Tips On Creating A Smart Bathroom

Modern houses are quickly becoming smarter with the help of sophisticated gadgets, equipment and “home helpers.” For instance, now you can access the security system and thermostat simply through a smart phone. 

Today’s homebuyers are clamoring for the latest in technology: Over 77% of millennials are seeking properties with smart innovations. The increasing demand has led realtors, manufacturers and renovation experts to find more elaborate ways to incorporate devices into the home. Well, what better place to start than a room you use daily: the bathroom. 

The contemporary bathroom is more than just a toilet, sink and shower. From grandiose add-ons to creative aesthetics to eco-friendly features, there are endless ways to upgrade your restroom that add value and appeal. Whether you’re focused on functionality or staying on trend, here’s how to incorporate smart bathroom technology into the next renovation project. 

Where to Start

Investing in a room you use multiple times a day can have benefits beyond visual aesthetics. Integrating some of the following smart bathroom ideas can help decrease the utility bills and ultimately increase your peace of mind. Whether you have a master or half bath, space does not need to be an issue. It’s time to think smarter. 

If the toilet is your throne, consider opting for a model that will deliver the royal treatment every time you sit. Some modern toilets feature seat warmers, LED lights, self-cleaning technology and motion sensors. If you really want to make a difference in the lavatory, temperature-controlled bidets and automatic dryers will change the way you go — no toilet paper required.

Conserving water goes beyond turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth. A smart fixture can reduce water consumption through programmable timers and spouts that moderate the flow. You could even implement the touchless technology often found in a public restroom. 

Whether you hop in the shower or prefer to soak in the tub, automated systems can make the bathing experience extraordinary. Set water to the perfect temperature, shine LED lights, play music from the shower head or use air jets to mimic a spa. Some sensor panels even allow you to save multiple user preferences on the same device. 

Smart bathroom technology goes beyond the standard appliances. Certain mirrors now come with demisters to avoid a steamy or foggy view. Some are compatible with smart speakers. Others take it a step further with unique beauty-breakdown technology, weather and traffic reports and news feeds to stay connected while you get ready for the day.

Other smart bathroom ideas include an intelligent scale, which can track your fitness progress, BMI, muscle mass and more. There are also cabinets that can maintain a certain temperature and provide reminders to take any medication.

Modern Bathroom Can Help 

A contemporary, high-tech bathroom doesn’t have to resemble something out of a sci-fi movie. Modern Bathroom has the products and services to set up your dream lavatory. Browse our website to learn more about how to create a smart bathroom, or contact us today. 

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