How To Fill The Gap Between Your Bathroom Cabinet And Wall

You may love your clean, polished bathroom, but it can be hard to ignore the awkward gap between the vanity cabinet and back wall. This is a common issue and can occur from foundational shifts, loose wall studs or measurement errors.

Not only can this inconvenient gap be unappealing, but objects can also fall or become trapped inside it. Fortunately, replacing the vanity isn’t necessary as there are some solutions to this problem, including certain caulking techniques. Read on to learn how to fill the gap between your bathroom cabinet and wall.

Caulking Techniques

Before deciding which method to fill the gap, consider the gap size as well as the vanity and wall colors. For example, if the gap is narrow and about half an inch thick or less, try caulking it. It’s important to match the caulk color to the countertop or simply opt for a colorless one. This will ensure a seamless look.

Cover the top edge of the vanity with painter’s tape so you don’t spill any onto the vanity surface. This can also help you get a crisp line. Then, seal the small gap with caulk. For medium-sized gaps, you may need to use a backer rod to provide more support and security. Place the rod in the gap and use caulk to seal it in place.

Thick Backsplash

Did you know that using a backsplash can help get rid of a larger gap? Thick backsplashes make the gap disappear and provide you with a vanity that looks flush with the wall. Best of all, backsplashes come in a variety of materials such as glass and wood. If you’re looking for a material that’s water resistant, plastic and glass make great options.

Bathroom Sealant Tape

Looking for any easy fix? Bathroom sealant tape is another great way to get rid of a small gap between a cabinet and back wall. Moreover, bathroom sealant tape is waterproof so it should last a while. Before applying the tape, be sure to clean surfaces to remove any moisture, otherwise it won’t stick. After applying the tape, press it firmly to secure it in place. This will allow the glue to stick. Be sure to let the glue dry before using the bathroom sink.


If you’re dealing with a gap between the bathroom vanity and side wall, consider installing shelving or a side cabinet. The amount of space you have in the bathroom can help you decide which option is best.

Custom shelving is more cost effective than a custom side cabinet. However, the cabinet option can offer a more streamlined appearance. Either way, you’ll have extra storage space.


Another great way to fix a gap between the vanity and side wall is by using a trashcan, especially if the gap is large. The gap essentially creates the perfect nook and a unique way to display the bin.

Vanity gaps can be avoided through careful planning and installation. At Modern Bathroom, we offer a variety of bathroom vanity options, from single to double and antique to modern. You can be confident that you’ll find the right one that fits your space. We also offer other products to complete your bathroom, including sinks, faucets, toilets and more.

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