Single vs. Double Sink Vanities

For decades, the standard in the bathroom was a vanity with a single sink. Nowadays, however, modern homes come with double sinks in the master bathroom at the very least — and sometimes in other bathrooms as well.

Do you need or want two sinks in a particular bathroom? If it’s something you’re considering for your next upgrade, we’ll look at the pros, cons, and what you’ll need to consider before choosing a single or double sink vanity.

Single Sink Vs. Double Sink Vanities: What’s the Difference?

This might seem like an obvious question: Double sink vanities are bigger by necessity, so they can accommodate both sinks, right? There’s more to it than that.

Double sink vanities must also accommodate more plumbing. Likely when you open the cabinet beneath your current sink, you’ll see the supply lines to the faucet as well as the drain assembly. Most twin sink vanities will have two sets of cabinets so that there’s room for two sets of plumbing. This will be something to think about if you want lots of drawers rather than cabinets, since drawers will need to go around the plumbing.

Single Vs. Double Sink Vanities: The Advantages

There are several advantages to both types of vanity arrangements. Here are some features of single sinks:

  • Single sinks and vanities take up less space, which makes them ideal in cramped bathrooms. You can even install a pedestal sink if you really need to save floor space.
  • Single sinks tend to be easier to clean. There’s not as much counter to polish and less cabinet facing to collect grime.
  • They’re less prone to clutter. When you have a lot of counter space, it’s easy to stack more items on it.
  • Single sinks and vanities usually cost less to install — and they’re easier to install. The vanity itself may be less expensive than a double vanity, but more than that, you’ll be paying for one sink, one countertop and one set of plumbing.

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Double sinks have their own set of advantages:

  •  Two sinks can be better than one! This is especially important if your household has busy mornings. Consider who will be using the bathroom — and who will need to use sinks at the same time to get ready for work or school.
  • You’ll have more storage space. That includes two cabinets instead of one, plus options for drawers depending on the vanity style you choose.
  • More counter space means more room to do makeup, style hair, and use all the rest of the tools you need daily. This point can vary depending on the type of counter you choose, though. If the sinks are close together, you may not have as much counterspace.
  • In larger bathrooms, double sinks tend to look nicer. In a large space, a smaller single sink might feel dwarfed by the other fixtures, such as the tub or shower. Double sinks can help give a larger bathroom a balanced feel.

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An Alternative: A Single Sink in a Larger Vanity

Got a lot of space for a vanity, but still aren’t sure whether you want or need double sinks? There is another option, which is to install a large vanity with just one sink — and depending on your needs, this option can be the best of both worlds. That’s because it gives you lots of counter space, plus plenty of extra room for storage drawers without plumbing getting in the way.

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When it comes to choosing the right vanity for your bathroom, the big things to think about are costs, needs, available space and who will be using the bathroom. In busy homes, two sinks can make getting ready in the morning much easier — but not all bathrooms have the wall space to accommodate a large vanity.

Choose based on the factors above — and when you’re ready to pick out the perfect vanity, be sure to shop the selection at Modern Bathroom.

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