8 Tips For Maximizing Space In Your Bathroom

When you’re looking to make the most of small square footage in the bathroom, design is everything. Through a more strategic layout and smarter room organization, you may be surprised at how much larger the bath area can feel. Free floor space by storing products out of sight, for example. Open the layout significantly by going with a smaller vanity or a pedestal sink. There are many ways you can gain space in the bathroom to make it feel larger and more usable.

Here’s a look at some great organization tips that can help:

  1. Paint the walls soft colors. When space is an issue, don’t use dark wall colors, which can often make a room feel smaller. Instead, paint the walls pale colors that will help create an illusion of more space.
  2. Go with a glass-enclosed shower. For the sake of space, skip the shower curtain and opt for glass. A glass-enclosed shower provides a clear line of vision through the room, making it feel more spacious in the process.
  3. Get a bigger mirror. Is the mirror above your vanity as big as it could be? Push the margins of your wall area with a mirror that extends as far — horizontally and vertically — as possible.
  4. Streamline the vanity. Anything that frees floor space will help your bathroom feel bigger. If you can swap the vanity with a leaner model, do it. Consider using a pedestal sink, for example, or a wall-mounted vanity that’s off the floor. Even if the opened surface area isn’t usable, it will make the room appear larger.
  5. Eliminate what you don’t need. Go through all the items in your bathroom and determine what’s necessary. Do you truly need five bottles of shampoo and 10 towels, for example? Could you pare down and keep less on hand? By reducing how much you store, you cut the clutter that can make a bathroom feel smaller.
  6. Add unseen storage. For the items you need to keep in the bathroom, set yourself up with savvy storage solutions. Consider adding a medicine cabinet over the vanity, so everyday bathroom items you need are easily accessible. Likewise, if you have a storage cabinet in a vanity or closet, add organizers to the back of the door and roll-out drawers to cabinets, allowing you to use every bit of space you have.
  7. Make use of shelving. The area above your bathroom door might be perfect for adding an open shelf to store paper products or extra towels. Likewise, a simple shelf above the toilet could be ideal for showcasing eye-catching bathroom trinkets and neatly arranged bath products.
  8. Roll, don’t fold, your towels. Instead of folding your towels (which takes more space), try rolling them. Rolling saves space and adds a spa-like feel to the bathroom.

When it comes to the bathroom, the smarter your storage solutions, the better. Even the smallest powder room feels larger when it’s designed well. To efficiently use your bathroom’s square footage, try the tips above!

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