Should You Add A Medicine Cabinet in Your Bathroom Remodel?

When you’re remodeling a bathroom, there are a lot of decisions to make, about everything from layout to fixtures to the bathroom mirror. One of those decisions involves medicine cabinets: Should you include a medicine cabinet in your design? Are these mirrored storage cabinets useful, or are they outdated? What are their pros and cons? If these questions look familiar, and you’re wrestling with including one in your new bathroom design, the following post is for you. Here’s a look at factors worth remembering when you’re making a decision about medicine cabinets in the bathroom.

The Age-Old Issue of Bathroom Storage

No matter if you’re talking about a half bath or the bathroom in a master suite, questions about bathroom storage are bound to come up in bathroom design. From your everyday items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste to daily medications, you don’t want to keep everything on your counters, or your bathroom will feel cluttered. You need a way to keep items out of sight — but still have them easily accessible. That’s where a medicine cabinet and other storage options come into play. With a medicine cabinet, you have a convenient, concealed area to stash products you use regularly.

Pros and Cons of Medicine Cabinets

Like most bathroom features, medicine cabinets have pros and cons worth considering. Here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of including them in your bathroom design:
  • PRO: Easy-to-access storage.

    Being able to store everyday products such as contact solution, Q-tips, toothpaste, etc. — while still having them at your fingertips when you need them — is a huge asset in bathroom design. Medicine cabinets provide that sort of convenient, concealable storage for everyday items you want nearby.
  • PRO: Variety of options.

    When you want to incorporate a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, you have several options: You could go with a wall-mounted cabinet that protrudes from the wall or a recessed cabinet that’s flush with the wall. Then, even among options with the type you pick, you can find all kinds of designs and styles available.
  • CON: Expense to recess cabinets. 

    If you choose to go with a recessed medicine cabinet, you may face higher expenses, depending on what’s in the wall. Should there be existing plumbing or electrical wiring, for example, those will need to be rerouted, leading to increased costs.
  • CON: Shallow storage. 

    While medicine cabinets provide easy-to-reach storage, that storage can be somewhat shallow, which limits what and how much can go inside. If you need storage for large, bulky items, the medicine cabinet won’t be the right solution.

How a Medicine Cabinet Adds Functionality to a Bathroom

Whether it’s surface-mounted or recessed into the wall, what’s great about a medicine cabinet is the built-in functionality it adds to the bathroom. Tucked right behind the mirror, you have the perfect place to stash everyday bathroom items you want to be easily accessible. From perfume and lotion to pills and contact cases, your goods can get off the counters and organized easily. This makes the bathroom more usable and convenient, thanks to extra storage and space. Likewise, accessing products is as simple as opening the mirror and checking the cabinet shelves — a welcome feature in a high-traffic space.

How a Medicine Cabinet Adds Bathroom Value

Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the near future or planning to stay in it for a long time, it’s nice to know that upgrades such as built-in storage can boost your bathroom’s value. Medicine cabinets add appeal to potential buyers because they make the bathroom more functional. If you’re thinking about whether or not to incorporate one into your design, consider your needs, as well as the pros and cons of cabinets, and decide what works best for you. If you’re in the process of tackling a bathroom remodel — or you’re about to be — take time to think about the benefits of medicine cabinets. At Modern Bathroom, you’ll find a variety of options you could incorporate into your bathroom design, offered at low, factory-direct prices that save you money. Our company is pleased to offer free shipping throughout the 48 contiguous United States, as well as a low-price guarantee. Meaning, if you find a lower price, including shipping elsewhere within 30 days of purchase, we’ll refund 110 percent of the difference. Head to our online catalog at Modern Bathroom to learn more!

Tips For Survival When There's A Shared Bathroom

Whether it’s with siblings, roommates or dormmates, just about everyone has had the experience of sharing a bathroom at one point or another. That means it’s common knowledge that sharing a bathroom can be an exercise in frustration. A communal powder room means waiting your turn, picking up after your housemates, and dealing with the aftermath when they use it ahead of you. Although sharing a bathroom with your family or roommates can be irritating, it doesn’t have to be. No matter how many people you share your bathroom with, here are some common ideas you can use to make sharing a bathroom a less-stressful experience.

Tip No. 1: Make A Schedule

Although we can’t always control when nature calls, establishing a schedule for the bathroom can cut down on arguments and help ensure that your bathroom doesn’t become a war zone. Try to establish a routine in the morning and before bed so everyone has a set time he or she will use the bathroom and make sure everyone sticks to it. This also applies to cleaning the bathroom: Establishing a schedule so that everyone does his or her fair share of the cleaning on a regular basis will help the bathroom stay clean so no one is stuck doing all of the work alone.

Tip No. 2: Don’t Be a Bathroom Hog

One of the biggest sources of friction in a household comes when one person spends way too much time in the bathroom. Although there’s nothing wrong with wanting to take a long, relaxing soak in the tub every once in a while, make sure that if you do, you won’t be monopolizing the bathroom at a time when others may need it. Make sure you don’t dawdle in the bathroom, keep it open for anyone who might need it, and encourage your housemates to do the same.

Tip No. 3: Get Organized

Bathroom counters and cabinets can become cluttered easily, especially when there are multiple people using the same one. Everyone has their own towels, toothbrushes, favorite shampoos (maybe even rubber duckies), etc. That’s why keeping everything organized is a big part of maintaining the peace when sharing a bathroom with multiple people. No one wants to spend any of his or her precious bathroom time digging through cabinets or drawers looking for his or her nail clippers, after all. Rather than keep all of your essential toiletries in the bathroom, consider using a shower caddy to carry your items into the bathroom each time you use it. That way, you’ll always know exactly where everything you need is, and you’ll keep it from cluttering counters, shelves and drawers. Adding storage options such as hooks, towel bars or in-shower storage can help keep everything organized, as well. For items such as toothbrushes and towels that should only be used by one person, consider color-coding everything so no one gets confused and uses someone else’s items.

