terms of bathroom vanity-top styles, it’s an increasingly popular option.

  3. Wood:

    Long beloved for their natural beauty and warmth, wood vanity tops create a look like no other, and they’re available in various types and stains. From maple to cherry to bamboo (which is technically a grass), you’ll find myriad options. If you go with reclaimed wood countertops, you’re also going with a recycled, eco-friendly option. On the downside, however, wood countertops can sustain water damage when they’re not sealed properly, and they may need to be refinished over time.

  4. Acrylic-Resin:

    Solid-surface materials like acrylic-resin create versatile, durable countertops that can, in some cases, rival the look of natural stone. They’re affordable, virtually seamless, impact-resistant and, in cases where they do sustain damage, easy to repair with a little buffing. Resin countertops are also nonporous, so they don’t encourage the growth of bacteria or fungus — a positive feature in the high-moisture environment of a bathroom. As far as downsides, acrylic-resin countertops can have a lack of consistency among products, so there’s not a lot of reliability from one version to another.
Looking at these four popular bathroom vanity surfaces, it’s easy to see how there are strong benefits to each one. Whether you go for the durability of nonporous solid-surface countertops or the warmth and beauty of wood depends on several factors. Think about looks, for one thing, and the visual impact each countertop choice would have on your bathroom’s appearance and ambiance overall. Consider also durability and which countertops can best hold up to the level of use you’ll require in your home. Last but not least, think carefully about costs, compare different price points, see what fits in your budget, and pick a vanity top that suits your needs.

When you’re ready to browse bathroom vanity-top styles, head to our bathroom vanities page on Modern Bathroom. As your top resource for factory-direct discounts on quality bathroom products, we’re the place to go for everything from faucets to sinks to the right vanity top for your bathroom style. Modern Bathroom ships for free to all destinations within the 48 contiguous United States. We save our customers up to 70 percent on purchases. We will even refund 110 percent of the difference if you find the product you purchased elsewhere for a lower price within 30 days of sale. Shop online now to learn more — or visit our Southern California showrooms to see products in person! Contact Us With Any Questions

How To Install A Free-Standing Bathroom Vanity

Designing a new bathroom? Looking to renovate? Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your existing bath, when you’re looking to create a bathroom with a real wow factor, consider adding a free-standing bathroom vanity. This kind of bathroom vanity mimics the look of standalone furniture but with the same storage and plumbing benefits of a traditional vanity. Set on its own legs, a free-standing vanity can also open a space by extending the room’s line of vision, with flooring continuing underneath the cabinetry. When you’re ready to install a new, free-standing bathroom vanity in your space, here’s a look at the benefits of this choice as well as how to do it right.

Benefits of Choosing a Free-Standing Vanity

There are many reasons that a free-standing vanity works well in a bathroom, so if you’re thinking about whether or not to go with this option, here are some perks you can expect:

  • Expanded sense of space. Especially in a small bathroom, a free-standing bathroom vanity can help enlarge the sense of space by allowing for a clear line of site beneath the vanity.
  • A more custom look. Free-standing bathroom components can mimic the look of furniture — or even be fashioned from actual furniture. Match the rest of the home’s style by picking one that suits your taste.
  • Cheaper costs. Despite being fully finished furniture, free-standing vanities are actually more economical than built-in options. They’re typically prefabricated and portable, so you can take them with you, even if you move.
  • Versatility. Free-standing vanities come in all kinds of sizes, colors and designs. Whether you go with a small, white cabinet or a large vanity that looks like solid wood, you can easily find an option that suits your taste.

When you’re looking to give a bathroom a fresh breath of style and storage, consider free-standing cabinetry.

How to Install Your New Bathroom Vanity

If you’re planning to install your new vanity on your own, here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process. Take your time and follow each step carefully to ensure your installation is performed properly:

