Bathroom Design Trends 2022

If you’re looking for a bathroom refresh, you may want to consider some bathroom design trends that were popular this year. From understated, organic materials to statement-making marble and wet rooms, you can create a place to relax and retreat from the everyday stresses of life. Read on to learn about the top bathroom design trends of 2022.

1. Statement Lighting

Lighting can set the tone for your powder room but it’s one design feature that is often overlooked. Statement lighting happens to be all the rage right now. You can follow this trend by incorporating a modern chandelier, sconces or flush mounts.

2. Floating Vanities

Floating vanities — also known as wall-mounted vanities — are big in 2022. Not only do they save space, but they also add a modern flair to your bathroom.

3. Bold Walls

Patterns, wallpaper, bold paint colors and even murals are making a comeback. However, they are not meant to be the stand-out element in the bathroom, but rather an accent wall.

These decorative motifs can help bring color, depth, texture and tone into a room. Murals can even transform your bathroom into a tranquil space. You can also use bricks, wood planks and paneling to create an accent wall.

4. Hardware

Popular hardware finishes of 2022 include gold and matte black. Matte black in particular can make your bathroom appear sophisticated and sleek.

5. Closet-Bathroom Hybrids

One clever way to enhance the flow of your space and add more storage is with a closet-bathroom hybrid. In other words, you can redesign the space by combining the bathroom and closet together. In some cases, this can let you create a space that is the same size as your master bedroom.

6. Vintage Accents

Adding vintage pieces to your modern bathroom can create an unexpected element of visual interest. It can also give your space a romantic and elegant feel. You can incorporate this trend by using vintage light fixtures and mirrors, as well as floral wallpaper or antique brass décor.

7. Bold Stone

One of the top bathroom trends of 2022 includes embracing bold stones such as white, black or green marble. This material adds a luxurious touch to any bathroom. It also enables you to create a statement piece, especially if you don’t like murals or wallpaper. Although marble may be on the expensive side due to its quality and durability, it’s almost always in style and worth the investment.

8. Natural Accessories

While luxurious bathrooms with marble are in the limelight, so are nature-oriented ones. The key is to create a biophilic environment by incorporating plants and wood items. You can also add natural stone and even a pebble shower floor.

9. Wet Room

A drastic bathroom design trend, wet rooms can change the entire look and function of your space. This is because the entire room needs to be designed to be waterproof. In other words, there is no stand-in shower base; the water will flow into the entire space. A wet room is a stunning and luxurious addition to your home.

If you’re looking to update your bathroom with some of these trends, Modern Bathroom can help. We’re your one-stop shop for quality bathroom furniture online. Whether you need floating vanities or a clawfoot bathtub, we can help you create a space where you can relax and unwind.

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