Why Lighting Should Be At The Top Of Your List When Remodeling Your Bathroom

One important aspect that’s often overlooked in bathroom renovation is lighting, which can make all the difference in the size, functionality, safety and ambiance of a bath space in your home.

There are three types of light in a bathroom — ambient, task and accent lighting — all of which should be kept in mind when shopping for bathroom lighting ideas to include in your room’s overall design. Ambient lighting fills the majority of the room. Accent lighting highlights a particular focal point and task lighting is used to help you complete a specific function.

Consider the following factors when illuminating a lavatory:

Lighting Budget

An essential detail before hunting for bathroom fixtures is budget. Shop for lighting selections that balance quality as well as cost. For example, save money by installing energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures. You may also need to figure out the breadth of your lighting project to account for additional expenses such as hiring an electrician to install fixtures.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

This term may come in handy when choosing the right lighting option. Designed by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the color rendering index is the is an assessment of how a light source naturally reveals an object’s colors. It is measured as a number between 0 and 100. At a CRI of 100, an object shows its true colors. Halogen and incandescent lights have a CRI of 100.

Type and Placement of Fixtures

There are many bathroom lighting fixture ideas to contemplate when looking to improve your bathroom design. If you’re wondering how to choose bathroom lighting that’s right for you, start with the three main types of lavatory lighting.

Ambient lighting can be provided by recessed lighting, wall-mounted fixtures and track lighting. Placement of fixtures can depend on the layout of your bathroom. For instance, depending on the size and aesthetic of your space, adding a chandelier or pendant light can make it feel lavish, enhance ambience and provide optimal light. Hanging fixtures can also lead the eye toward features such as a claw foot tub.

Classic wall sconces can be placed anywhere on your walls, ideally near your bathroom mirror and sink. Try flanking a bathroom mirror with a vanity light, pair of vertical sconces or bath bars. These options can provide sufficient lighting for daily grooming such as makeup application and shaving. Under-vanity lighting can be visually pleasing as well as functional — as you can search drawers and cabinets with ease.

Add Mirrors and Dimmers

Consider adding a lighted mirror, which can serve as an ideal task light. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces can also help distribute light throughout the room. Another way to make ample use of lighting is to add dimmers, which allow you to adjust illumination according to your needs such as during the middle of the night.

Use Daylight As a Guide

Natural light from a window or skylight could help lead your lighting project. Daylight can influence your choice of fixture color, such as choosing white or clear shades to maintain an overall brighter atmosphere. A skylight can also provide adequate lighting above a bathtub while adding drama to the ceiling.

Remodeling your bath space with overhead illumination can add value to your home. Get in touch with Modern Bathroom to help with your renovation needs today!

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