Tips For Giving Your Dog A Bath In The Tub

Hiking with your dog along the trails or visiting the other pups at the nearby dog park are some of the most fulfilling ways to spend free time with your best four-legged pal. While you may make memories that will last a lifetime, you'll also likely bring home a messy pooch that needs a bath. Rather than going to the groomers for a quick rinse, you can transform your tub into a dog-washing station. The Tips Start Here:

Consider Bathroom Renovations

While it's possible to give your dog a bath in a standard tub or a typical shower stall, it's not always ideal. It may not be spacious enough for you and your pet, and it might not be the safest choice. Soaking tubs are one option to consider when creating a dog-washing station in your home. These tubs are large and deep, but the faucet is on the backside of the tub rather than in the front. This makes it easier for you to wash your pet, and may help your dog feel more secure. If a soaking tub is not a possibility, a shower with a secure base is another option that may work well.

Always Make Safety a Top Priority

Once you have completed your renovations, store all of the necessary safety items nearby the dog-washing area. This may include a leash, which can help keep your dog calm while also giving you more control during the bath. You also should have a mat in place to prevent your pet from slipping during the bath.

Brush Your Dog Before the Bath

When you have a dog-washing space in your home, be sure to maintain it properly and keep it clean. Dog hair will quickly clog your tub and may create eventual plumbing issues for you. To prevent this, take the time to brush your dog in a separate area prior to beginning the bath. Choose a brush that will work best for your dog's particular coat. Remember that regular brushing is critical to minimizing mats and keeping your dog looking fresh and clean.

Keep Comfort Items Nearby

Sometimes, baths can be stressful for your pet. Keep comfort items near the bathing station, such as a favorite toy or a special blanket. Any way you can help your dog stay calm will benefit both of you.

Wash With Dog Products

One common mistake that pet parents make is using human shampoo products and lotions. These bathing products are not designed for dogs, and may be detrimental to their skin or coat. When you create a dog-washing station, be sure to stock the cabinets with dog shampoo products. These will allow you to gently wash your pet with a product that’s safe for its skin and coat. Other supplies that you may want to store in your nearby cabinets include dog nail trimmers, a pet-safe hair dryer, and pet conditioners.

Don't Forget Playtime

Bath time can be about more than eliminating the day's dirt and getting clean for another adventure. It's a wonderful time to play with your precious pup. Take out special toys that your dog can only enjoy during bath time. Practice new commands and reward your dog when it behaves during the bath. By playing during the bath, your dog will not only have fun, but it also could begin to feel less anxiety about being bathed. Playtime can change your pet’s perception of the experience, while simultaneously giving you time to bond.

Complete the Process by Making Your Pet Warm and Dry

After the bath is finished, work quickly to get your dog warm and comfortable again. Stacking fresh, warm towels nearby the dog-washing station will help your four-legged friend be dry and cozy within moments. It's often ideal to have two towels nearby — one for the initial moments after the bath and another to thoroughly dry your dog after it is no longer dripping wet. Your pet is an important member of your family, so it's essential to make your pup feel at home at all times. A dog-washing station within your dwelling will not only be convenient, but it will be a space where your pet can feel comfortable and confident during its baths.

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