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The Bathroom Vanity May Be the Cure for Lack of Space

Most bathrooms are designed for their utility, not for their user. In a bathroom you get tub, a sink, a shower, a medicine cabinet and if you are lucky, a cabinet under the sink that pretends to be a bathroom vanity. Let’s face it, if you are living in a dwelling with more than one person, there may not be enough room to hold everyone’s unique toiletry requirements.

There’s your personal hygiene products, the extra towels, the contact lens solution, the hair care products. They can’t possibly all fit in the medicine cabinet. There’s hardly enough room for the medicine. Luckily, when it’s time to remodel the bathroom, there is a bathroom vanity that suits every need.

Some are designed with more utility in mind, becoming space savers. Others give your sink and plumbing fixtures a complete makeover. When you are remodeling, it’s important to consider what style approach you are going to take with the bathroom. Once you have settled on the design for the bathroom, then you can approach the subject of what kind of bathroom vanity you require. Would a wood and glass combination do the trick?

Or do you need a more contemporary approach, complete with a new mirror, new counter space, and new drawers. Modern designs are more sleek and stylish. If you want a more traditional look, an antique style bathroom vanity would be more appropriate. Of course, size factors in to all this, so you want to pick a bathroom vanity that is the appropriate for the size for your bathroom, especially if you are looking to the vanity to be the cure for a lack of storage space. Modern Bathroom has a complete selection of vanities in all styles for all budgets. Visit their website at to find out more.



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