The 10 Things You Should Have In Your Bathroom Cabinet

When you think about it, the bathroom is one of the most important parts of a home. It’s where people shower, shave, brush their teeth, put on makeup, style their hair, and go for painkillers or bandages. As such, it’s a room where you want to have the tools you need at the ready — so you’re equipped for all that’s involved in daily living. With that in mind, what are the essentials to keep in a bathroom cabinet? To help answer that question, here’s a look at what bathroom cabinet items to include: 

Bandages (and antiseptic cream):

Whether you cut your finger or skin your knee, you shouldn’t have to waste time trying to find your first-aid supplies. Keep them in your bathroom cabinet so they’re always at the ready for emergencies. 

Pain medicine:

Most people know what it’s like to wake up in the middle of the night with a throbbing headache. Save yourself the extra steps of trekking to the kitchen, and keep over-the-counter pain medication in your bathroom cupboard.


Another common malady is a stomachache. Be prepared for indigestion when it strikes, and keep antacids in your bathroom stash, too. 

Cold medicine:

You never know when the common cold is coming, so be ready for it with basic cold medicine in your bathroom. Keep cough medicine, a decongestant and throat lozenges as staples. 


If you’re coming down with the flu or are just feeling funny, having a thermometer is a must. Keep it in your bathroom cabinet so you always know where to find it when illness arrives. 

Allergy products:

The only thing worse than dealing with an allergic reaction is not being prepared to treat it. Keep antihistamines and hydrocortisone cream on hand, as well as calamine lotion, so you can respond to any allergic or itching issues that arise. 


In a world where skin cancer is rampant, it’s hard to be too careful about sun protection. Store sunscreen in your medicine cabinet so it’s easy to shield your skin from UV damage. 

Oral hygiene products:

A healthy mouth starts with good oral hygiene. Stock a toothbrush, plus an extra or two in case an overnight guest needs one. Likewise, have toothpaste, floss and mouthwash available. 

Personal toiletries:

Whatever you use to get ready each day, keep it supplied and organized in your bathroom. This includes makeup, hair products, moisturizers, shaving cream, etc. 

Personal paper products:

Even if you don’t use cotton swabs and cotton balls every day, it’s nice to have them available. Likewise, stash feminine products and other personal paper products in your bathroom storage so they’re there when you need them. The better stocked your bathroom cabinet items, the more prepared you are for life’s unexpected changes. Use the tips above to organize your space. If you’re designing or renovating a bathroom and looking for new components, visit Modern Bathroom to learn more about the best in bathroom storage and bathroom vanities!

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