Update And Refresh Your Bathroom In Time For Summer

When it comes to home décor, nothing says summer like fresh accessories — even in the bathroom! For this hot and sunny season, the name of the game is light and bright. Out with everything heavy, thick and dark. Summer means celebrating sunlight, warmth and beauty inside and outside your home.

So, how can you update that summer bathroom décor? Here’s a look at some simple and specific ideas to refresh your bathroom in time for summer.

  1. Declutter. At the start of each season, it’s a good idea to go through the cabinets and drawers, disposing of any expired or unwanted toiletries. Removing unused products can free up space for little touches and trinkets that will be in keeping with the time of year. Say goodbye to the heavy winter items too, packing them away in storage if possible.
  2. Add fresh flowers or plants. One of the best and most beautiful parts of summer is the flowers and plants that bloom in the garden. To celebrate the season in the bathroom, why not pick some fresh blossoms and greenery for the vanity or counter? Every time you enter the room, you’ll be struck both by the beauty and fragrance of seasonal flora.
  3. Hang white curtains. If you want to update your bathroom theme for summer, switching to bright accessories is a great place to start. Does your lavatory have a window? If so, take advantage of the abundant sunshine. Replace the existing window coverings with white curtains that let light diffuse into the room all day long.
  4. Swap the shower curtain. If your current shower curtain is dark, drab or dirty, try swapping it out with summer-themed shower curtains. These bright and breezy hangings will allow more light to bounce around the room. Plus, the right design will be in keeping with your overall summer style.
  5. Replace the rug. Look for a bathmat or rug in vibrant colors to breathe summer life into the bathroom. Little touches can make a big difference in terms of style.
  6. Put in a basket of fresh towels. There’s nothing like a crisp, clean towel to make you feel pampered in the bathroom. Instantly boost the welcome factor by adding a basket of freshly laundered towels to the space.
  7. Lose the plastics. If you have a plastic soap dish or dispenser by the sink, use the changing season as an excuse to swap it out with something more durable and timeless. Whether you go with a ceramic or stone dispenser, it can instantly give the bathroom a more luxurious look.
  8. Do a deep clean. Last but not least, refresh the entire bathroom with a good deep clean for the season. Take time to thoroughly scrub and scour those tricky corners and you’ll feel ready for the warm months ahead.

As you’re decorating the bathroom for summer, one more idea to consider is updating the fixtures. Installing a new vanity, for example, can totally transform the room from blah to beautiful. Come shop our selection at Modern Bathroom to find great prices on quality name-brand products.

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