How To Create An Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Ready for some good news? The healing and restoration of Earth’s environment is not only possible, it is happening in many areas:
  • Bald eagles, giant pandas and manatees are no longer listed as endangered
  • The world’s population of blue whales is rebounding
  • Since the world ban on chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), the hole in the ozone layer is nearly gone
  • World carbon dioxide emissions are leveling out, despite a growing economy
  • Water consumption in the U.S. is trending down, even as the population grows
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that America’s air quality is steadily and measurably improving

None of these environmental victories would be possible without the concern and dedicated action not only of governments, but of ordinary people. The choices we make in our own homes and our purchasing behavior really do make a difference.

Next time you consider a bathroom remodel, why not make it a green one? Eco-friendly bathroom fixtures, accessories and construction materials contribute to a healthier planet and a healthier home. Here are some things to consider:

The Water-Smart Bathroom

Saving water is one of the easiest things you can do to go green, and it saves money, too — by lowering your sewer and water bills.

There are many ways to save water in a bathroom. Since toilets account for nearly 30 percent of an average home’s total water consumption, let’s start there.

Green toilets are fast becoming standard in many areas. But don’t worry — “green” doesn’t refer to the color, but to the low-flow toilet technology that uses up to one-third of a gallon of less water per flush than the federally mandated standard. Installing a high-efficiency toilet could save you $2,200 over the lifetime of the unit.

Another way to build a better toilet is to use only the amount of water that is needed per flush. This is true of dual-flush toilets, such as the TOTO Aqua II. These eco-friendly toilet units allow the user to select full flush for solids, or a light flush when less water is needed.

Installing a low-flow toilet is just one way to save water in the bathroom. Why not match your green toilet with an equally green sink? Again, this is no reference to color. We’ll address the sink bowl itself later, but for now, let’s talk water savings.

One of the easiest ways to conserve water in your bathroom sink is by installing a high-efficiency bathroom sink faucet and/or aerator. These units are specially engineered to use less water to deliver a satisfying, high-pressure stream, so your family and guests will never realize they’re getting the job done with less. Water-smart bathtub faucets and water-saving showerheads are also readily available in many styles to suit any taste in bathroom décor.

Want to take your water savings to the next level? Consider a motion-sensor faucet, such as TOTO’s line of EcoPower Sensor faucets. These run only when needed, and eliminate the possibility of someone accidentally leaving the water running — great for families with kids!

The Energy-Efficient Bathroom

When you save water, you’re also saving energy, since it takes electricity to pump water to your home. That’s a boon to your water provider, but your eco-friendly bathroom will let you save on your own electric bill, too.

The easiest way to reduce your bathroom’s power consumption is to install energy-saving LED bulbs. Whether you have overhead bathroom light fixtures or vanity lamps, your LEDs will use 75 percent less electricity than standard incandescents, and last 25 times longer, too.

Another must for your eco-friendly bathroom is an energy-efficient vent fan. Not only will it reduce your energy use, but a high-performing fan will discourage mold growth for a cleaner, healthier indoor environment. High-efficiency fans also typically last longer and operate more quietly than conventional ones.

Sustainable Materials in the Bathroom

Finally, let’s consider the materials that go into building your bathroom.

Eco-friendly vanities and sinks are made from sustainable materials. These can include recycled materials, sustainably harvested wood, and natural or organic materials.

Whatever color you choose to paint your green bathroom, pay attention to the paint itself. These days it is easy to find low- or no-VOC, nontoxic paint. This will help keep your indoor air quality at acceptably healthy levels by reducing or eliminating off-gassing of volatile organic compounds.

If you have to tear out walls or refinish woodwork for your bathroom remodel, be aware that homes built before 1978 are likely to contain lead-based paint. Remodeling can release highly toxic lead dust into your home. Be sure to follow lead safe procedures when doing remodel work on older homes; and if you hire a contractor, use an EPA-certified renovator.

How Can Modern Bathroom Assist in Making Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly?

Whether you are looking for the best water-saving toilet or the perfect eco-friendly sink to suit your taste and budget, we’re glad to assist.

We stock dozens of environmentally friendly bathroom items in many styles — from economy to deluxe models. To find them, simply enter “Yes” in the search key under “eco-friendly” when searching for any of our bathroom products. If you ever have questions or need assistance in selecting the right green bathroom products for your needs, feel free to contact us here. We’re more than happy to help!

Tips For Remodeling The Basement Bathroom

Are you thinking about taking on a basement bathroom remodel? There are a lot of reasons it’s a good idea. With a basement remodel, you can extend your living space and increase your home’s value. Your basement bathroom remodel could improve your home’s selling power, not to mention give you the convenience and luxury of an extra, attractive bath. Before you put forth a big remodeling effort, however, make sure you think through the entire project. Whether you’ll be updating the bathtub, putting in a new shower enclosure or changing everything from the ground up, here are some key tips to remember.

