Bathroom Design Trends For 2021

Wondering about the latest bathroom design trends for 2021? This year, there are a lot of styles and pieces to choose from, including sumptuous spa tubs, innovative light fixtures and gorgeous wall graphics. Many of this year's biggest trends veer away from the traditional and lean toward the creative and bold. There is something out there for everyone, and treating your bathroom to a refresh could not only make it more inviting but could increase your home’s value, too. Ready to learn more about bathroom remodel ideas for 2021? Here are some of our favorites.

1. Make a Statement With a Chandelier

That’s right — chandeliers are a major trend in bathroom design right now. In traditional bathrooms, you could go for an elegant piece in brass, a crystal chandelier or a fixture that fits with the classic theme. Other bathroom designs let you get a bit more eclectic. Whatever your style, choose a chandelier that stands out, draws the eye and adds a bit of romance to the room.

2. Updated Subway Tile

White, rectangular subway tile has been popular for a long time — and with good reason, since it gives bathrooms a clean, bright look. Today, however, that trend is finally starting to shift. What’s replacing it? Colorful subway tile — especially deep, dreamy blues. The smooth finish still gives your bathroom a clean, fresh look, but the color allows you to infuse the room with more personality. Another variation on this trend is subway tile that comes in shapes other than rectangular. In other words, you can find ceramic tiles with the same glossy finish as subway tiles, but they come instead as squares, hexagons or another shape. These tiles say “modern” without losing the timeless feel of subway tiles.

3. Graphic Statement Walls

Wallpaper is coming back in a big way — and there are several ways to use it. The first is more formal, to give your bathroom a polished and posh look. You can find wallpaper with geometric or stripe patterns and luxurious colors to line the walls and create an elegant space. The other big way in which wallpaper is trending is as a statement wall. Choose one wall to feature a bold floral print, a jungle pattern or a seascape. It doesn’t even have to be the entire wall. Do half tiled and half wallpapered on your statement wall if you think a fully papered wall might look too heavy.

4. Create an Indoor-Outdoor Connection

This is a bathroom design trend that is getting bigger and bigger as time goes by — and there are lots of ways to create an indoor-outdoor connection. The first and most obvious is to redesign your bathroom with big windows or sliding doors to let in the light and the view. However, this may not be for everyone — especially for privacy-loving people or for homes situated in view of the neighbors. Other ways to make that indoor-outdoor connection include shower windows or windows with blinds so you can let in more light and color. Skylights can help, too, if natural sunlight is your goal. Last of all, if you can’t build a connection to the outside, try bringing the outdoors inside with potted plants and bits of greenery to make your bathroom feel a little more outdoorsy and serene.

5. Classic Patterns — With a Twist

Classic patterns such as checkerboard tiles and Greek keys are still stylish, but the latest bathroom trends for 2021 are calling for these themes with a twist. For instance, checkerboards might be made more intricate with mosaics that create color blocks. Greek key designs could be placed just haphazardly enough to give them that shabby-chic look that makes the walls or shower more interesting. Spice things up with color or design your own take on the pattern! Let your personality shine.

6. Include Natural Elements in Your Design

This trend is another way to bring more nature into your bathroom. Add some natural earth tones and features with a stone bathtub or shower, or go classic with a marble countertop. Natural wood is another great way to go — look for burled vanities, bamboo, or other beautiful wood grains and shades. Natural elements can also be included in the decor. A bowl of pretty stones, a stool shaped like a stump — anything that includes that fresh-from-nature look can help create a spa-like, tranquil atmosphere.

7. Tubs Take Center Stage

Tubs are starting to stand in the limelight as luxurious bathroom focal points. To get this look, you’ll need a brag-worthy tub. Look for stone tubs, beautiful marble tubs, tubs with unusual shapes, standalone tubs or a retro, claw-foot tub. Be sure to plan plumbing carefully with this trend. For instance, if you’re installing a claw-foot tub, you may want to leave plumbing exposed and beautify it with brass. Roman tubs or tubs in modern styles may call for cleverly hidden fixtures.

8. Fantastical Shower Heads

The days of the traditional shower head are long gone. Nowadays, people are looking to liven things up with luxury — and where shower heads are concerned, that can mean a lot of things. Consider a rainfall shower head if you enjoy that dancing-in-the-rain feeling. Shower jets can give you a 360-degree clean. Standing spouts, removable sprayers, shower heads with ambient lighting or speakers — the sky is the limit, so choose something that you love to look at and use.

9. Increase Ambiance With Mood Lighting

One of the biggest trends this year is creative bathroom lighting — and that goes well beyond the previously mentioned chandeliers. People are loving the look of mirrors with backlighting or rim lighting. Another great way to enhance the mood is to install under-cabinet lighting. This draws the eye to your vanity, creating a beautiful focal point and a perfectly moody atmosphere. Create lighted alcoves, install floor lights or come up with another creative idea to make your bathroom stand out.

10. Add Richness With Color

As for color trends in 2021, bathrooms are starting to veer away from whites and neutral palettes (which are still popular, even if waning a tad). Today, it’s all about rich earthy and jewel tones. This means bold, forest-inspired greens, deep blues, turquoise, terra cotta and more. Use these bold shades to create a warm, comforting atmosphere or a fresh, nature-inspired look.

11. Look for Unusual Metal Finishes

Recently, we’ve seen a rise in finishes other than brushed nickel for faucets, shower heads and other essential bathroom hardware. First it was brass, then gold and rose gold. Matte black fixtures have started to trend, and now you can even find some fixtures with gorgeous copper finishes. There are no rules here apart from the idea that whatever metal you choose, match them throughout. In other words, if you go with brass, then make sure your sink faucet, shower plumbing, drawer pulls and towel racks are all the same shade. These are some of the hottest bathroom 2021 trends out there — but there are lots more to look at, too. The main thing for this year is to make sure that whatever you do, make it creative and make it your own. In the market for modern bathroom products to complete your design? Be sure to shop the selection at Modern Bathroom!

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