Adding A Little Nature To Your Bathroom

Nothing relaxes and refreshes like the great outdoors. That’s exactly why, when you want to add a more peaceful feel to your home, you want to incorporate elements of nature into your decorating. How can you add natural elements into your home, such as in the bathroom? To help answer that question and inspire you with your nature-themed bathroom design, here are a few tips for adding a touch of nature to one of the most well-used and important rooms in your layout: 

1. Widen windows.

Bigger windows mean larger views of the surrounding world — a feature that’s especially valuable when your bathroom overlooks trees, a fenced backyard, a pool or water. A more expansive view of the outdoors can add to your overall sense of tranquility in the bathroom. Wider windows also let fresh air and breezes into your bathroom when you open them on temperate days. On top of that, they let in more natural light, flooding your bathroom with the incomparable beauty of daylight during waking hours. 

2. Let the light in.

Avoid the temptation to cover your windows with heavy curtains or drapes, which block natural light. Opt instead for lighter window treatments that let the light into your space. If you’re concerned about privacy, consider incorporating plants in your landscaping outside the window — this gives you all the benefits of outdoor views, without the worries of intruding eyes. 

3. Add greenery.

Nothing says nature like fresh greenery growing in your home. Living plants add vibrancy and natural focal points to your decorating. More than that, they can decrease levels of certain pollutants, reduce airborne dust, increase humidity and lower stress levels for people who see them. 

4. Incorporate natural materials.

When it comes to bathroom components such as floors, walls and a vanity, there are many options for incorporating the natural world. Choose natural, instead of man-made, materials, and you instantly add to the nature-themed appeal of your space. Look for hardwoods, bamboo, cork, stone, etc., to bring a little more of the outdoors inside your bathroom. 

5. Opt for earth tones.

For a bathroom that speaks to the appeal of nature, skip bright, flashy colors that are hard to find in the natural world. Instead, choose soothing earth tones reminiscent of beaches, woods, deserts and other outdoor locales. Whether you go with blues and greens for a sea-themed bathroom or tans and browns for a wooded space, you can enhance the feel of your room with your color scheme. 

6. Decorate with natural materials.

When you’re choosing how to style your bathroom, look for objects that incorporate natural fibers (such as rattan and wicker) or natural elements (such as shells and sand). These objects that hint at the outdoors may add some of nature’s calming benefits to your space. 

Whether you’re redesigning your master bathroom or planning a guest bathroom in a new home, when you want to work natural appeal into your bathroom, think strategically about your bathroom design. By incorporating more natural elements and creating a cohesive nature-themed look, you can design a bathroom that you love walking into each day. 

To help you know where to start when planning a bathroom with natural elements, use the six ideas above. And, when you’re looking for the best in bathroom fixtures for your remodel or design, come to Modern Bathroom, the Internet’s leading resource for factory-direct pricing on bathroom components. Search our catalog online to learn more. Or, reach out anytime with questions about finding the best in bathroom features, fixtures and elements.

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