Top Bathroom Color Trends of 2019

The bathroom is one of your home’s most personal spaces and so are the colors you choose for it. Nonetheless, any time you’re thinking about revamping the room, it’s worth paying attention to the popular bathroom colors of the day. Because the bathroom color trends of 2019 offer a lot of variety, they afford plenty of opportunities to both personalize your room and reflect the current style.

How This Year’s Colors Differ from 2018

While 2018 saw bold and edgy colors trending, this year’s best bathroom colors are more focused on natural, optimistic and muted jewel tones. To give you some fresh inspiration for redecorating a bathroom in your home, consider incorporating colors that reflect these trends.

For a nature-inspired look, stick to earth tones and woodland hues such as grays, creams, browns, dark greens and desert-inspired rust. For the energizing appeal of optimistic hues, consider trending bathroom colors such as coral, orange, pink or yellow. This year’s muted jewel tones and dark, moody colors such as deep blues, purples and greens will give your bathroom dramatic flair.

Options for Incorporating Current Color Trends

There are many ways to work popular bathroom colors into your bathroom design, such as:

  • Painting the walls a strong shade — Especially if you want to make a big statement, painting the walls of your bathroom one of the season’s brightest or moodiest shades is a great way to do it. You could go cheerful with yellow or brooding with sapphire, depending on your preference.
  • Adding pops of color — Maybe you’re not ready to use statement shades in the entire bathroom. If so, it might be better to opt for color in small doses. Choose neutral tiles that incorporate a little emerald or coral into their design, for example, or try swapping in colorful accessories such as shower curtains, towels and rugs.
  • Choosing on-trend neutrals — Even if big, bold color’s not your forte, you can still show you’re up on current styles by using neutrals that are popular now. Rather than sterile white walls, for example, consider a gray or beige that reflects this year’s love of earth tones, or go with a creamy color that’s not only in right now but also will stand the test of time.

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