The Advantages Of Using Mirrors In Your Bathroom

Are you interested in making your bathroom look bigger? Is your main bathroom feeling cramped, and do you want some design tricks to improve it? Do you wish your powder room could have more square footage, but you aren’t ready to call in a construction crew? In any of these cases, one simple solution is mirrors. Whether you’re talking about a master bathroom, a guest bathroom or a tiny half bath, you can make the space feel bigger by hanging mirrors strategically to expand the space.

Benefits of Using Mirrors in the Bath

How do mirrors add a sense of space? What are the secrets to making the most of mirrors in your bathroom at home? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at some of the biggest advantages you’ll find from using mirrors in the bathroom:

  • More light.

Place a mirror near a light source, and it can reflect the light in a way that bounces it back into the room. This amplifies the overall brightness of your space — making it feel less cramped, more open and more spacious.

  • Brighter corners.

Add interest to a boring bathroom corner by hanging a mirror that can reflect more light and make the corner more attractive. That little alcove that tucks away your toilet or that small wall near the shower could brighten significantly when you add a mirror or mirrors to the space.

  • A real wow factor.

Using a large mirror on the wall or above the vanity can produce a grand effect by filling the space and creating almost an optical illusion with its reflections.

  • Visual drama.

Go higher with mirrors to add visual interest and a sense of drama to your bathroom. Expanded mirrors maximize a room’s sense of space and change the whole look of the room.

No matter what your bathroom’s size or style, mirrors can brighten and enhance the room, especially when they’re used strategically. What’s more, because there are so many kinds and sizes of mirrors, there are endless ways to customize the mirror selection to fit your design tastes.

How to Make the Most of Mirrors in Your Bathroom Design

If you’re thinking about improving your bathroom with more and better mirrors, strategy makes all the difference. With that in mind, here are a few ideas that can help optimize your mirror additions: 

1. Go big over the vanity.

Using a small mirror over the vanity gives you the ability to get ready, but it doesn’t maximize visual impact. For a more spacious feel, opt for a mirror that covers the entire expanse of your vanity and mimics its space and style. A bigger mirror reflects more of the room, brightening and enlarging its appearance.

2. Find some full-length mirrors for the bath.

If you have an open wall where you can hang or prop up a full-length mirror, you enhance the reflective capabilities of the room — not to mention add convenience to your daily routines. A full-length mirror lets you view your whole body before heading out the door.

3. Hang mirrors behind light fixtures.

When you place mirrors behind light fixtures, it can work to magnify and enhance the light, brightening the room considerably.

4. Place a mirror across from a window.

During the daytime, natural light comes into your bathroom through its window(s), so hang a mirror across from a window to reflect the views and light. If you only have a small window, another option is to hang mirrors on either side of the window to create an illusion of a larger window to the outdoors.

5. Use decorative mirrors.

There are more ways to use mirrors than traditional mirrors hung on the wall. For other ideas, consider mirrored backsplashes, mirrored vases, mirrored perfume trays, mirrored jars and/or picture frames. Anything that can reflect the light can add to a spacious feel.

With so many benefits and possibilities relating to mirrors in the bathroom, it only makes sense to work them into your design. Whether you’re looking to make a small bathroom feel larger or give a large bathroom enhanced drama from reflecting light, mirrors can help. Learn more about the possibilities available when you shop bathroom mirrors on the market today. 

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