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February 9th through February 29th.

Upgrading a Bathroom Vanity

Millions of homeowners would love to update the look of a bathroom in their home, but often don’t want the hassle of completely tearing out the entire existing space. For many, there is an easy answer to their dilemma through the selection, purchase and installation of a new bathroom vanity.

In fact many decorators and designers give a bathroom a completely new look by upgrading a bathroom vanity and redecorating with paints and accessories. This allows a budget to stay relatively low while true enhancements occur in function, appearance and quality.

Today a homeowner or decorator has access to a larger number of styles and designs to choose from when seeking out a new bathroom vanity, from antique looks to sleek contemporary designs, making an upgrade easy and hassle free.

When beginning a search for a new bathroom vanity strict attention must be given to existing measurements and dimensions. If new flooring is not part of a design scheme, this is even more critical because a unit must meet or exceed the original depth of the old bathroom vanity to prevent visible lines from ruining the project.

Additionally, plumbing concerns must be addressed as well. While many old bathroom vanity units have plumbing running through the countertop and into the fixtures there are modern units that rely on wall mounted fixtures to operate. If some minor plumbing and sheetrock work are in the budget, such a unit can be purchased, but if existing lines are going to be used then a bathroom vanity that requires the same layout should be chosen.

Such a scenario does not really impose that heavy of a limitation on choice however, since modern, classic, traditional and antique designs are all available with both counter and wall mounted fixture configurations.

Choosing a bathroom vanity is a fun, easy and affordable method of upgrading the entire look of an existing bathroom, and the new bathroom fixture will provide years of style and service.



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