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July 12th through August 5th


Since 1988, MTI Whirlpools has earned a reputation for impeccable quality, innovation and unique customizations for its expansive line of bath products. The only company in history to win ever win six coveted Adex Awards (Awards for Design Excellence) two years in a row, MTI Whirlpools is where you will find fresh ideas, award-winning designs, innovation and outstanding customer service. MTI's product range is extensive, with over 200 different models of tubs, shower bases, frameless shower enclosures, sinks and specialty products.

MTI is distinguished from its competitors by the incredible degree of customization that is offered. While preconfigured packages are readily available for ease of ordering, at MTI these are not a limitation but only the beginning. Because each product is built to order, additions, deletions and modifications to equipment levels and placement can be made, providing the customer with unparalleled customization and a truly personalized product. Yet remarkably, MTI products ship within 7 business days, the fastest in the industry.

MTI Whirlpools is employee-owned and operated, and located just outside of Atlanta, GA.



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