Creative Options For Bathroom Storage

When it comes to bathroom storage, you have a lot more options than a traditional vanity. Whether you’re wondering where to store towels, extra toilet paper or everyday toiletries, there are so many ways to do it with good bathroom design. In fact, you can make the most of bathroom storage by thinking creatively and strategically about the storage solutions you use. The good news is, today’s market includes all kinds of storage products and solutions, so all you need to know is how to choose from among them and how to use them in your space. What are the best creative bathroom storage ideas for you? What makes the most sense for your space? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at some of the top bathroom storage solutions worth using:

  1. A wall cabinet.

    Even in a small bathroom where floor space is at a premium, you can usually find some open wall space — above the toilet, behind the bathroom mirror or elsewhere in the room. Think higher instead of bigger, and consider adding a wall-mounted cabinet that can tuck away toiletries and give you organized storage right in the room. There are wall cabinets in all kinds of styles today, so it’s easy to find one that fits your preferences and works in your space. Plus, you can add cabinets or shelving in such a way to enhance the room’s visual interest.

  2. A custom shelving unit.

    One of the best ways to create space where it’s lacking is to work your storage to fit your space. Rather than trying to accommodate your bathroom to bins or baskets, for example, why not create a custom shelving unit that’s measured to your open areas? You can make it exactly the length of your room, exactly the depth that is comfortable, and so on. You could build sliding shelves into your vanity so that storage becomes more accessible and organized, or you might add a shelf above the bathroom door to make the most of your space. This option is especially smart in an irregularly shaped bathroom where finding storage space or solutions to accommodate it can be tricky.

  3. Towel racks or bars.

    Towels are a bathroom necessity, and there are lots of clever ways to provide towel storage in the bathroom. You might hang a towel rod on the wall, or you could lean a ladder against the wall and use the rungs for hanging towels in the space. Another way you might store towels or other bathroom items is through a storage tower, a tall, skinny tower with compartments that help add visual interest to your bathroom. Fill the cubbies with clean, folded towels that are ready to use and easy to access for you and guests.

  4. A sink skirt.

    Say you have a pedestal sink in a small bathroom. While it looks great and makes the space feel larger, it also prevents you from keeping toiletries and items you need every day close at hand. Here’s what to do: Enclose the area beneath your sink with a sink skirt, made in an attractive fabric pattern or color that works with your design sensibilities. Then, beneath the skirt, you can keep bins, containers or whatever you like — without making your overall space feel cluttered.
The more you discover about bathroom storage possibilities, the more you realize that there’s extra room in those slim spaces than you might think. Whether you’re trying to make the most of a small main bath or just to be strategic about storage in a powder room at home, the four ideas above are a great place to start. By working with what you have and creating storage to suit your space, you can turn your average bathroom into a more useful room.

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Top 10 Bathroom Furniture Pieces

When it comes to a beautiful, functional bathroom, there’s a lot more to the space than mere components like a vanity, a bathtub and a toilet. In fact, an increasing number of bathroom designs are strategically incorporating bathroom furniture, as well as appliances, to maximize comfort and convenience in daily routines. What kinds of bathroom furniture pieces are popular today? How might you use furniture like stools or cabinets to dress up and add style to your bath? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at 10 of the most popular and innovative bathroom furniture pieces being used today! Explore these possibilities to get inspired with ideas for your own bath.

Seating Spaces

Nothing says furniture like a comfortable seating option, and today’s bathrooms are making the most of that principle, both inside and outside the shower. From stools that can move around the room as needed to shower seats that add luxury to grooming routines, here are a few popular seating options in today’s bathroom industry:

  1. A metal stool. A short, minimal, metal stool can serve a range of purposes in the bathroom — a place to display trinkets, a booster for kids to reach the sink, a place to sit while you’re applying makeup or organizing a vanity drawer. Today’s bathroom products market includes all kinds of metal stools that are portable, lightweight and stylish in the bath.
  2. A shower seat. Enjoy a little extra luxury and convenience in daily showers when you add an attractive, modern shower seat to your bathroom. For the best benefits, look for an option with a water-resistant seat and durable construction. There are even models that can be mounted to the wall and folded up or down to accommodate use.
  3. A sleek and modern stool. For one more seating option, explore the possibilities of attractive, high-end bathroom stools. Featuring slim profiles and lightweight designs, these stools can have waterproof tops that make them usable in the shower as well as attractive designs that make them decorative benefits in the bathroom.