Tip No. 4: Clean Up After Yourself

It’s important to make sure everybody understands keeping the bathroom clean is everyone’s responsibility — that means you, too. Taking a moment to wipe the sink, the mirror, the toilet seat or anything else you use while you’re in the bathroom will not only help keep the bathroom cleaner for longer, but it’s just common courtesy.

Tip No. 5: Clear the Air

If you share a bathroom with other people, a simple air freshener might be the best investment you can make. Unpleasant scents in the bathroom are a fact of life, but it’s to everyone’s benefit to have a way to keep the bathroom smelling fresh all the time. Whether you have a can of spray freshener handy, light fancy candles or use a plug-in air freshener, keeping the air in the bathroom pleasant means everyone will benefit.

Tip No. 6: Communicate

Life doesn’t always conform to the schedules we try to impose on it, and that means we can’t always stick to a strict schedule when it comes to bathroom use. That’s why perhaps the most important tip for sharing a bathroom with others is communication. Maybe you’ll need to be out the door earlier than usual, or maybe you’re not feeling well and may need to make an emergency escape to the bathroom. No matter what, giving your housemates the heads-up can go a long way toward defusing a potentially tense situation. Living with others isn’t always easy, especially when sharing a bathroom. However, following these simple tips can help you and your housemates get along much smoother and prevent the bathroom from becoming disputed territory.

Bathroom Cleaning: 5 Self-Cleaning Bathroom Products

If you’re like most people, cleaning the bathroom is one of your least favorite household tasks. From the gunk on the vanity to the grime behind the toilet, there’s a lot to tend to and remove to make the bathroom sparkle. It takes time, it’s unpleasant and few people get excited to take the project on — that’s exactly why the idea of self-cleaning bathroom products is so appealing. Think about it: If you could incorporate features into your bathroom that streamline the cleaning process, you could simplify routines and give yourself more time for what you’d rather be doing. By taking advantage of products that make it easier to clean, you enjoy the luxury of doing less without sacrificing a high standard for cleanliness in the bath. What are self-cleaning bathroom products? How do these products work, and what do you need to know? Here’s a look.

The Skinny on Self-Cleaning Bathroom Products

While self-cleaning bathroom products aren’t the same as a live-in household maid, they’re the next best thing. Utilizing the latest technologies, these products make it possible to simplify daily cleaning routines. This way, instead of spending hours scrubbing, you can spend a few minutes — or, better yet, create a situation where cleaning will be less needed overall. From a toilet with a one-minute cleaning feature to a sink faucet resistant to streaks, there are many types of self-cleaning bathroom products from which you can choose.

Examples of Self-Cleaning Features Available Today

When you want to take advantage of the latest technology in keeping your bathroom clean, you want self-cleaning bathroom products. Curious about what these products are and how they work? Here are a variety of great products worth keeping in mind:  
  1. No-maintenance faucets.

    If you haven’t seen spot-resistant faucets yet, get ready to be impressed. Designed to minimize those ever-present fingerprints, streaks and spots always found on bathroom faucets, these products let you skip the step of regular polishing. You don’t have to worry about daily fingerprints or water spots, and you can regularly enjoy streak-free, spotless faucets. With one less part of the bathroom to clean, you have overall faster, easier maintenance, too.
  2. Anti-fog mirrors.

    You know how it is. You take a shower, steam up the entire bathroom and start noticing streaks on the mirror that need to be cleaned. Here’s a way to avoid the whole problem: Get a fog-free mirror. A zero-fog mirror makes it possible to keep your mirror looking clear and clean day after day, even without regular wiping. There aren’t streaks from wiping, and there’s a sparkling shine.
  3. Moisture-resistant floors.

    There are plenty of beautiful bathroom flooring options available today, but not all of them are ideal for the heavy-moisture environment of a bathroom. When splashes and spills occur, you don’t want to worry about major upkeep. That’s where water-resistant floors come into play. With a floor that’s specially designed to be resistant to water damage, you have a much easier time keeping your bathroom looking good, even when it undergoes a lot of traffic.
  4. Open shower.

    If you’ve spent time scrubbing shower walls, you’ll love the appeal of an open-concept shower. An open shower minimizes the number of surfaces you have to clean, so you can spend less time wiping and scrubbing when you want to spruce up your space.
  5. Self-cleaning toilets.

    When you want to skip the part of bathroom cleaning that most people loathe, opt for a self-cleaning toilet. Designed to make it quick and easy to keep the toilet sparkling, self-cleaning toilets are simple to install, have an antimicrobial finish, and are perfect for counteracting grime. There are models available today that have a one-minute cleaning option for regular upkeep as well as a deeper-cleaning option to thoroughly wash the commode. You don’t have to spend hours scrubbing, and your toilet always looks great.

  6. The bottom line with self-cleaning bathroom products is efficiency and convenience. What would you give to be able to relax a little more and stress a little less in cleaning your bathroom space? Through the five examples above, you have a great place to start in making your bathroom easier and quicker to clean. 

     At Modern Bathroom we’re pleased to provide factory-direct pricing, free shipping throughout the contiguous United States, and products that upgrade and add value to homes. Shop our website today to learn more!

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