Top Bathroom Cabinet Paint Ideas & Colors

Color is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom remodel. Bathroom cabinet colors set the tone for other design elements in the room. Whether you're buying a new vanity or need bathroom cabinet paint ideas, consider trendy vanity colors that will add life to your space.

Selecting a Color for Bathroom Cabinets

Picking a cabinet color is like completing a puzzle. Since bathroom cabinets anchor the room, they fit into your overall design palette. The color wheel is an excellent place to start. Colors on opposite sides of the color wheel are complementary. Analogous colors, or those in a row, create a monochromatic design scheme. Don’t go color crazy, though. Using too many colors in your bathroom looks overwhelming.

Consider a color’s longevity. Select a classic hue like white, greige or natural wood grain if you want a timeless look that lasts for years. A trendy jewel tone or matte black might fit the bill if you’re more adventurous. Blue, gray or earthy green is a perfect middle ground. These colors have staying power and charisma.

Your cabinet color should be influenced by more than appearance. There are practical considerations. For example, lighter colors hide dirt and spills better than darker ones. Some finishes may also be easier to clean than others. Smooth surfaces are much easier to wipe down than textured cabinets.

Cabinet Color Options

When you consider painting bathroom cabinets, color ideas help you narrow your choices. To help you decide on the perfect color for your bathroom cabinets, consider some popular colors and how to incorporate them into your room.

Soft Blues

Not only is soft blue a classic bathroom shade, but it’s nearly neutral. Light blue allows you to maintain a clean color palette while injecting warmth into various design schemes, including traditional, modern, coastal and monochromatic. It pairs well with a variety of fixture finishes, including chrome, brushed nickel, copper and bronze.

Creamy Whites

Want a neutral color without the starkness of white? A creamy white tone is the right color choice for your bathroom cabinets. It reflects light while warming up your bathroom and plays well with brighter accent colors on the walls. Because it tends to the warmer side of the color wheel, cream pairs best with gold, copper, pewter and nickel hardware and fixtures.

Matte Black

Matte black is being used more and more in many areas of home decor. Matte black cabinets in the bathroom look striking and upscale. Set against white, cream or gray walls, matte black cabinets create a one-of-a-kind look. Any metal tone looks great with this shade, but we’re fond of gold faucets and a beautiful slab of quartz for a modern, yet timeless edge.

Warm Greens

Earthy greens have become the new neutral. From mossy green to light sage, these shades look incredible next to natural wood, white, cream or even black accents. It’s the perfect color to incorporate a hygge design into your bathroom. Warming, inviting and calming, soft green cabinets pair beautifully with natural stone countertops, various metal finishes and trendy sinks.

Jewel Tones

Bold, bright jewel tones bring drama and excitement to your bathroom. Garnet red, amethyst, sapphire and emerald may not be traditional cabinet color choices, but these shades will look great in the right space. When used on cabinets, the rich tones make a statement without being overwhelming.

No matter which paint color you choose, Modern Bathroom has the perfect selection of vanities and countertopsa to make your project successful. We’re your one-stop shop for your bathroom remodeling project. Get in touch to learn more about our service and selection.

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