The Joy of Double Bathroom Vanities - Modern Bathroom
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The Joy of Double Bathroom Vanities

Millions of couples struggle with limited bathroom space. Personal hygiene items like toothbrushes and toothpaste can actually cause debates and arguments. In fact, bathroom countertop clutter can breed bacteria and make for moments of annoyance or even inefficiency. Many people have had the experience of trying to get ready in the morning only to knock bottles, curlers, cups and other paraphernalia from the surface of their bathroom vanities.

This is the primary reason people seek out double bathroom vanities, which are a wonderful investment when space allows for them. Traditional bathrooms usually have a single basin installed for all to use, but when a room can allow for separate sinks and vanity space it should really be taken advantage of.

Not only do double bathroom vanities provide a great deal more counter space, but they also help to eliminate clutter, give each person a larger degree of privacy and organization, and help greatly increase overall bathroom storage.

Some families opt for double bathroom vanities as well, with a single sink for “Mom and Dad” and the other for "the kids". This too saves on morning hassles and allows for a significantly tidier overall environment.

Unfortunately, many homeowners and designers are under the false impression that double bathroom vanities come only in utilitarian styles with no decorative appeal or unique design elements, and that just isn’t so. Today’s double bathroom vanities are available in almost any design imaginable, in fact many frequently incorporate the identical features of modern and contemporary single pieces – such as those with glass countertops and free standing basins relying on wall mounted plumbing fixtures.

In addition to contemporary designs, double bathroom vanities are also available in many traditional and antique patterns or designs with vintage appeal or highly functional elements.

It is important to take existing plumbing into consideration when deciding to install a double bathroom vanity since the water lines will have to provide service to two sinks, and a transition will have to consider drainage as well.



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