Storage Solutions

Whether you’re talking about excess towel storage or a place to keep bathroom toiletries, the more storage you have in the bathroom, the better. And thanks to innovative storage furniture available today, there are lots of ways to expand storage possibilities in the bath, from side tables to storage niches:

  1. An angular table. For the kind of extra storage space that can bring a few toiletries right next to you in the tub or nearby at the vanity, look for a simple, angular table that’s mobile and versatile. There are endless ways to use this piece of furniture, from holding lit candles while you bathe to keeping relevant products near you while you get dressed in the morning. Flexible and movable, a small side table can add wonderful convenience to the bathroom.
  2. A wall-mounted linen cabinet. Gone are the days when vanities and storage costs are the only options for bathroom storage. In today’s market, you can find linen cabinets that mount to the mall and provide shelving and storage for linens, toiletries and more. A bonus feature is a door mirror that provides you with extra visibility in your daily grooming routine.
  3. An extra storage niche. Whether you’re talking about a small side table or a free-standing niche, there are all kinds of storage options that can expand space in the bathroom today. In a bathroom where there’s enough space, add one of these furniture pieces to display towels, toiletries or whatever you like.
  4. Wall shelves. The same idea behind open kitchen shelving extends into the bathroom with wall shelves that showcase attractive bathroom products for added style. You might house matching containers filled with beauty supplies or small vases holding bathroom-friendly plants. Whatever the case, wall shelves give you a way to add more personality to your bathroom space.
  5. Rolling carts. Storage can always be within reach when you utilize something like a rolling cart in your bathroom space. Whether you use it to hold toiletries, towels, reading materials or bath products, a rolling cart makes storage portable and reachable wherever you are.

Other Accessories

Other bathroom furniture products have been designed primarily to address needs for comfort and flexibility in the bathroom. A headrest in the tub makes baths more enjoyable, and a room divider provides new ways to break up and use a room:

  1. A bathtub headrest. There’s no piece of furniture that so contributes to a spa-like feel in the tub like an adjustable bathtub headrest. Designed to affix to the bathtub with suction cups, a headrest allows for easy reclining in the tub. While supporting your neck and head, it lets you lean back and relax in a long and comfortable soak.
  2. Room dividers. Say you want to add a little privacy in a large bathroom, accommodating a dressing area or separating a less-attractive part of the room from the rest. Room dividers offer a smart solution, especially now that there are models with accessories like towel holders or mirrors available, already integrated in the designs.

Bottom line with bathroom furniture? Knowing what’s best for your bathroom is all about knowing what’s best for your needs. Think of how you do or could use your bathroom and look for furniture pieces that can better accommodate your uses. Would you like more storage space? Could you enjoy a place to sit while you get ready or a way to sit in the shower? In many cases, there are already furniture solutions available to address these desires. Explore our website to shop Modern Bathroom’s thousands of products, all available at factory-direct pricing that can save you up to 70 percent of retail costs! We offer free shipping and a low-price guarantee, so if you find the same product elsewhere for a lower rate, including shipping, within 30 days of your purchase, we’ll refund 110 percent of the difference.

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Bathroom Storage: 10 Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Beautifying your bathroom is always desirable, but sometimes an upgrade simply is necessary just for practical aspects. Start with making the most of your bathroom storage potential, which often is overlooked. Efficient bathroom storage entails designating specific places for storing toiletries, keeping towels, and organizing items such as hair dryers and electric razors. Ideally, you also can make use of open shelving to display special trinkets or attractive toiletries for decorative appeal.

To help you rethink the look and structure of your bathroom storage, here are 10 bathroom shelving ideas to consider.

1. Open Shelving.

Think of the best aspects of open shelving in a kitchen — it provides places to display attractive pieces, gives the room an open feel, and provides motivation to stay organized — and transition those benefits to the bathroom. Shelves are highly adaptable to unique bathroom configurations. You can custom design them for specific nooks and crannies, or cut them to the exact width of a specific wall. Use shelves to display attractive bathroom toiletries and accessories.

2. Above-Sink Shelving.

Add a shelf above the sink and below the mirror to create a place to keep everyday items that you otherwise regularly have to reach for to use.

