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February 9th through February 29th.

Using a Bathroom Vanity for Storage

Can a bathroom vanity provide adequate storage? Certainly, it can do so! There are dozens of options in layout and design for a modern or new bathroom vanity and many will provide excellent storage for a wide range of needs.

For example, a double bathroom vanity delivers an enormous number of choices in style and design, and most come with a wide base fitted with numerous cabinets and drawers that can hold almost every toiletry imaginable. Additionally most homeowners select a matching mirror when purchasing a bathroom vanity and most can deliver small amounts of storage as well.

While the more obvious capacity of a double bathroom vanity would meet storage needs, there are also a great many single basin units that could provide storage for a bathroom. For example, there are many units modeled on antique and vintage furniture. These vanities tend to have unusual design elements from more standard cabinetry, with short legs or feet, oversized countertops and often double-door cupboards below the basin. Such a bathroom vanity could easily hold towels, cleaning products and many personal items and toiletries.

In addition to a bathroom vanity modeled on an antique style, there are modern single basin units that provide several drawers, glass door cabinets and more unique configurations.

With all of these choices it is easy to see that a bathroom vanity of almost any size or style could easily provide ready storage for even a whole family’s needs. It is important, however, to consider dimensions and plumbing when looking to purchase a new bathroom vanity. Many more contemporary styles utilize wall mounted fixtures, which could call for some minor plumbing and sheetrock work, additionally; an alteration from a single to a double sink unit will probably need a professional to install the appropriate drainage and any additional water lines.



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