Guest Bathroom Remodel Ideas

When you have people over, the guest bathroom becomes one of the most important rooms in the house. To make company feel at home, it should be a clean, fresh and updated space with plenty of privacy.

Ready to update your guest bathroom? Here are some guest bathroom remodel ideas you can use to create that inviting space your guests need.

5 Guest Room Bathroom Ideas

1. Changing Fixtures

One quick way to update a guest bathroom is to change the smaller fixtures such as the towel rack, toilet paper holder and light fixtures. Right now, hotel-style towel racks are trending because they provide extra storage space for multiple towels. They give the bathroom a high-end feel. The mirror is another item you can replace. Shop for a new mirror that perfectly suits the style of the bathroom.

2. Repaint the Walls

One of the fastest ways to give a bathroom a dramatic new look is to repaint the walls. Bright and fresh is what’s in style right now, so choose a color palette featuring whites or light shades. This has the advantage of making the bathroom feel bigger, since light walls reflect more light.

3. A New Vanity

New vanities are among the pricier upgrades you can make. If the current vanity is dated or damaged — or if it doesn’t feature much storage space — replace it with a newer one showcasing a smart design that maximizes storage space. As you shop for vanities, keep in mind that this is one of the larger focal points of the room. Don’t hesitate to go big on something stylish to add personality to the bathroom.

4. Update Flooring

When the flooring in your guest bathroom starts to look dated or worn, it’s time for an upgrade. Since this can be one of the more expensive parts of the project, and since guest bathrooms are often rarely used depending on how often you have overnight guests, you may want to do a little future proofing with your design choice.

Right now, tiles that simulate the look of wood are among popular guest bathroom design ideas. This makes a good choice for a variety of reasons. Tiles are long wearing and stand up well to moisture. Plus, the look of wood is timeless. Choosing decor that doesn’t go out of style quickly is an important design consideration in a bathroom that may not see enough use to warrant regular upgrades.

5. Spring for New Decor

When it comes to guest restroom decor ideas, the key is to keep it basic. While they’re staying in your home, guests should have a private space. This means they’ll need a bit of room to unpack — including soaps and toiletries, toothbrushes and cleansing supplies, space for makeup, and all the rest.

Avoid countertop clutter by sticking with the basics: A vase with a bit of greenery, perhaps, or glass jars with cotton balls and cotton swabs. Stock cabinets or shelves with plenty of towels and toilet paper. If you have the space on a spare shelf, place a few bath bombs, a candle, or something else for color and scent. Leave the rest to your guests.

These are some of our top ideas for guest bathroom decor and design! If you’re looking for more, or if you need supplies to make your upgrades, be sure to shop Modern Bathroom for the latest in fixtures and furnishings.

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