Tips And Tricks For Creating a Fun Bathroom

If you think a bathroom is just a utilitarian space, think again! In today’s homes, bathrooms have become beautiful spaces where you can showcase your style. Whether you like a traditional look or lean toward more contemporary design, you can have fun in the bathroom while also making it a reflection of your tastes. How do you design a fun bathroom where you love to spend time? To help answer this question, here are some creative tips/tricks for your bathroom, so you can make it the perfect place for you:

1. Be daring.

If you’re the type of person who typically shies away from bold choices in your home decor, the bathroom is the perfect place to let loose. Small and contained, it’s just the right testing ground for a bold paint color, a modern wallpaper, a patterned tile or another option you’d typically forgo. Find a strong statement feature that you love and use it confidently — with pleasure! 

2. Add a little color.

Even if you like, for example, the timeless appeal of a white bathroom, you can still give that look your own spin with a pop of color. Paint the walls a blue pastel to tiptoe into the color world. Or, choose accessories in a bold red if you’re ready to take the plunge. Alternatively, you can always swap out the rugs and towels with the seasons — or choose a bathroom-friendly rug that ties the room together. Whatever the case, incorporating a color you love instantly reflects your personality in your bathroom. 

3. Upgrade the room’s fixtures.

If color isn’t for you, you might prefer taking your pick of sink, tub and/or light fixtures to upgrade the bathroom. Go with an elegant style that adds refinement to the room. Or, opt for enamel faucets that give the space character. Splurge on a ceiling light that you love to spice up the space. 

4. Add a one-of-a-kind design element.

Whether it’s that hand-carved cabinet you bought on your honeymoon or an heirloom piece handed down from your grandmother, one-of-a-kind furniture is a great way to have fun with your bathroom design. Retrofit a cabinet into a vanity or replace your faucet with a vintage design, and you create a bathroom that’s decidedly outside the box. 

5. Hang artwork intentionally.

Hanging a dramatic piece of artwork in the bathroom can offer a delightful surprise in a room that tends not to see a lot of eye candy. Pick a piece that you love, a piece that goes with your decorating, or both. Because most bathrooms are low on available wall space, you’ll need to be intentional about what and how many pieces you choose. 

6. Try your hand at a craft.

Whether you go big with a DIY wooden towel rack or smaller scale with a mason-jar tissue holder, there are endless options for craft projects relating to the bathroom. Build a magazine rack into the wall by the toilet, add floating shelves in the alcove next to the shower, create a jewelry rack, or whatever you like. When decorating the bathroom is about having fun, the sky’s the limit for how you can personalize the ideas. 

Whenever you’re looking to breathe life into a bathroom and have fun in the process, you have a wonderful opportunity for creativity at home. Use the five ideas above to get inspired with ideas for making a fun bathroom space — and shop Modern Bathroom for the best factory-direct pricing on a host of products.

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