How To Remodel Your Teen’s Bathroom

As your child moves from elementary student to teenager, his or her tastes are likely to change, too. That’s exactly why, for example, that adorable bathroom with primary colors or an aquarium theme may have been cute for your toddler, but probably not for your teen. Whether you’re designing the bathroom for the first time or planning a bathroom remodel for your teenager, remember these principles:

1. Forget trendy and go basic.

While themed bathrooms can be cute for kids, see if you can skip the big, bold decorating look for now. Teenagers are notorious for changing their minds often. Even if your teen is passionate about basketball, the color pink or some other decorating theme right now, there’s a good chance he or she will feel differently soon. Avoid needing to redesign the decor every year or two. Instead, stick to a basic color scheme and design, with changeable accents such as towels and a shower curtain. 2.

2. Create space.

If your son or daughter is like most teenagers, he or she cares about appearances and will likely spend more time than ever getting ready. Along with that, expect extra toiletries and beauty products to join the daily routine. Keeping that in mind, look for ways to create more space for bottles, sprays, makeup, etc. 3.

3. Get organized.

Make it easy to keep personal items separate with smart organization strategies in the bathroom. If your kids all share the same bathroom, for example, give each one a designated hook for his or her towel. Another idea is to coordinate towel colors so that each member of the family has a specific hue that’s always his or hers. Other organization tips include setting up a makeup station with a stool, organizing the closet or shelves with easy-to-find toiletries, and/or designating each drawer for a family member’s items. 4.

4. Go for the double vanity.

Is your bathroom large enough for a bigger vanity? Consider this: If your teen shares the bathroom with anyone else, a double vanity will be a huge asset. With two vanities, it’s possible for more than one person to get ready at the same time, without anyone fighting over who gets the mirror or who’s been in the bathroom longer. 5.

5. Add electrical sockets.

If it’s possible to add extra electrical sockets to the bathroom, do it. With additional electrical sockets, more than one person can be in the bathroom blow-drying hair or using an electric razor, simultaneously, without feeling stressed about getting time and space. 6.

6. Increase the light.

Extra light can make a bathroom feel larger and brighter — not to mention make it easier for your teens to get ready each day. To boost the brightness of your bathroom, you might add a new light fixture, choose bulbs with higher wattage, and/or get rid of curtains/shades blocking natural light in the room. 

Whether you’re upgrading a child’s bathroom into a teenager bathroom or trying to make your home’s main bathroom more appropriate for the whole family, the six tips above are a great place to start. When you want to find bathroom fixtures and features to incorporate into your upgrade, head to Modern Bathroom. As the web’s leading provider of bathroom products at factory-direct prices, we’re your resource for outfitting a beautiful bathroom space. Browse our online catalog to learn more and get inspired!

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