Bathroom Door Ideas

Doors may not be the first component that comes to mind when people think about bathroom renovations, but they can be one of the most impactful. Why’s that? Think of it like this: A bathroom door makes a first impression. It’s what people have to walk through before they ever get to see the unique design choices and features you’ve added to the bathroom itself. Install a stunning door, and you set the stage for wowing guests as they step inside. The door can make a dramatic impact on the room’s overall look and feel.

Style Options for Bathroom Doors

Given that doors can be such showpieces, how do you pick the right design for your bathroom door? Should you go with a sliding barn door, French doors or something else? To inspire you with the possibilities for a grand bathroom entrance, here are a few cool bathroom door ideas to consider: 

French doors:

Nothing says grand entrance like a pair of French doors leading to the bathroom. Paneled with glass, they let in light, allow open views into the bathroom and create elegant ambiance. 

Glass panel doors:

Featuring panels of glass, these doors are arranged in various patterns or designs. Choose a modern style — such as the door with five glass rectangle panels — to pick a hot option. 

Sliding barn doors:

On trend today are sliding barn doors, available in a variety of designs and styles that fit the modern home. Typically hung on hardware that sits above the door and allows the doors to slide, these doors can add wonderful charm and value. 

Pocket doors:

The best part of pocket doors is how they tuck away into the wall, saving valuable floor space. When you’ve got a layout that’s short on space, pocket doors help make the most of your room. 

Panel doors:

Just because panel doors are the most common interior doors doesn’t mean they’re not special. In fact, panel doors are popular for a reason. Whether you go with doors that have a single large panel or doors with several small ones, you choose a classic, versatile look with this option. 

Frosted glass doors:

For a door that creates a spacious, airy look without sacrificing privacy, there’s the frosted glass option. Frosted glass doors come in a variety of styles and help to let more light into the bathroom. 

Stained glass doors:

Stained glass doors create a real wow factor in the bathroom, capturing the eye with intricate patterns of colored glass. These designs can be as basic as a simple repeated pattern or as ornate as a picturesque scene. 

Mirrored doors:

Kill two birds with one stone when you opt for a mirrored bathroom door that gives you more convenience when getting ready. A door is often the perfect place to feature a tall mirror, built into the design. It maximizes space while still letting you check your outfit each morning.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping Bathroom Doors

Because a bathroom door opens to a wet, often humid, indoor area, consider this environment when you’re shopping door materials. Today’s market includes a variety of options — from wood to fiberglass to steel — and each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. As you’re shopping, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Only buy wood doors that are treated for high humidity.

If you decide to go with a wood bathroom door, you’re choosing a classic option, unrivaled for its style and beauty. Make sure, however, that the wood is treated for high humidity — otherwise, you run the risk of the door warping over time. The only time when this isn’t an issue is in a bathroom without a shower/tub. 

2. Give steel a chance.

While a steel door might not seem like the most intuitive bathroom choice, there are a few reasons it makes sense. Steel doors are durable — naturally resistant to water damage from condensation or humidity. More than that, though, steel doors are continually evolving, and today’s marketplace includes a variety of stylish designs worth considering. 

3. Fiberglass is the typical choice.

Most homeowners today go with fiberglass bathroom doors that look like wood. Fiberglass is cheaper than wood or steel, though not as durable as steel. It’s also resistant to water damage, so it can be a great bathroom option.

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