  1. Know your budget. It’s as true of basement bathrooms as it is of any other part of your home — remodeling projects are notoriously more expensive than expected. Instead of going into the project waiting to see what things cost, decide upfront what you can and cannot spend. Shop to find the best deals on fixtures, using Modern Bathroom as an easy online resource for prices and deals.
  2. Pick a cohesive theme. The exciting thing about a remodel is the unlimited possibilities. At some point, however, you have to narrow your choices. To avoid ending up with a haphazard, subpar space, decide on a theme and stick to it. Maybe you’ll go with a certain color scheme, such as white on white. Maybe you’ll focus on a specific interest, such as a nautical theme or sports. Whatever the case, let that theme guide your design choices.
  3. Make the most of space. Whether you’re remodeling a tiny powder room or a large full bath, you can always make choices to expand the room’s sense of space. Use large mirrors to bounce more light through the room and create a larger feel. Instead of a traditional shower curtain, consider a glass shower enclosure that creates a seamless look. Incorporate lots of light. Use bright colors. If making the room appear larger is your goal, keep that in mind with all your choices.
  4. Explore sinks and showers. While a small room might benefit from a space-saving pedestal sink, a double sink vanity can add great functionality to a large bath. Explore the possibilities for different kinds of sinks and showers in order to pick the one that best suits your space.
  5. Be realistic about what you can handle. One of the biggest decisions in a remodel is trying to figure out whether to hire contractors or do it yourself. Before you assume one or the other is a better choice, look realistically at your capabilities, budget and availability. Will going DIY save you money, or will it possibly lead to mistakes and higher costs for repairs? Will taking on an extra project be fun, or will it overwhelm you in an already busy schedule? Be as realistic as you can about what you can handle.

When remodeling your basement bath, keep in mind that your new space doesn’t need all the bells and whistles to provide added value. If you want to opt for little luxuries and they fit your budget, great. But if you have to prioritize what’s most important, know that even a simple, clean, updated bathroom is a great feature. When working on your next bathroom project, use the tips above to guide your progress.

Top 5 Qualities Of A General Contractor For Bathroom Remodels

Getting the chance to remodel a bathroom is an exciting prospect. Whether you’ve been making do with your old bathroom for years and are finally tackling the bathroom remodel or just moved into a new home and are ready to change the bathroom right away, now you get to create the modern bathroom design you’ve always wanted. You’ll pick the floors, the walls, the shower, the vanity, all in order to give yourself the beautiful, functional space that makes daily routines more enjoyable. Before shopping for sinks and bathroom faucets, however, the first thing you’ll want to do is often the hardest — find a good contractor.

In terms of home remodeling projects, finding the right general contractor is one of the most important — yet often most difficult — parts of the job. How do you know who’s trustworthy? Who will get the job done right? Are there certain qualities to look for when you’re exploring potential hires?

To help answer these questions, here’s a look at five of the most important qualities good general contractors possess:

  1. Have strong references: Listen to recommendations from your friends, read reviews online and ask for references from anyone you consider hiring for a job. When a contractor is reputable, he or she should be able to provide a list of past clients, as well as glowing testimonials. On top of the references your contractor provides, however, also do your own due diligence by looking at your state’s consumer protection agency and the Better Business Bureau to see if any outstanding disputes (warning signs) exist.
  2. Communicate clearly: Save yourself the headache of never knowing how the project timeline has changed or what new expenses have come up, and pick a contractor who makes communication a priority. You can test this quality both by talking to past clients and by paying attention to the way the contractor deals with you upfront. What’s the payment schedule, for example? What kind of timeline gets discussed? Are your agreements in writing or done on a handshake? If your contractor is willing to take initiative to clearly communicate with you now, that’s a good sign.
  3. Listen. Just as important as being able to communicate about changes and updates is being able to listen. A contractor who takes over a job without checking in with a client is not a contractor you want to handle your bathroom remodel. This, too, is a quality you can look for in initial meetings and in past client’s reviews.
  4. Hold appropriate licenses and insurance: Ask to see the contractor’s proof of licensure and insurance before starting any kind of project together. These qualifications are more than mere formalities; they protect you in case of unexpected injuries or accidents that occur on the job.
  5. Possess multiple skills. A general contractor needs a wide breadth of skills. More than just being able to lay flooring, he or she needs to understand what goes into plumbing, painting, electrical work, windows and more. Ask about competencies and pay attention to what skills each potential contractor has. You want a contractor who’s able and willing to handle any part of your project, as needed.

Finding the right contractor can seem daunting, but when you know what qualities to look for, the process becomes a little simpler. Once you find the right person for the job, the next step to a winning modern bathroom design is finding products — so come to Modern Bathroom for the best prices, a large selection and free shipping straight to you!

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Nautical-Themed Bathroom Ideas

Redesigning a bathroom and like the look of the sea? Whether you live near the beach or just wish you did, you can create a nautical bathroom remodel simply by incorporating a strategic blend of colors, appliances and features into your space’s design. A nautical look is one of those bathroom themes that has had great staying power throughout changing trends. When you’re interested in a nautical look, give yourself permission to have fun!

