Enlarging Spaces: 5 Smart Ways To Use Mirrors In The Bathroom

When it comes to small bathrooms, mirrors may be game changers. Because of the way they bounce light and expand the sense of space in a room, bathroom mirrors can make a dramatic difference in how small or large a bathroom feels. With this in mind, what are specific ways to use mirrors to enhance square footage? Here’s a look at five ideas for making the best use of bathroom mirrors, no matter what the size of your space:
  1. Go big. Instead of going with small bathroom mirrors above bathroom sinks, pick models that are bigger. Choose a mirror that stretches all the way from the floor to the ceiling, for example. If you have double sinks, opt for one huge mirror that extends across both rather than small twin mirrors that break up the effect.
  2. Match the window. If one side of the bathroom has a window, consider hanging a mirror across from that window, on the opposite side of the room. The mirror will bounce natural light into the room, reflect views to the outdoors, and create the illusion of twin windows in the same space.
  3. Pair them. When you can’t put a mirror across from a window, try putting it across from another mirror. Two mirrors opposite each other can encourage the illusion of an endless space. In any case, always position a mirror across from something pleasant to look at (artwork, tile walls a window), rather than less-attractive parts of the space — like the commode.
  4. Make a mirror wall. Is there an open wall that you could turn into a mirror? As a design element in your bathroom, a mirror wall can expand and brighten the room’s overall look. Because it extends the full height of the room, it can make the space feel taller. Try framing the mirror with trim to make it clear that it’s a mirror and not part of a fun house, or consider using a collection of different-sized mirrors for a sort of gallery wall.
  5. Make it a focal point. Whether it’s through a beautiful frame, a unique style or a striking shape, try to make your bathroom mirror more eye-catching. Place it behind a light source to magnify the illumination effect in the room. When a mirror becomes a focal point, it draws the eye to the most expansive, light-catching part of the room, enhancing its sense of space.

To make the most of a small bathroom, start with the mirrors. Use the five tips above to strategically place and use your mirrors in a way that brightens and enlarges your room. When you’re looking for the best in bathroom fixtures for your modern bath, come to Modern Bathroom. As the Internet’s leading provider of bathroom vanities and bath accessories, we’re your resource for everything from showers to mirrors — and at factory-direct prices that can save you up to 70 percent of typical costs.

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