Bathroom Remodel Checklist: Top 8 Items

Planning a bathroom renovation? Ready to upgrade an old-fashioned space to a more modern look? Here’s the thing: Whether you’re putting in a double vanity or installing a new glass shower enclosure, it’s all too easy to let little details slip through the cracks. To avoid making mistakes that will call for more renovations later, you’ve got to think strategically about your remodeling tasks. With that in mind, from changing the vanity style to overhauling the entire space, use this checklist to help cover your bases:

  1. Set your budget. One of the biggest problems homeowners run into with remodeling projects is unexpected costs. Determine upfront how much you can afford to spend. Then, add an extra 10 to 15 percent, at least, to account for unexpected expenses that may arise.
  2. Shop around. Once you know your budget, you can start shopping contractor costs and/or features like popular bathroom sinks, faucets, tiles and other fixtures. Sticking to your intended cost limits, select the products that work for you — and use Modern Bathroom to find some of the best prices in the industry on everything from tubs to sinks!
  3. Get permits. Will you need building, electrical or plumbing permits for your project? Find out upfront and obtain whatever necessary.
  4. Schedule your tasks. Will you be remodeling from the ground up, or are you mainly changing a few small features? Whether you’re adding single-hole bathroom faucets or replacing tile, know exactly what you need to do, and schedule accordingly. Just like you budget financial costs, budget how much time your project should take.
  5. Take “before” photos. Right before work starts, be sure to take some photos to memorialize the way the bathroom looked. Afterward, when the project is done, you’ll love being able to compare.
  6. Do prep work. If you’re hiring a contractor, create a prep area for him or her by clearing space where tools and gear can go. Likewise, clean out the bathroom of all toiletries, grooming products, etc., and create a temporary replacement area for your household to use while work is underway.
  7. Communicate. If you have a contractor doing the work, connect often to see how things are going and find out about any hiccups that may be causing issues.
  8. Inspect the work. Regularly check in to see how the work is going and, if you spot any problems, address them before they can grow into bigger ones.

Whether you’re managing the renovation yourself or hiring a contractor, following a renovation checklist can help you avoid typical problems. While the process may seem involved before and during work, the rewards after completion will make it all worthwhile. Make the most of your renovation project by following the above checklist of tasks! Likewise, to find the best prices on bathroom features, Modern Bathroom can help. Browse our website to find the perfect vanitysinkfaucet or something else for your bathroom.

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