15 Things You Can Do To Make Your Bathroom Cozy

In any home, the bathroom is more than just a place to get clean. It’s also a sanctuary, one of few places within the home to which you can retreat. This is what makes cozy bathroom design so important. Ideally, your bathroom should be a warm, comforting place that helps you get refreshed while you prepare to face the coming day. It should also be the place where you wash away the day’s stresses in the evenings. If you’re looking for ideas to make your bathroom a restful nook, here are some that will get you started.

1. Try a Rain Showerhead

One of the best ways to make a bathroom cozier is to introduce a little nature. In the shower, this could mean a rainfall showerhead. The overhead design means the water falls straight down, just like rain, which makes taking a shower soothing.

2. Enclose the Tub

Bathrooms are meant to be private, of course, but to enjoy a truly restful experience when you soak in the tub, consider enclosing the tub with an opaque barrier of some kind. Rather than glass doors or a tub without a curtain, an opaque tub curtain in a bold pattern that matches your bathroom’s decor will turn the tub into a private paradise.

3. Add Splashes of Color With Textiles

Textiles — in this case, towels and bath mats — are one of the best ways to make a bathroom cozy and easy on the eyes. Experiment with color with a bright bath mat for the floor and towels in interesting patterns displayed prominently on shelves.

4. Add Some Furniture

Here, you have the chance to get truly creative and really ramp up the bathroom’s cozy feeling. Consider a short stool, a bench or an ottoman as seating where you can sit and get dry after a bath. Small end tables work well in the bathroom, too, particularly next to the tub, where you can use them to hold candles, bath supplies and a towel.

5. Invest in Shelving

Bathrooms almost always need a bit more storage space, and shelving systems do dual duty as storage and decoration. Look for over-the-toilet shelves, freestanding shelving units or wall-hanging shelves as places that you can organize and display towels, colorful bottles and more.

6. Install a Heated Towel Rack

A heated towel rack is a must-have in warm cozy bathrooms. This is an inexpensive and simple upgrade to make, and it comes with a couple benefits. First, it helps dry damp towels. Second, these racks get your towels nice and toasty, which helps replicate the spa experience.

7. Decorate With Treats

Bath salts, bubble bath and bath bombs are all the rage. Rather than stashing these items in the cabinet, mix them into your decor. Especially bath bombs — they come in all kinds of creative colors and shapes, which means you can add a lot of liveliness to your bathroom with a basket of pretty bath bombs on a shelf or on the vanity.

8. Towel Racks in All Shapes and Types

The traditional towel rack is just a bar on which you hang a folded towel. However, there are lots of other creative ways to hang or display towels. Try hooks instead of towel racks for a cozier, more lived-in look, or invest in curved towel shelves where you can store rolled towels.

9. Make Sure the Tub has a Bath Tray

A bath tray is an essential item that will hold your soaps, bubble bath and a glass of wine, if you so desire. If you’re a fan of reading in the tub, some trays even have slots to support a book.

10. Matching Hardware

Matching cabinet and drawer pulls are a no-brainer. Still, if you can match shower curtain rings, toilet paper holders, towel racks and all the other metal finishes, this helps pull together the bathroom’s overall look and feel.

11. Plants Add a Sense of Luxury

If your bathroom has plenty of natural light, then consider a few plants in the windows to give your bathroom that essential spa atmosphere.

12. Hang Art

Art isn’t just for the living room or the hallways of your home. Why not hang a framed picture over your tub? It could be a favorite painting, a soothing landscape — anything that you’ll enjoy pausing to look at as you relax in the tub.

13. Look for Creative Ways to Store Toilet Paper

Toilet paper doesn’t have to just sit on a shelf! Baskets, cloth storage bins or even specialized toilet paper holders are all great ways to keep it convenient while giving the bathroom a polished look.

14. Find the Perfect Mirror

Mirrors aren’t just utilitarian. When you’re looking for a mirror or medicine cabinet to hang above the vanity, look for a beautifully styled mirror that doubles as decoration.

15. Focus on the Senses

A truly cozy bathroom is one that takes sight, touch and scent into consideration. Start by turning the bathroom into a lovely place, and make sure to mix in pleasing textures — fluffy towels, a soft rug in front of the shower, a plush robe or fuzzy slippers. Scent is important, too. Anything from potpourri to warming oils can be used to heighten the mood you’re trying to achieve.

When you’re ready to start converting your bathroom into a cozy, inviting space, Modern Bathroom has the fixtures you’ll need! Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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