Filling The Empty Space Behind The Toilet

If there’s one item a bathroom needs, it’s a toilet — but, from a space standpoint, a toilet presents an interesting challenge. What are you supposed to do with the empty space behind it, for example? Should it stay empty, or does it make sense to incorporate some bathroom storage ideas such as shelving or a cabinet? Should you go decorative with hanging artwork? How do you decide? When you want your bathroom to be as efficient and attractive as possible, these are questions worth considering. That’s because, whether your bathroom is large or small, there is valuable potential available to you in that above-the-toilet space. When you’re thinking through the possibilities for bathroom toilets, consider the following great bathroom ideas for utilizing that tricky space:

  1. Hang towels. The toilet is often right by the shower or tub, so maybe it’s a no-brainer to hang towels above it, where they’ll be within reach. All you need is to mount a towel bar to the wall, and you’ve got a handy, space-saving solution. You could also hang a few of your extra towels in this space, especially if they’ve got a special design you love.
  2. Install hooks for baskets. An easy way to add storage above the toilet is to buy mountable hooks for hanging baskets. Install the hooks and hang baskets on the wall that can hold whatever you like.
  3. Mount an open shelf. Even a single-mounted shelf provides a place to display trinkets or create an interesting vignette in the bathroom. Use it to stand a picture and/or some glass jars filled with useful toiletries such as cotton balls or Q-tips. Highlight a few pretty perfume bottles or favorite beauty products. The shelf makes better use of the wasted space above your toilet, so you’re able to store a few extra items and add eye-catching appeal.
  4. Mount multiple shelves. Depending on how much space you have to work with, mount multiple shelves to store multiple bathroom products. You can find shelves in various colors and styles of wood, lengths and widths, and decorative types.
  5. Mount baskets. Find some decorative wire baskets you love and mount them to the wall above your toilet for easily accessible, attractive storage space. Use these baskets to store linens, toilet paper or whatever you like in a convenient way. Alternatively, if you don’t want to mount the baskets directly to the wall, you could hang a wire rod and add hooks for baskets, creating a row of containers for storing toothbrushes, soap, towels or other useful items.
  6. Mount a storage unit. Today’s market of bathroom products includes a variety of storage units made specifically for the over-the-toilet space. Designed to fit precisely into the area that surrounds a toilet, these units can include shelves, cabinets and spaces for tucking away baskets of toiletries or linens. You could go with a custom cabinet with attractive molding or a multifunctional unit that provides ample storage space. Measure the space you have to work with and explore the possibilities that could fit it to find just the right unit for your bath.
  7. Create built-in shelving. If you’re willing to take on a slightly bigger project that can add value to your bathroom, consider creating built-in shelving. A shelving unit placed into the wall can add a great custom touch, especially when it’s inserted inside and trimmed out for storage.
  8. Add a storage tower. You can also find storage racks with shelving to stand up and over the toilet. Pick one with a finish that fits your bathroom style and use it to display folded linens, decorative items, pretty toiletries or baskets that tuck away necessities.
  9. Lean a ladder. Find an attractive ladder — such as one made of reclaimed wood — and lean it against the wall behind the toilet, with one leg of the ladder on either side. This creates an eye-catching focal point in the bath where you can hang towels, mount storage baskets and better take advantage of the empty space.
  10. Add artwork. If you’re all set for storage and would rather use the space above your toilet for decorative purposes, hang a picture. Pick something that can set the tone for your bathroom’s style or correspond with existing features, and give the bathroom a more completed look.
When it comes to bathroom ideas, there are plenty of possibilities for making the most of the space above the toilet. Whether you’re interested in artwork, shelving, cabinetry or another idea, you can use it to create a better, more personalized feel in your space. Shop the great discounts at Modern Bathroom to get inspired with products you can use in your bathroom — or contact us today with any questions!

Ideas That Work For Small Bathrooms

When you’ve got a bathroom that’s short on square footage, that doesn’t mean you have to think small with style. Instead, to maximize the space, you can incorporate savvy design strategies that cater to a smaller bathroom layout. By thinking strategically about bathroom components, colors, features and accessories, you can design a small bathroom that makes a big impact.


To help you plan the best small bathroom for your needs, here are 10 great ideas worth trying:


1.     Opt out of a bathtub. There’s nothing quite like a long soak in the tub — if your bathroom has the space for it. In a tiny bathroom, a tub’s just not worthwhile. Because they take double the floor space than showers, tubs monopolize too much of the bathroom and make a small space feel even smaller, with less room to move. 

