How To Declutter And Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Bathrooms aren’t just a place to clean up. They should also be a spot where you can relax, unwind a little and refresh yourself. The problem is, however, things tend to get a little cluttered sometimes. It’s important to declutter bathroom surfaces to create that sense of a bigger, more open, less stressful space. We’ll show you how.

Start With These Questions

The first part of your bathroom declutter and organization adventure should be a list of questions. Refer to them as you’re moving items around or deciding what to keep and what to toss. Some of these questions should include:

  • Do I use this? If yes, keep it. If not, throw it away or donate it to charity.
  • Would I buy this again today? If you’re stuck on whether or not you’ll use something, this question can help you decide to keep or toss.
  • Does this item make my life better? If you’re not sure if you should keep something, decide based on assessing if it makes life better or easier in some way.
  • Are these products still good? Bathrooms are notorious for collecting expired products. Tossing them not only helps you declutter, but also ensures that you’re using safe, sanitary products.
  • Can I reduce the amount of space this takes? Often, you can save space by removing bulky packaging and placing items in more compact containers.

Next, Store Like With Like

Once you’ve identified what you’re keeping, it’s time to group items by their uses then find ways to organize them by their categories. For example, perhaps your largest bathroom drawer currently contains a large bottle of lotion, curling irons and other hairstyling tools, plus a first aid kit. Then there are the hairstyling tools and bottle of lotion that live on the countertop.

Group the like things — for example, your hairstyling tools — and then find a convenient, clutter-free way to store them, like a basket on the side of the vanity to keep styling tools organized or a caddy designed for styling tools that you can keep under the sink.

Invest in Useful Storage Options

To learn what kinds of storage will be most useful to you, assess your bathroom and the things you keep in it. If cabinet space is at a premium, for example, but you could really use a spot to store rolls of toilet paper, extra bottles of shampoo and extra towels, then consider shelving or a cabinet for above the toilet. Or if you need to keep makeup and smaller tools handy near the vanity, prioritize drawer space for an organizer or hang up shelves devoted to this purpose.

For countertop storage, try glass jars for toothbrushes and makeup brushes, acrylic organizers for makeup or a cute tree to hang up scrunchies and hair accessories. There are lots of options out there — and you’ll need to get creative to organize around your exact needs.

What Can You Remove From the Bathroom?

Sometimes bathrooms can be catchalls for household items, such as cleaning supplies stored beneath the bathroom sink that could be moved to the pantry, kitchen or somewhere else. Other times, there will be items that you need, but since you don’t use them daily, they don’t need to be stored in the bathroom.

First aid kits are a prime example. Everyone should have one, but because they’re not used often, they don’t need to take up precious bathroom storage space. Find another accessible location to give yourself a little extra room.

The same is true for things like cosmetics. People who do their makeup every day might prefer keeping cosmetics in the bathroom, but people who only do it occasionally might prefer storing cosmetics elsewhere.

Prioritize the things that you’ll use in the bathroom each day and consider storing rarely used items somewhere else.

Your bathroom should be a haven where you can refresh yourself. If you’re looking to cut clutter to make it a more inviting space, check out some of these bathroom storage solutions or consider investing in some new bathroom hardware. You’ll love the new look and the convenience of a beautifully organized space.

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