  1. Turn off the water. First things first. Using pipes and wrenches, turn off the water supply to minimize water spraying everywhere when you install your new vanity. You may have a shutoff valve beneath the sink, but if you can’t figure that out, you can alternatively just shut off the entire house’s water supply.
  2. Remove the old vanity. In the case of a bathroom remodel, you’ll need to remove the old vanity before installing your new one. You might have to do this in sections, particularly if the vanity is large, if it has a tile backsplash, etc. Think about whether or not you want to preserve the old vanity — to re-use or sell it, for example — or whether you’re just going to throw it away. If it’s going to be discarded, you can feel a little freer to be rough with it as you get it removed.
  3. Prep the area. Once the old vanity is gone, examine the walls and flooring left behind. Is anything damaged or unfinished? If so, take the time to patch walls and/or paint as needed.
  4. Prep the vanity. There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re installing your new vanity: Does it have a back? If so, you’ll need to cut out spaces for pipes. Is it level on the floor? If not, you’ll need to shimmy the legs so that everything sits securely.
  5. Mark the installation location. Use measuring tape and a pencil to mark the location of your new vanity on the wall, so you’ll know where to install it.
  6. Install the vanity. To install your vanity, set it in its new location and attach it to the wall studs using the right screw length for the vanity (to avoid hitting pipes, you won’t want to use screws that are longer than 1 inch).
  7. Put in the new vanity top. Your next step is to add the top of your new vanity. Start by putting 3/8 inch of silicone caulk around the top of your base where the vanity top is going to sit, as well as along the wall if your top is going to border the wall on either side.
  8. Put in the sink and faucets. Install your new faucets and sink, and drain the assembly on the sink top. Your faucet will likely come with installation instructions to aid you in this step.
  9. Connect the plumbing. Because this step is a little trickier, you may wish to call in professional help. Whoever reconnects the plumbing, however, it’s important to get it properly hooked up in order to have water running to and from your sink(s).
  10. Caulk the backsplash. If your vanity has a backsplash, be sure to caulk where the wall and the backsplash meet, and use your finger to smooth the joint.

Once your vanity is installed, you are free to enjoy a renovated, stylish bathroom space that you did yourself! With a free-standing vanity, you can revolutionize the look of your bath.

Where to Find Free-Standing Bathroom Cabinets

When you’re on the hunt for quality bathroom vanities that won’t break the bank, look no further than Modern Bathroom. We provide factory-direct pricing, free shipping and a huge selection of products from top brands. Not only are our prices typically 70 percent lower than what you’ll find elsewhere, but we also offer a low-price guarantee. That means, if you find a lower rate (including shipping) elsewhere within 30 days, we’ll refund 110 percent of the difference.

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Choosing The Right Modern Vanity


When you’re designing a new bathroom, every detail matters — from the color you paint the walls to the bathroom vanities you purchase. In fact, because a modern bathroom vanity is one of the most noticeable components of a bath, it’s often one of the toughest shopping decisions to make. What kind of vanity is right for your bathroom? Should you go with a traditional style or a modern vanity? Do you want something minimal or ornate? To help you think through options for style, color, shape and so on, here’s a look at a few tips to keep in mind when you’re shopping bathroom vanities.

The Perks of Modern Vanity Sets

Trying to match your various fixtures to your vanity can be tricky — so one way around this is to choose vanity sets. Vanity sets help you simplify your decisions by letting you pick matching pieces like mirrors, lights, cabinets and faucets. Instead of having to find individual pieces, you can pick a full set at once. Sets help you get a cohesive look, while also simplifying the shopping process.

Budget Considerations

In a market with such diverse possibilities, it only makes sense to shop around for vanities at a good price, no matter what your budget. That’s because you want to find the best value for your money. With this in mind, Modern Bathroom is pleased to offer factory-direct discounts that save you up to 70 percent of retail costs. We provide free shipping and offer a low-price guarantee that means we’ll refund 110 percent of the difference if you find a lower price, including shipping, within 30 days of your purchase.

The Size of Your Space

While a powder room typically does best with a small vanity, there are a lot of perks to incorporating a double vanity in a larger bath. In other words, size matters when it comes to vanity selection, and so does scale. When you’re evaluating vanity options, it’s vital to look at the size of your bathroom and know what it can accommodate. Understanding what you have to work with will help you eliminate options that won’t fit or aren’t right for your room.

What You Need From the Vanity

Think about the differences between a main bathroom vanity and a vanity in the powder room off the kitchen — while both need to house a sink, one will need to be large enough to hold toiletries, towels, appliances, etc., and one might not need to store anything. Do you need counter space to accommodate a morning routine? Do you need minimal space to make a small bathroom feel bigger? By choosing a vanity that addresses your goals, you make a smarter choice for your bathroom design.

Types of Materials Available

Today’s vanities come in all kinds of styles and materials, from wood veneers to granite. Ideally, you want to pick an option that can withstand regular humidity and use. Your vanity will probably often be wet, covered with toiletries, and/or exposed to shower steam. Some good options are laminates, wood veneers, thermofoil, and wood that is properly sealed and lacquered.

How Lighting Matters

The bathroom vanity is where you wash up at the end of the day, get ready in the morning, primp, fix your hair, apply makeup, shave and more — that’s why lighting matters. You want to be able to clearly see what you’re doing in a well-lit space. In most cases, you’ll want to go with sconce lighting that flanks the mirror, providing indirect but proper lighting in the bathroom. In a small bathroom, plan for at least two sconces; in a larger bath, shoot for three or four.