3. Above-Toilet Shelving.

For many homeowners, the space above the toilet is easy to forget about. Maybe you hang a towel there, but is that the best use of the space? Consider adding shelving to showcase a pretty picture, keep magazines, or house some attractive essentials.

4. Above-Door Shelving.

In many bathrooms, there is unused space between the top of the door and the ceiling. House extra small items you need in this space, whether those items are toiletries, toilet paper or hand towels.

5. Crate Shelving.

For a farmhouse-chic vibe, find painted crates that you can hang on the wall and use for functional storage. Other ideas along this vein include using shelves made of reclaimed wood, or add vintage furniture pieces.

6. Organized Cabinetry.

If your bathroom vanity is basic cabinetry, it probably has underutilized space. Make the most of your storage square footage by installing shelving and/or organizers into your cabinetry. Start by thinking about the ways you want to use the space (i.e., what you want to keep in the bathroom), and organize according to that idea.

7. Closet Compartments.

If your bathroom has or can fit a closet, make the most of it with clever organizers. Whether you go with shelving, cubbies or something else, you can find ways to maximize every bit of space.

8. Glass Shelving.

For a shelving look that reflects light, goes with everything and adds some contemporary appeal, consider glass shelving. Whether it’s tucked into cabinets or on display, glass shelving is a beautiful bathroom storage choice.

9. Inset Shelves with Pops of Color.

Instead of building shelves onto a bathroom wall, build them into it. Creating cubbies maximizes square footage and takes advantage of previously unused space. Then paint the inside of the cubbies with a bold color such as red, yellow or peacock blue — or wallpaper them with a fun pattern you love. Not only will this maximize storage space, but it also offers a decorative complement to the room’s design.

10. Freestanding Shelving.

In situations where you aren’t ready to commit to permanent storage solutions in the bathroom, freestanding shelving is another great option. Find a tower, ladder or other piece of furniture that you can bring into the bathroom, and use the steps or shelves for storage.

Whether your bathroom is tiny or spacious, the right shelving solutions can make a big difference in its overall usability and appeal. So take some time to evaluate the effectiveness of the storage in your bathroom — and then turn your room into a more useful, efficient and comfortable space for you and your family to enjoy.

European Bathroom Design Ideas For Inspiration

European chic is trending this year, which is a great look for people who may not have a wealth of floor space. European designers definitely know how to squeeze a huge amount of value and luxury into a room. If you have a small bathroom that you are looking to upgrade, try one or more of these European design ideas for your interior décor.

Mirror Suspension

One of the best ways to get a little extra privacy in a small bathroom is to suspend a mirror in front of the window. From this centerpiece, you can place smaller matching accents and rugs around the bathtubs and bathroom sinks without taking much space.

Wallpapering for Space

The wallpaper that you choose can give even the smallest bathroom the illusion of more space. Lighter colors with sparse designs are the way to go if you need to expand the room a bit. Depending on your taste, your accents can match the color or contrast it to draw the eye, giving the illusion of a bigger room.

White and Black Contrast

Expanding on the tip above, contrast that makes the eye move tends to create the illusion of a bigger space. If you really want to dive deep into European decor, go with a strong contrast with the central elements in your bathroom. Use solid, deep colors without complex designs to keep the room from looking too busy, which shrinks the space.


Hexagonal tiling is the current style coming out of Europe. It is an eye-catching shape that tends to centralize itself in the space and serves as a good contrast to solid colors on your walls. If you do not have big, ornate pieces in your bathroom, using your tiling to add a bit of panache is a great way to spruce up the room without spending a great deal of money for expensive accents.

Corner Mirrors

Exponential room expansion can be accomplished through the judicious use of mirrors. Corner mirrors are specifically European — a look that may not be for everyone, but definitely sets the room apart for those who are bold enough to try the look. The most forward-thinking interior designers are placing small mirrors at the corners of the bathroom above the sink.

Feudal Accents

Many of the best European designs base themselves on a centerpiece from a particular time period, such as a Baroque mirror or a vanity of French limestone. Not only do you now have a styling that draws the eye, but you also create a sense of fantasy within your bathroom that makes every experience there more enjoyable.

Porthole Windows

Another European-influenced choice is nautical decor — shipshape accents led by porthole windows and hexagonal floor tiles. Use contrasting bands on your bathroom walls to finish the look and create an exciting journey for yourself every time you wash your hands!

