Vessel Sinks: Still A Hot Trend

If you think vessel sinks were a fad that has faded, think again. These unique bathroom sinks haven’t disappeared, even if their heyday seemed to be a decade ago. The vessel sink option has remained not only available, but desirable for many discerning designers. Several standout qualities are responsible for vessel sinks remaining popular among many designers and remodelers today. You’ll find them in model homes, renovated bathrooms, hotels, restaurants, upscale stores and many other types of commercial buildings. And you’ll find that they are available in a wide range of styles, from rustic to modern. They come in all kinds of looks, are easy to install and look great in any number of bathroom settings. 

So what’s great about bathroom sinks that are mounted vessel-style? How could you incorporate a vessel sink in your own bathroom update, and why would you want to? If you’re thinking about going with a vessel sink design, what do you need to know? 

To help answer these questions, here’s a look at some of the biggest advantages a vessel sink provides:

1. A stylish look.

Rather than “hiding” the sink within the counter, a vessel sink celebrates it as a showpiece of the bathroom space. Putting the sink basin above the countertop makes it a real focal point of the bathroom. A vessel sink grabs attention, creates visual interest and makes a real statement in a space. So when you want to make a strong design statement with your sink choice, a vessel sink is a great way to go. 

2. Design flexibility.

There seem to be very few limits when it comes to styles for a vessel sink design. Shop around for traditional, modern, bold and classic looks — whatever appeals to you. While these sinks tend to feature oval or round shapes and they are beloved for their compactness and clean lines, vessel sinks do come in various colors, materials and styles. If you explore the market far enough, you’ll find porcelain, glass, bronze, bamboo, copper, stainless steel and more materials available. 

3. Versatile installation options.

A vessel sink is traditionally installed above the counter, but it may also be partially recessed if you prefer. This is one more way it adds possibilities to a bathroom design that you can customize for your tastes. 

4. Easy installation.

Another perk with vessel sinks is their convenient installation process. Because they are typically mounted on top of the counter, it’s easier to put them in place and easier to hook up the plumbing. 

5. Easy replacement.

Easy installation means easy replacement, should you ever want or need to swap your vessel sink with another style. This kind of flexibility is a great selling feature when you know you might want to change your mind later. 

6. Useful counter space.

A vessel sink leaves a little bit of counter space beneath its ridge that otherwise would just be part of a bigger bowl for a regular sink. This is one reason why it can be a great fit for a small bathroom space. 

7. Taller design.

Because vessel sinks are set higher than under-mounted options, they can be a great bonus for tall individuals who typically would have to lean down farther to use the sink. 

For all their benefits, vessel sinks may require a little extra care to clean. Because they’re higher, they also may not be optimal for households with shorter individuals or small kids. A vessel sink can also be more vulnerable to damage due to its exposed edge. Nonetheless, it has so many features and benefits, many homeowners make it their sink of choice. As you explore the marketplace of sinks and bathroom designs, consider incorporating a vessel sink. 

Finding the Right Vessel Sink for You

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