2.     Go with a frameless glass shower door. The beauty of a stand-alone shower is it takes half the space of a tub, provides a fast and convenient way to get ready every day and, with the right design decisions, can look sleek and stylish. When space is at a premium in the bathroom, forget shower curtains and go for a frameless glass shower door. A glass panel creates a clear visual line in the bathroom, expanding its spacious feel. Glass panels also let in more light, and they’re easy to install. 

3.     Float the vanity. There’s no law that says your vanity has to sit on the floor. Try saving floor space by lifting the vanity up and mounting it to the wall. Wall-mounted vanities free floor space and make the bathroom feel bigger, with more flooring exposed.

4.     Float the toilet. Take a cue from your floating vanity and apply the same idea to your commode. While every bathroom needs a toilet, you can save some floor space with a wall-mounted toilet that floats off the floor. You’ll need space in your walls to build in a toilet tank, but then you’ll get to float your toilet off the floor, saving floor and leg space.

5.     Use continuous flooring throughout. As long as you’re going with a stand-alone shower and a frameless glass door, take advantage of the seamless feel further by continuing the same flooring from the main bathroom space into the shower. Whether you’re going with tile, concrete or stone, when you continue the flooring throughout the bathroom, it creates a larger, cleaner feel.

6.     Contrast floors and walls. One surefire way to make a small bathroom feel smaller is by painting everything in dark hues. Instead, relegate dark colors to the floors only — make light walls feel even brighter when they contrast with the dark colors on your floor.

7.     Make mirrors work to your advantage. Mirrors reflect light and make a small room feel bigger, so, to maximize space in your bathroom, use mirrors to your advantage. Consider making a full wall a mirror or extending the size of your mirror above the vanity or along one side of a narrow bathroom space.

8.     Find storage on the walls instead of the floor. Save more floor space by planning bathroom storage on the walls instead of the floor. Vertical storage may include a recessed medicine cabinet, shelving above the toilet, metal towel racks or something else. Look at the wall space you have and imagine the possibilities. 

9.     Go bold with one wall. One place to have some decorating fun in a small bathroom is with an accent wall. Maybe you go with a decorative tile pattern in the shower wall, which is viewable through your frameless glass shower doors. Perhaps you paint one wall a contrast color that’s still in a light, bright shade. Explore pictures in magazines and online to get ideas and make a dramatic statement with a bold wall choice you love.

10. Use pocket doors. One giant space sucker is a bathroom door, which needs open space to swing in and out of the room. Eliminate this need by installing a pocket door, which tucks in and out of the wall, instead. You will have to open the wall to create the pocket, but, in doing so, you’ll free usable space you wouldn’t have had — which makes a huge difference in a small bath.


Small bathrooms feel bigger when they’re strategically designed and planned. When you want to make your small bathroom capitalize on space, remember these 10 strategies above. From floating elements to running the same type of flooring through the room and into the shower, there are lots of ways to enhance and expand the feel of your bathroom at home.

3 Key Lessons Learned From Hotel Bathroom Design

Traveling can be a lot of fun, but, from a design standpoint, it’s also useful. That’s because one of the best parts about visiting a hotel is finding fresh inspiration for decorating your home. When you step into the luxury of an immaculate, attractive space filled with little conveniences, it’s only natural to start dreaming about ways to incorporate similar ideas at your own place. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the four-start treatment of a vacation getaway on a daily basis? One place where this is especially true is the bathroom. From the clever layouts to the little niceties like magnifying mirrors, hotel bathroom amenities go a long way toward helping you relax and enjoy a space. Wouldn’t it make sense to utilize those strategies in your own bathroom design?

With that in mind, how can you take some of the lessons of good hotel bathroom design and apply them to your bathrooms at home? What are some of the secrets of beautiful hotel bathrooms?

To help answer these questions, here are three tips for what makes good hotel bathroom style and how to mimic it:

  1. Convenience is king.

    Part of what makes a hotel bathroom so enjoyable is that, put simply, it works. When you need towels, they’re already laying in front of you, ready to be used. When you want to wash your hair, you’re already an arm’s reach from fancy shampoo. The bottom line is that hotel bathrooms are filled with conveniences. To take that same principle and apply it at home, think of ways to make your bathroom routines smarter through clever design. Rather than cluttering your shower/tub with bottles that you have to sift through each day, mount a liquid dispenser with multiple slots to the wall and fill it with your favorite shampoo and body wash. To make daily showers feel a little more luxurious and comfortable, add a teak shower seat that creates a wonderful, spa-like feel. You could even de-clutter all your bathroom products in the cabinets so that there’s less to sift through when you reach for something at the start or end of the day.
  2. It pays to be clean.