Here are some great ideas to keep in mind to create the kind of nautical bathroom décor you’ll love:

  1. A cohesive theme: For the best complete look, explore different nautical bathroom themes and then pick one to use. Whether you go with images of whales, anchors or ocean waves, figure out what you want to emphasize most in order to avoid a cluttered feel. Likewise, pick a color scheme that you want to stick to and work all other design elements into that.
  2. Soothing, gentle colors: Hint at the soothing, calming colors of ocean waves by decorating your bathroom with soft blues, creams, whites, pinks and beiges. From the color of your walls to the color of your linens, stick to these shades for a cohesive, beach-themed feel.
  3. Deep-navy hues: On the flip side of the soft and soothing look, consider a bold color scheme of deep navy accented by crisp white or dark brown. This look is another great nautical option, alluding to the ships and navy blues linked with life on the water.
  4. Natural materials: To highlight the natural beauty of your nautical theme, stick to natural materials as much as you can in your bathroom design. Look for quality hardwoods that are unfinished or lightly finished — particularly those with a weathered look. Explore possibilities for bamboo or bamboo-like fixtures. By incorporating natural elements like these, you reinforce the nautical vibe.
  5. Nautical accessories: Stamp your creative touch on your bathroom by selecting nautically themed shower curtains, window treatments, wallpaper, bath mats, towels, artwork and/or other accessories for your bathroom space. There are so many possibilities on the market today. The unique combination of elements you select is what will make the bathroom feel like your own. Just be sure to keep components in line with your maritime theme to accentuate the nautical feel.

Decorating a bathroom is a great opportunity to showcase your style and call attention to parts of ocean life you love. Whether you keep everything understated with a few pictures of the sea hung on the walls or go all out with nautical colors, accessories and anchor-shaped hardware, you have plenty of options for customizing your space. Get inspired with the ideas above and enjoy the process.

When you’re looking for bathroom features and fixtures offered at great prices with free shipping, come to Modern Bathroom. Search our online catalog to find all the elements you need for your nautical bathroom design.

Five Ideas for Creating the Perfect Log Cabin Bathrooms

No log cabin is complete without comfortable, rustic bathrooms that reflect its cozy style. So whether you’re building a new log cabin or updating the baths in the one you already have, it’s important to think strategically about the fixtures you choose. From bathroom vanities to bathtubs to bathroom faucets, you’ll want to look for fixtures that complement the overall design and style of your log cabin home. To help you create a cohesive home design that incorporates the log cabin feel that you desire, here are some important ideas to keep in mind.

  1. Start With Space

    Are you redesigning a tiny powder room or a large master bath? Before you pick any bathroom components, determine how much square footage you have to work with as you’re shopping for bathtubsshowers and other components. You may love the rustic feel of a certain vanity, for example, but your small space might not accommodate it. Everything from your bathroom sinks to your mirrors must be in proportion to the room.

  2. Decide Whether or Not to DIY

    Remodeling a bathroom on your own can save you a great deal in terms of cost, but do-it-yourself projects aren’t for everybody. Evaluate how much needs to be done. Are you just replacing a vanity? Ripping out wall tile? Putting in wood wall paneling and sealing it properly? Ask yourself how comfortable you are taking on that task. If you’re looking at a small job or one that you already know how to tackle, you can confidently do it yourself. If, on the other hand, you don’t have the time and/or skill to do it yourself, it’s probably best to hire a professional.

  3. Think About Costs

    The prices of bathroom remodels vary greatly, depending on how much you’re changing, what products you’re buying and where you’re buying them, labor costs, etc. Based on your specific project, set a budget and stick to it. Likewise, shave your supply costs by shopping at Modern Bathroom, a supplier that saves you up to 70 percent and offers free shipping on everything we sell.

  4. Get Inspiration

    To help you recognize the common themes in the log cabin look, explore log cabin websites, magazines and photographs for inspiration. Look for common elements: natural colors, greenery, photos or artwork featuring the woods. When you have a good sense of what defines the log cabin style, you’ll be better prepared to shop for new bathroom features.

  5. Plan Your Log Cabin Style

    Decide what you want your bathroom to feature. For a log cabin vibe, you probably want wood tones, natural colors that are found outside (browns, tans, greens, blues, etc.) and textiles and accents that can create a cozy, rustic feel. Incorporating these components in the bathroom means choosing natural elements such as wood floors, wood walls, a natural stone shower and maybe a textured sink or accents of copper or iron. Explore options to see what works for you. You could even continue the unmistakable wood chinking that defines log cabins into the bathroom walls.

When it comes to creating the log cabin bathroom you’ve always wanted, there are many ways to get creative. Use the tips above to guide your decision-making, and simplify the experience to maximize your enjoyment. Then, for the best products on the market, come to Modern Bathroom, browsing its web catalog of factory-direct products.

Modern Bathroom is proud to be your best resource for all kinds of bathroom products, from bathroom vanities to sinks to bathtubs to mirrors. Visit either of our showrooms in California to learn more about what we offer, or explore our extensive online catalog and order online. We not only offer everyday low prices, but also provide a 110 percent price-difference guarantee: Find the product you buy from us at a lower price elsewhere within 30 days, and we’ll refund the difference plus an extra 10 percent.

Search online now to see what we offer, or contact us today to learn more.

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