How To Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Every room needs a deep cleaning once in a while. Nowhere is that truer than in the bathroom. It’s the most used room in the house, which means it can get unsanitary quickly. Plus, there is nothing better than enjoying the almost spa-like atmosphere that comes from a freshly cleaned bathroom.

If you’re wondering how to deep clean the bathroom, we’ll show you where to start.

1. Begin With the Clutter

Before really diving into cleaning, the first step is picking up all the items that get scattered across the bathroom counter over the course of day-to-day use. Make sure to clear shelves, the back of the toilet, and peek inside the shower to remove rarely used bottles. Clean these items as you put them away using antibacterial spray and a cloth.

If there are items that will remain on the counter or shelves — such as decor, your toothbrush holder, etc. — temporarily remove these from the bathroom not only so that you can clean them individually, but also so that spaces throughout the bathroom are clear and ready for cleansing.

2. Vacuum Everything

This is an essential step prior to mopping and scrubbing. Thoroughly vacuum the floor, and make sure to use dusting attachments to clean the tops of cabinets, get the cobwebs out of corners, etc. Removing as much dust and loose dirt as possible will make the next steps easier.

3. Clean Fixtures First

Before scrubbing shower walls or the countertop, start with the showerhead, shower curtain and faucets. It’s smart to do this step before cleaning shower walls and countertops so that you don’t have to clean descaling debris from freshly cleaned surfaces.

For the shower curtain, follow instructions on the tag. Many curtains can be washed in the washing machine. If your showerhead or faucets have scale, use a commercially prepared descaling solution to remove it. You may also need a toothbrush or toothpick to clean bits of lime from nozzles. Finally, use all-purpose cleaner to remove soap scum — and remove it with a microfiber cloth for a streak-free shine.

4. Clean the Toilet

Start with the bowl first. Using toilet bowl cleaner and a scrub brush, thoroughly clean inside the bowl. Make sure to scrub under the rim of the bowl to scrape any built-up lime that can block water from flowing into the bowl.

Then, use white vinegar and water or disinfectant spray to thoroughly clean the outside of the toilet, tank and base included. At the toilet’s base, check the covers over the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. Remove these covers, if possible. You’ll be able to clean the grime that accumulates beneath them. That will eliminate the dark ring that so often forms around these covers.

5. Clean the Shower

There are lots of products you can use to clean a shower! If you have a fiberglass tub, rust and scale remover might be necessary to get rid of built-up stains. To remove soap scum, use an all-purpose cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water. For grout, use a commercially prepared grout cleaner.

Whatever your cleaning product of choice, start by wetting the shower walls. Apply the cleaner, and let it sit according to the length of time specified on the package instructions. Then, using a brush, broom or abrasive sponge, give the walls a thorough scrub and rinse them. If needed, repeat this process to remove any last bits of grime.

For glass shower doors, use window cleaner or vinegar and water plus a squeegee. Scrub where needed to remove soap scum, then squeegee away moisture.

6. Ceilings and Walls Come Next

This isn’t a job that necessarily requires you to drag out a ladder. Instead, make it easier by using a sponge mop or flat cloth mop to reach the high spots. For this job, use vinegar and water or all-purpose cleaner (but make sure to avoid anything with bleach or chemicals that can damage paint).

Work in sections, using the mop to get each section damp before spritzing cleaner on it. Let the cleaner sit for a minute or two, then scrub. Just like how you would mop the floor, be sure to rinse the mop in clean water periodically so that you can mop loosened grime and cleaning solution.

7. Clean Your Sink and Counter

Commercially prepared pumice cleaners work great for the sink and counter. If you’d rather use a DIY product, make a paste with baking soda and water. Whichever option you choose, use a cloth to rub the cleaner over your countertop and sink basin. Pay special attention to the sink drain, which often builds up a layer of film after repeated use. When you’re finished scrubbing, use clean, damp cloths to wipe the cleaner.

8. Cabinets and Shelves

If you have hardwood cabinets, you may want to use oil soap or lemon oil to protect the wood against humidity. If those cabinets are particularly grimy, start with an all-purpose cleaner or water and vinegar before using oil. For painted cabinets, all-purpose cleaner will work just fine.

Spritz cabinets with your cleaning product of choice, but take care not to let moisture sit on their surfaces too long, since excess moisture can cause paint and finishes to separate from the wood. Wipe your cleaning product and repeat as necessary until cabinets and shelves are sparkling clean.

9. Deep Clean Your Floors

Cleaning in and of itself is a messy job. By now, your bathroom floors are probably thoroughly tracked. That’s why you should always save this part of the task for next to last. If you’re wondering how to deep clean your bathroom floor, you won’t need anything special for the job — just a mop and a bleach solution.

However, before mopping, the key to learning how to deep clean a bathroom floor is steam cleaning it. It’s a simple process. Just turn your shower on its warmest setting and let steam completely fill the room. Shut off the shower, close the bathroom door, and wait for 20 minutes while the steam penetrates grout and other nooks and crannies. After that, go in and mop the floor, then leave the bathroom door open and let the room fully air dry.

10. Final Step: Clean Your Mirror

After everything else you’ve done, your mirror likely has spots left from steam and other cleaning products. Once your bathroom is dry, use window cleaner on the mirror to remove spots and streaks.

That’s how to deep clean your bathroom! Once you’ve finished the mirror, feel free to decorate and return the items you removed from shelves and the countertop. Then, call it a day, kick back, and enjoy the fresh feeling that comes with a thoroughly cleaned bathroom.

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