Why The Popularity Of Wall-Mounted Vanities Has Risen

Take a look at today’s modern bathroom designs and you’ll see the ever-popular wall-mounted vanity. Wall-mounted vanities, also known as floating vanities, are vanities that mount to the wall instead of the floor, freeing more floor space and creating a modern, streamlined look. Over the last five to seven years, they have skyrocketed in terms of appeal — but do you know why? What makes wall-mounted vanities so popular? To help answer this questions and dig deep into a hot bathroom trend, here’s a look at some of the key selling points for wall-mounted vanities, which may explain what’s made these bathroom vanities so beloved!

A More Modern Look

Nothing says you’re moving away from traditional style faster or clearer than sleek, wall-mounted vanities. Because they step away from the classic look of a vanity and offer something different, these bathroom vanities provide a foolproof way to opt for modern style. At Modern Bathroom, we have wall-mounted styles that range from less than $400 to more than $3,000, providing hundreds of ways to create a contemporary look with a single piece. Whether you’re trying to move toward a modern look one piece at a time or you’re building a bathroom from the ground up, count on floating vanities to create contemporary style.

A Space Expander

If you’re trying to make the most of a small bathroom or add to the elegance of a large master bath, a wall-mounted vanity naturally makes the bathroom look bigger. Because it doesn’t sit on the floor, it creates an impression that there is more floor space than there actually is, making the space feel larger. This feature can go a step further when you pick a vanity that matches the color of your walls, so the vanity gives an illusion of almost blending with the space.

More Versatility

Floating vanities not only come in a wide range of designs and styles, but the very fact that they float means they have more versatility in placement, too. You don’t have to place them in an area where there’s a stable floor or a flat surface. You can decide on the height of your countertop, adjusting it to your needs. This versatility is a big selling point in awkward layouts, for consumers who are very tall or short, and really for anyone who wants complete customizability in their bathroom vanities.

Easy to Move

Another feature of the wall-mounted vanity is portability. Generally, these vanities are lighter and easier to pick up than the large, floor-mounted models. While wall-mounted vanities can be harder to install, they are easier to move from place to place. Durable and sturdy, they are built to withstand the warping that can occur in a bathroom environment’s humidity over time.

More Reachable Storage

Higher vanities, the wall-mounted kind that are lifted off the floor, make it easier to get to your bathroom supplies. Rather than having to bend down and dig deep into the back of your storage space, you can reach items quickly. Likewise, floating vanities often feature a design that allows for more drawers and usable space, too.


While trends come from somewhere, and the many features of floating vanities make it easy to see why they’ve caught on, the fact remains that they are indeed trends today. Popularity breeds more popularity, so being a trend has probably made floating vanities continue to be popular. When people are decorating their bathrooms and deciding on features, they will often look at other popular features. When magazines, blogs and design showcases are featuring wall-mounted vanities, consumers notice and the idea catches on further.

Are wall-mounted vanities right for you? Whether you’re building a new home, renovating a bathroom, or just curious about the floating-vanity trend, understanding the benefits they offer is key to understanding why they’re so popular. From their versatility to the way they expand a bathroom’s sense of space, these bathroom vanities have a lot to offer. Explore the possibilities we offer at Modern Bathroom to learn more about this trend, or contact us to discuss options!

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