Contemporary Bathrooms – 2020 Style Trends Series

What is a contemporary bathroom? Unlike traditional-style bathrooms, contemporary designs are not focused on reiterating what has been around for decades. They emphasize what is hip here and now. There is less of the age-old, timeless style and more of the latest, up-and-coming, interesting aesthetic. Filled with current materials and products, contemporary bathrooms tend to be simple, sleek and even unadorned. Expect clean lines, sharp angles and products such as the newest synthetic flooring or plastic fixtures. 

If you are interested in contemporary bathroom products and finding ways to work them into your renovation, here is a closer look at what distinguishes this kind of style and why it is appealing.

Characteristics of Contemporary Bathroom Designs

While the category of contemporary bathroom design is a broad one, certain features set it apart. For example, most contemporary-style bathrooms will feature the following:

  • The latest materials: Instead of sticking to old classics such as hardwoods or stone, contemporary bathrooms tend to incorporate newer, cutting-edge materials. This might mean laminate floors or newly designed plastic fixtures.
  • Sleek, angular designs: Generally speaking, contemporary bathrooms focus on spare, minimalist designs. These include angular vanities, concrete walls and/or pedestal sinks. Not only does this look highlight the up-to-date vibe of a contemporary bath, but it also saves space and maximizes efficiency.
  • Storage space: Part of the appeal of contemporary style is less clutter, so it is important to have plenty of storage space for tucking away toiletries and linens. In contemporary baths, look for countertops cleared of any products, with empty spaces expanding the roomy feel.

Benefits of a Contemporary Bathroom Remodel

Contemporary bathrooms are trendy, of-the-minute and attention-grabbing. They are also featured in many modern design blogs and magazines. Here are some of the benefits that make them a favorite for today’s homeowners: 

  • Smart use of space: Whether you have a small bathroom or just want to make the most of your large or average-size one, contemporary design is a good way to go. Because it emphasizes an open and airy feel, this style often makes a room feel larger than it is.
  • Versatility in design: The simplified nature of contemporary design makes it adaptable to many different preferences and tastes. Likewise, it is easy to change up the room with a few accessories at any time.
  • A blank canvas: Essentially, a contemporary bathroom is your own private canvas, allowing you to decorate and design exactly as you like, within the confines of being clean and minimalistic. This is appealing both to those who are still defining their tastes and those who have strong preferences about home decor.

If you are planning a bathroom remodel and looking to bring it into current times, let supply you with the best in bathroom products! Shop our selection of contemporary faucets to outfit your sink with simple, bold style, and browse our site for all kinds of contemporary bathroom ideas.

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