Fun Remodeling Trends For Your Bathroom

Are you updating your bathroom sometime soon? Have you been browsing bathroom fixtures and wondering which ones to pick? When you’re looking to update your bathroom with a more modern look, it’s always fun to check out the latest trends for inspiration. You might find something you love — or even something that adds value to your renovation. Either way, finding fun remodeling trends for the bathroom is always a good idea. Here’s a look.

Why Pay Attention to Bathroom Remodeling Trends?

Knowing what is popular right now in bathroom remodeling is smart for a few reasons: It gives you new ideas for what you might like in the bathroom. When you’re stumped about which direction to go with design, seeing what other people are loving can fuel creativity. More than that, though, understanding bathroom trends helps you understand what’s popular in the market. Should you decide to sell your home, it will already be in keeping with what’s in demand, increasing value and relevance in today’s market.

The Latest Bathroom Trends You Might Use

When you want to be on trend, what style or features should you pick? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at some of the fun bathroom remodeling trends that are happening right now: 

1. White is nice — with a little color.

The clean, white look is here to stay, but today’s homeowners are often spicing things up with a pop of color here and there. White subway tile, a white vanity or a white pedestal sink can become a little more interesting against a pastel blue wall, for example, or with patterned towels in a hip design. 

2. Out with neutrals and in with bold shades.

Tan and beige in the bathroom are on the decline today. Instead, homeowners are opting for colors that communicate energy and atmosphere. From a Zen-like space with grays and blacks to an energetic environment with bright, bold colors, modern bathrooms feature hues that create specific moods. 

3. Upgraded fixtures to breathe life.

Even if you don’t want to overhaul your bathroom, you can still make small changes to give it a more contemporary look. Upgrading the fixtures, for example, with elegant, cool shapes can make a big difference in the room. 

4. Smart storage solutions with vertical cabinets.

Anything that adds to a bathroom’s usability is always a plus. Take storage solutions, for example. One hot trend is vertical cabinetry that goes all the way up the wall — it adds concealed spots for storing towels, toiletries, etc. It also makes the bathroom look more customized and valuable. 

5. A fresh take on old furniture.

Another twist on the storage trend is repurposing furniture in the bathroom. Maybe you retrofit a dresser into a vanity or use a wardrobe for extra bathroom storage space. Either way, incorporating a unique piece of furniture is a great way to add interest and value to the room. 

6. Open shelving for displays.

For those bathroom items you don’t mind displaying, open shelving creates a focal point and an attractive storage space. 

7. The convenience of curbless showers.

There are a few reasons why no-threshold showers are popular today. They are easier to clean, with no ledge to collect dirt and grime. They can make a bathroom look bigger, with flooring extending from one wall to another. What’s more, curbless showers make it easier for homeowners to age in place, as they’re accessible even as people get older, with nothing to step over to enter. 

8. Speakers in the shower.

If there’s anything better than a hot shower, it’s a hot shower with wireless speakers or Bluetooth capabilities to play music in the bathroom. On trend today are various ways to bring electronics into the bathroom, from docking stations in the vanity to TVs in the bathroom to speakers in the showerhead. Upgrade with technology to make your bathroom in line with modern times. 9.

9. The luxury of heated features.

Whether it’s a heated floor or towel warmers, there’s nothing like the luxury of built-in heat on a cold day. Add radiant floor heat or warming towel racks to upgrade your bathroom for today.

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