10 Bathroom Accessories You Need


When it comes to bathroom design, one small change makes a huge difference. Infuse fun functionality into any space with these awesome bathroom accessories. One thing is for sure: Americans love their lavatories. Some say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but we say the bathroom is the backbone. It’s where the day ends and begins — but from a design standpoint, it’s also an oft-overlooked space. Toss a pretty rug on the floor, and most folks call it a day.

Rage Against the Latrine

Why do so many interior designers shy away from sinks, showers, toilets and the like? Maybe bathroom renovations aren’t as romantic as bedrooms or kitchens, but they allow you to create a profound statement. Adding some quality bathroom accessories can make all the difference in a relatively small space. Installing a luxury vanity or stunning antique tub is a decent start, but it’s not enough to achieve that “wow” factor that every homeowner desires. If you’re looking to spruce up a recently renovated bathroom, consider integrating some cool accessories and unexpected fixtures. We’ve assembled a solid lineup of today’s most sought-after “extras” for bathrooms of every size. Some items are cheap, some expensive — but they all deliver on the promise of personality, functionality and organization.

10 Creative Bathroom Accessories You’ll Love Using

10. Waterproof Speaker

Yes, these sound machines have been around for decades — but with huge advances in wireless technology, today’s shower speakers go far beyond your father’s staticky FM station. Connect to any smart device via Bluetooth, and you can listen to playlists, daily podcasts, audio books and so much more. Built-in microphones also allow you to answer calls while the water is still streaming.

9. Bamboo Bath Caddy

When staging a home, designers often drape cozy blankets over the sofa or plush pillows on the bed. Why should our bathtubs go bare? A bamboo bath caddy brings rustic warmth to an otherwise stark, shiny space. Plus, when you finally get around to indulging in a nice soak session, the tray adjusts across the length of the tub to hold your book, iPad, phone, candles, wine glass and more.

8. Automatic Soap Dispenser

Whether you prefer antique charm or sleek, contemporary finishes, nobody can deny the amazing convenience of an automatic soap dispenser. It seems so trivial. So lazy. Yet once you say goodbye to the manual pump, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner. For homeowners with big families or constant guests, it’s also a smart way to prevent the spread of germs.

7. Hair Styling Station

If you’re a female short on space, blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners are the bane of your existence. Stray wires and wands create an immediate eyesore. Thankfully, hairdressers banded together to invent an organizational masterpiece in the hair styling station. This funky-shaped storage unit features heat-resistant stainless steel and holes perfectly molded for today’s popular styling tools. Not to mention, it looks pretty chic sitting on your counter.

6. Mini Silicone Squeegees

Hard water, anyone? If you have a stylish mirror or pretty glass to display your intricate tile work, then you probably know the difficulty of dealing with hard water, soap scum and other everyday deposits. Grab a couple silicone squeegees, hang them from a suction cup hook, and behold their charming pop of color (and functionality). Just swipe the blade across any flat surface, and see it sparkle and shine.

5. Heated Bath Mat

If you’re unwilling to splurge on heated floors, then impress clients and guests with a heated bath mat. It’s the simple things in life that warm the heart and excite the senses. Today’s high-tech rugs are completely rechargeable, machine-washable and stay piping hot for hours — the perfect marriage of convenience and spa indulgence.

4. LED Color-Changing Faucet Screen

Ever see those little lights that illuminate your toilet at night? We love those, too — but this other unique gadget really makes a splash. Now, you can purchase an LED disc to replace your existing faucet screen. Once you screw it in with the appropriate adapter, water streams out alongside a colorful disco light show!

3. Rotating Makeup Organizer

If you love the glam of an old Hollywood vanity, today’s makeup organizers are the next best option. Transform any woman’s countertop into a stunning display — thanks to exceptional craftsmanship; white, easy-clean design; and a nook and cranny for all of today’s popular cosmetics.

2. Intelligent Trashcan

There’s something so inherently awkward about a bathroom wastebasket. Now, there’s no more bending over to lift the lid or slamming your foot to pop it open. Innovative smart trashcans feature built-in chips that automatically sense your presence. The lid opens and closes silently, startling (and impressing) visitors as they pass by.

1. Bathroom Mopping Robot

It’s a miracle from the bathroom gods! If you hate cleaning all those impossible crevices throughout the bathroom, meet this floor-mopping masterpiece. iRobot Braava is a miniature version of the famous roaming vacuum. Designed specifically for compact spaces, it jet sprays between tile, at the base of the toilet, and in other hard-to-reach spots. Ready to bring your bathroom projects into the 21st century? Give these gadgets a try, and see how well they complement your Modern Bathroom accessories, vanities, fixtures and other luxury essentials!

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