Level of Maintenance Required

If you want to save yourself the headaches of constantly cleaning your vanity, look for easy-to-clean surfaces. Choose a durable, low-maintenance vanity top and avoid anything with grout that’s notoriously tough to keep up with cleaning.

Color Scheme

Last but not least, you want a vanity that works with your overall bathroom color scheme. Are you going deep and dark or bright and white? Will your walls be a soothing neutral, and you want a light-colored vanity top to match? Is your style defined by certain color schemes that can guide your vanity selection? While decorating is only one part of a bathroom design, it is one part worth considering. Make sure the vanity you select works with your overall decorating goals.

Whether you’re remodeling an existing bath or thinking through options for a bath in a new home, shopping among the sea of possibilities is challenging. When it comes to choosing the right modern bathroom vanity, you have a lot to think about — from color scheme to materials to size. To help ensure you make the right selection for your needs, think through the factors above. By properly evaluating the possibilities for your bathroom, you can make an informed decision you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Are Double Vanities Right For Your Bathroom?

When it comes to the bathroom, the right vanity is more than a storage solution — it’s a piece of décor, a place to get ready in the morning, and one of the most eye-catching parts of the room. That’s why, whether you’re remodeling an existing bathroom or creating a bathroom in a new home, thinking through vanity options makes sense. One of the biggest questions people have when they’re looking at vanities is whether to go with a single vanity or double bathroom vanities. Do you find yourself wondering about the pros and cons? Are you unsure of which to pick? If so, this guide is for you.

Deciding Between Single and Double Vanities

Double bathroom vanities offer all the benefits of a vanity times two, providing space for two individuals to get ready each morning, less stress about sharing the bathroom, and more convenience and flexibility overall. They also require double the plumbing, double the upkeep and aren’t always able to fit in a bathroom space. How do you know when a double vanity is the right solution for you? Should you add twin bathroom vanities to your bathroom, or does a single make more sense? To help you think through the pros and cons of a double bathroom vanity, here are some key principles to keep in mind.

Scale: What Works in Your Bathroom Space?

Just because you can fit a double vanity in a bathroom doesn’t always mean it’s a good choice. Ask yourself how a double vanity will fit your bathroom’s overall sense of space: Will it make things cramped? Will there be room to move around it? Will it overwhelm the room? Generally speaking, choose a vanity that’s appropriately sized for your bathroom, which means you have at least 6 solid feet to dedicate to the vanity area. Whatever vanity you choose, it should leave enough space in the room for you to comfortably move around the room with ease.

Convenience: Would You Prefer More Personal Space?

The biggest benefit of double vanities is space — each person gets his or her own sink area to use each day. No one has to fight over bathroom time, and no one has to be in the way of someone else’s routine. You can also keep all your personal toiletries right at your own area of the bathroom, so they’re ready and waiting for you each day. With that convenience, however, does come some tradeoffs: more space to clean and potentially less counter space than you could have had with one sink, for example.

Cost: What Can You Afford?

Any time you’re making a large purchase, budget comes into play — so before you are sold on a certain type of vanity, figure out what you can afford. Double vanities require double the plumbing, so you can count on some elevated costs. Then, depending on what style of double vanity you like, there can be a wide range of price points. What features matter to you? What is a necessity and what’s a preference? Try shopping online at Modern Bathroom in order to maximize your buying power. We offer factory-direct pricing, free shipping and access to thousands of products in our online catalog. Find the item that’s right for you at the right price with us!

Selling Power: How Will This Increase Your Home’s Value?

All the same reasons you like double vanities come into play when you’re trying to sell your home someday, so there may be some long-lasting benefits from making this upgrade. Potential buyers may also like more freedom in the bathroom, more space to share, and more convenience in daily routines. For these reasons, a double bathroom vanity can often feel like an upgrade that’s a big selling point — something that may make it a smart investment for you today.

Available Designs: What Do You Like?

When it comes to double vanities, not all models are created equal. There are free-standing vanities and wall-mounted vanities. You could choose in-counter vanities or floating vanities. Even if you are committed to the idea of a double vanity, you’ll need to narrow your options: If you have a small bathroom but want twin sinks, double-sink vanities offer a solution. If you want to keep floor space open to maximize the sense of space, floating vanities that get mounted to the wall might work best.

Ultimately, the decision between a single vanity and double vanities is a personal one. Knowing what’s right for you involves knowing what space you have to work with, what’s important to you, what you can afford, and what you like. To make sure you are considering options appropriately, use the categories above to help you make an informed decision that works for your needs. Then, when you’re ready to shop — whether you need a single vanity or a double vanity — you’ll find plenty of options at Modern Bathroom.

Browse our website to explore thousands of products that are priced affordably and can ship to you right away!

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