How To Decorate A Plain Bathroom Mirror

Your bathroom mirror may need a little something more to really make a statement. Learning how to decorate a plain bathroom mirror will help give your bathroom a fresh, upscale look. There are lots of ways to do it, too. Below, we’ll show you a variety of ideas. 

How to Dress Up a Bathroom Mirror

1. Choose an Unusual Shape

Rather than figuring out how to spruce up a bathroom mirror, you can always replace it — except, this idea skips replacing mirrors with the usual rectangular shapes featured in most bathrooms.

Instead of a rectangle, go with something different, such as a circular mirror or an arched one. You can even find mirrors in unusual artistic shapes that defy geometric naming conventions. Since this is the focal point of your bathroom, unusual shapes are a great way to add interest.

2. Get Creative With Lighting

This idea has little to do with the mirror itself and a lot to do with how to decorate a bathroom mirror — using lighting. One popular upgrade is to install flexible strip lighting behind the mirror to give it a silhouette, or along the edges of the mirror to give it an outline. You can also replace light fixtures above or alongside the mirror for something bold and interesting.

If you have a his-and-hers sink with matching mirrors, try wall sconces flanking the mirrors and in between them. Depending on your bathroom’s style, you could go for modern sconces or something old-fashioned that recreates the look of candlelight.

3. Make Your Mirror More Useful

If you’ve ever squinted into the mirror at 6 a.m. for close-up grooming, then you can attest: Two views are needed. You need that closeup look that a stand mirror provides, and the wide-angle view to check your overall look in the bathroom mirror. Stand mirrors clutter the countertop, though. One trend that is taking off these days? Wall mounting small convex mirrors on retractable arms alongside your regular mirror. Choose one with a decorative frame and arm to not only update the look of your mirror, but to get the magnification needed without the clutter on your countertop.

4. Create a Corner Mirror

In small bathrooms where the vanity is in the corner, the mirror by necessity needs to hang in the corner, too. That can look awkward. However, you can capitalize on the odd placement with this idea: Get two matching mirrors — rectangular, arched or another shape as long as they have at least one straight edge — and hang them so that they wrap around the corner. This is the perfect way to turn an awkward corner mirror into an eclectic statement.

5. Build a Frame

Wondering how to update a large bathroom mirror? The bigger the mirror, the more likely it is to be frameless because the frames can be expensive. That said, you can DIY a frame relatively easily. Visit a home improvement store and choose some trim that matches the look you’re trying to achieve, then cut it, paint or finish it, and hang it around the mirror like a picture frame.

6. Use Craft Supplies

With enough craft supplies, the sky is the limit. Use acrylic craft paints for a decorative border around the edges of the mirror. One of the great parts about this method is that when you get tired of these decorations, you can scrub them and paint new ones. Or with faux flowers, vines and small hooks, you can wreathe your mirror in greenery and blooms. Vinyl stickers can be used as decorations, too.

Decorating a plain bathroom mirror is easy and there are countless options to help you get the look you want. If you’d like to replace the mirror before decorating, visit Modern Bathroom for a broad selection of sizes and styles.

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