    Think about it: Nothing kills bathroom ambiance faster than a lack of cleanliness. This is as true at home as it is at a hotel — just imagine how you’d feel if you walked into your hotel bathroom and found hairs in the sink, and treat your own bathroom with the same sense of scrutiny. While keeping up with bathroom cleanliness takes time and energy, you can streamline your tasks with some smart planning. Mount a squeegee to the shower wall, for example, and make it a habit to wipe down the shower walls each time you use it. Wipe down your bathroom mirror once a week to remove any water spots or grime. Take the trash out regularly, clean the sink each night and you’re well on your way to having a hotel-inspired bathroom space you’ll love.
  3. Smart storage saves space.

    In the chaos of regular upkeep and use, it’s all too easy to let your bathroom become a jumble of toiletries, linens, paper products and all manner of items that you happen to bring in and out of the bathroom from time to time. Take a cue from hotel storage, however, and see what you can streamline. Instead of stacking rows of toilet paper on your shelving unit, try keeping them in a caddy, for example, where they’re accessible but out of sight. Instead of stacking towels on valuable counter space, invest in bathroom storage solutions that will organize what you keep on hand. By using stylish storage solutions that make the most of your space, you can make your bathroom feel larger and more organized, just like the ones in your favorite hotels.
While there are some parts of hotel bathrooms that’d be tough to replicate — daily maid service, for one — there are others that can take your space up a notch and give you a more enjoyable daily routine. To get started making your home bathroom a little more like a hotel, use the three simple tips above! By focusing on convenience, cleanliness and smart storage, you can improve the way your bathroom looks and feels to both you and the guests who visit your home.

Are you ready to find more accessories and amenities to improve your bathroom? Come to Modern Bathroom! Part of the HMS Stores Network, Modern Bathroom prides itself on factory-direct pricing and free shipping to all 48 of the contiguous United States. Head to our accessories section to learn more.

Vanity-Top Materials And Styles For Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom vanities, there are a lot of countertop options available on the market, in various styles and price points. Whether you go with granite or solid-surface is really up to you, and will largely depend on your preferences and budget. However, making a good decision starts with knowing what’s available. Before you can commit to a particular vanity-top material, you’ll want to be sure you understand the differences between natural stone and manmade stone, for example. You’ll also want to understand the pros and cons of each countertop option. Ask yourself: Are you most drawn to the visual appeal of natural stone or to the warmth of wood? Would it make more sense to go with a manmade stone or with an acrylic-resin? What does each countertop material have to offer, and what are its drawbacks?

To help you think through these decisions and be able to shop the different vanity-top styles with confidence, here’s a look at four popular bathroom vanity-top materials and what they have to offer:

  1. Natural Stone:

    Whether you’re talking about the ever-popular granite or the trendy marble, natural stone countertops have a lot to offer, given that they’re durable, beautiful, heat-resistant and, if properly sealed, easy to maintain. Included among stone countertops are granite and marble; as well as limestone, slate, sandstone and soapstone, giving you several styles and colors from which to choose. While natural stone tends to be expensive, it’s usually a great choice in a small area like a bathroom vanity, where you can get a big bang for your buck in terms of visual appeal. At the same time, you’ll want to keep in mind that natural stone can stain, and large pieces may require extra support beneath the vanity.

  2. Manmade Stone:

    If you like the look of stone but want something more eco-friendly and stain-resistant, consider manmade stone countertops. Designed to be durable, heat-resistant, hygienic and low maintenance, manmade stone vanity tops are strong, available in many colors and styles, sometimes made with recycled materials and beautiful. While it is an expensive option, manmade stone can last a lifetime and looks as attractive as its natural counterpart. In terms of bathroom vanity-top styles, it’s an increasingly popular option.

  3. Wood:

    Long beloved for their natural beauty and warmth, wood vanity tops create a look like no other, and they’re available in various types and stains. From maple to cherry to bamboo (which is technically a grass), you’ll find myriad options. If you go with reclaimed wood countertops, you’re also going with a recycled, eco-friendly option. On the downside, however, wood countertops can sustain water damage when they’re not sealed properly, and they may need to be refinished over time.

  4. Acrylic-Resin:

    Solid-surface materials like acrylic-resin cr