Farmhouse Bathing

Another aspect of Europe that you can bring into your bathroom is the rustic landscapes of rural, widespread countries like Switzerland. Some of the best designers are even using chicken wire in their bathroom designs along with screening instead of traditional cabinet doors to ramp up the feel of the country. After all, this is how towels and other bath cloths were presented in the past, so why not return to a great tradition to give yourself a new look?

Tinted Mirrors

Depending on the laws of your state, you may or may not be able to have tinted windows on your car, but you can definitely have them in your bathroom. Slightly distressing your mirror can give a bit of color to the space without a need to repaint the entire room.

Strategic Storage

In a smaller bathroom, you must find a way to store your toiletries more efficiently if you do not want to create clutter. If you do not have a separate linen closet, you can invest in a deeper medicine cabinet that interacts with the piping in your bathroom. Many smaller European bathrooms incorporate these deep cabinets, staggering storage space around pipes. Use the extra space for custom bathroom vanities that will hide your laundry bins, giving you plenty of room for dirty linens and clothes without cluttering the room.

European design always seems to add a bit of modern flair to your feng shui, and it can do even more with your ideas incorporated into European traditions to create a beautiful hybrid. Keep the above tips in mind for your bathroom, and experiment with your own design choices to create new and exciting options for your bathroom!

Gift Guide For Bathroom Organization

In a world where everyone is constantly on the go, organization is critical to having some level of control in your life. In fact, when you know exactly where everything is located, it increases your efficiency. And, who can’t benefit from saving a little more time when it comes to their bathroom routine? This holiday season, you can give the gift of organization and help take the stress out of someone’s life with this handy gift guide for bathroom organization.

Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

If you are looking for a great bathroom organizer for women, then look no further than an acrylic cosmetic organizer. These cosmetic organizers house everything, from nail polish to foundations to makeup remover. Acrylic organizers place everything she needs within eyesight, so she’ll never have to worry about misplacing her favorite lip gloss or lipstick again.

In addition to the compartments atop the acrylic cosmetic organizer, many of these organizers have drawers for additional storage. These drawers can easily store eye shadows, eyelashes and eyebrow stencils.

Acrylic Apothecary Jars

Acrylic apothecary jars are another must-have when it comes to bathroom organization. Beyond being a place to store her fizzy balls, these acrylic apothecary jars complement any bathroom’s décor. Whether she has a modern bathroom or a traditional bathroom, you can’t go wrong with these artsy, yet functional jars.

Over-the-Door Styling Caddy

Achieving the ultimate look takes a lot. You must have the right blemish remover, concealers and lotions. In your quest to achieve the perfect look in record time, you accumulate a lot of products. The same premise holds true for others in your household as well. The challenge is finding somewhere to put all of these products. Fortunately, the over-the-door styling caddy can take the stress out of getting ready for the day. This door caddy places everything within reach, making getting dressed a cinch, regardless of how complex the routine may be. Styling caddies are the ultimate bathroom gift for men or women.

Tub Caddy

Have you ever run a bath and got in the tub only to realize you forgot something? Maybe you forgot your fingernail file or your pumice stone. When you forget the essentials, you do without or you get out of the tub. Either way, both are dreaded decisions that put a damper on pampering yourself. At least you can prevent this from happening to your friends with the tub caddy. The tub caddy holds all the fundamental tools you need to have a spa-like tub experience. When you give the tub caddy to your friends, you can help them enjoy their soak by reducing the chance that they will forget something they need.

A Wall-Mounted Magazine Rack

A wall-mounted magazine rack is a classic that every bathroom needs. It features a nifty compartment for magazines and a rack that can hold up to two rolls of toilet paper, in most cases. You can purchase wall-mounted magazine racks in a variety of colors and styles, making it the perfect gift for him or her.

Bathroom Cart on Wheels

Another must-have feature in a well-organized bathroom is a cart on wheels. Mobile carts are perfect for people who have claw-foot bathtubs, which don’t have that handy-dandy bathtub ledger that everyone else relies on while showering or bathing. To sweeten the deal, a portable bathroom cart offers flexibility to position the cart wherever you want.

There is no better way to show family and/or friends you appreciate them than by helping to organize their bathroom. Armed with these stylish, yet functional bathroom organizer gift ideas, you can help your family/friends de-stress, get ready faster and enjoy the comforts of their bathroom. While you are buying bathroom organization gifts, don't forget to pick up a few organizers for yourself.

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