Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Whether it’s the single bathroom in a small floor plan or one of several bathrooms in a larger one, when any bathroom feels tight, the good news is you can do something about it. Treat yourself and your guests to a thoughtfully designed, attractive space by following some space-saving tips! Short of taking on a full bathroom remodel, here are some top ideas for creating a bathroom that feels as spacious and comfortable as possible:

  1. Pick light, bright colors. Think about the difference in feel between a bathroom with dark navy walls and one with bright, white ones — in terms of which feels more spacious, there’s no contest. That’s because, when it comes to paint colors, light hues tend to make a room feel bigger in the way that they reflect light and create a more open, airy feel. Dark colors, on the other hand, tend to shrink the space and make it feel small.
  2. De-clutter. It happens to the best of us: a few beauty products become an enormous collection of clutter on the bathroom shelves and in the cabinets. While it’s normal to want to fit as much as you can in a modern bathroom, particularly when it’s small, doing so will make it feel crammed. Try to remove everything that isn’t necessary from your bathroom, keeping only the absolute essentials on hand. Seeing a partially empty shelf or having the counters totally cleared will make them look bigger.
  3. Let in light. If your small bathroom has a window, don’t waste it! Natural light can go a long way toward opening the feel of a tight space, while also providing a view outside. For the sake of privacy, you may want blinds, shades or some other view-blocker on the window, but look for one that still lets in light in order to brighten the room. Consider frosted windows or sheer curtains instead of dark, light-blocking shades.
  4. Make the most of mirrors. A mirror is as much of a bathroom staple as a sink, but just like there are different sizes and styles of vanities, there are different mirrors. When it’s space you’re trying to create, think about this: Larger mirrors can reflect more light, creating the illusion of more space. Instead of one tiny mirror above the sink, use multiple, or find a way to fit a full-length mirror in the room.
  5. Use open shelving. Instead of a traditional bathroom vanity that hides storage space behind closed doors, consider open shelving — or a pedestal sink without any shelving at all. Open shelves or open space allow for a more pleasing visual line from wall to wall, creating the illusion of more room. If you do choose open shelving, however, be careful to strategically fill these shelves with only a minimal selection of attractive items in order to reap the most space-creating rewards.

When you have a small bathroom in your floor plan, use these tips as inspiration for rethinking the way it looks! Beyond reorganizing and de-cluttering, you may find a few simple purchases can make a big difference. Whether it’s a new vanity or a large mirror that you need, come to Modern Bathroom! Our online catalog of products includes everything you need to create the attractive, updated space you’re after.

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