More Tips on Bathroom Vanities and Form - Modern Bathroom
February 9th through February 29th.

More Tips on Bathroom Vanities and Form

Bathroom vanities can really enhance the beauty and elegance of a bathroom…that is, if you plan the vanity to match well with the rest of the bathroom. You can buy cheap bathroom vanities and risk the chance of it clashing with the rest of the bathroom, or you can buy the vanity set of your choice and remodel the rest of the bathroom area to fit accordingly. The third option would be to buy bathroom vanities based on the current appearance of your bathroom.

If price is an important consideration, then you should choose the third option and buy a vanity set based on what you already have. This may take a little more browsing time to find the right bathroom vanity. When shopping for bathroom vanities, you should be careful to buy a vanity set that is appropriate to your bathroom in size. Do not attempt to bring a large vanity set into a small bathroom area, unless you have major plans to knock out a few walls. Style is always second to functionality, since guests will notice elegance second to the level of comfort your vanity sets provide. Large bathroom vanities that block most of the room and cause tight squeezes will be a disaster.

You should have a purpose in mind for your bathroom décor before you choose your new bathroom vanities. The color, style, and finish of the cabinets and other vanity pieces should match. If you buy antique vanity sets, then you should make plans to have the entire bathroom resemble an antique style.

Bathroom cabinets should be similar in color or theme to the wallpaper or painting on your walls, as well as the sink, faucets, and countertops. Last but not least, you should carefully choose a mood-appropriate mirror. Mirrors can enhance the open feeling of a room and make it larger. offers a range of vanities and other bathroom furniture for all your remodeling needs.



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