Why You Need To Start Tongue Scraping

Anyone who’s experienced bad breath can tell you it’s an embarrassing condition. Smelly breath is distracting, makes others uncomfortable, and limits the intimacy of close conversation or kissing. That’s exactly why, if you’re dealing with this frustrating problem and wondering what to do, it’s time to think about tongue scraping. Believe it or not, this simple step can make a big difference in freshening your breath and oral health! Here’s a look at what tongue scraping is, why it’s beneficial, and how often you should do it for the best benefits.

What Is Tongue Scraping?

Tongue scraping is exactly what it sounds like: using a designated tool to scrape your tongue, removing bacteria and dead cells in the process. Because the particles on your tongue can cause bad breath, removing them through tongue scraping may also eliminate the accompanying odor. Tongue scraping helps you get rid of more odor-causing bacteria than you could with just brushing.

What Are the Benefits of Tongue Scraping?

By regularly scraping your tongue as part of your overall dental hygiene, you can enjoy a variety of benefits for your health and wellness. These include: 

A cleaner mouth:

A tongue scraper can help remove harmful bacteria on the tongue, leading to a lessening of bacteria in the mouth as a whole. 

Better breath:

Because bacteria such as mutans streptococci and lactobacilli are sometimes associated with bad breath, lessening them is a step toward a fresher, better-smelling mouth. 

Improved health:

Removing bacteria is not only good for preventing bad breath, but also tooth decay, gum disease and other conditions. 

Enhanced sense of taste:

Another surprising benefit of tongue scraping regards taste. The cleaner your tongue, the better you may be able to distinguish and enjoy bitter, sweet, salty, etc., foods.

How Often Should You Do It?

At minimum, scrape your tongue every time you brush your teeth. This can help prevent ongoing bacteria buildup. Keep in mind, however, that scraping your tongue only removes the current bacteria in your mouth — it doesn’t prevent future bacteria (or bad breath) from developing. If you’re fighting breath odor, you’ll have best results from scraping your tongue after every meal. For a simple, effective way to improve your breath and oral health, add tongue scraping to your hygiene routine. When combined with an overall dental care plan, it can be a great solution for better breath.

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