How To Creatively Decorate A Small Bathroom

You won’t be able to change the square footage of the room by painting the walls a different color or by switching sinks, but you may be able to change the feel of that square footage. That’s why bathroom decor is so powerful. It makes all the difference in being able to enjoy and use your space. In fact, the smaller the bathroom, the more creatively you have to think about decorating. How does bathroom decorating work? What are some thoughtful, helpful ways to make a small bathroom feel larger? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at some top tips for creatively decorating a small bathroom to add value: 1.

1. De-clutter.

The fastest, easiest and most low-budget way to expand a bathroom’s sense of space is by de-cluttering. Remove anything from the room that doesn’t need to be there — jewelry, toiletries, extra towels, etc. Focus on keeping only essential items in the bathroom so you can create the illusion of a larger space. 2.

2. Think light and bright.

Generally, light colors open a space, while dark colors make it feel smaller. When your bathroom is small to begin with, you can take advantage of this basic principle by painting the walls a color that’s light and bright. Light walls allow more sunlight to bounce around the space and help make the most of the square footage you have available. Likewise, choose a light shade for your flooring in order to maximize your bathroom’s space. 3.

3. Let the light in.

When it comes to expanding the feel of a room, just as important as light paint colors is natural light. Even if your bathroom only has one small window, make the most of it. Use translucent shades or curtains. Keep the windowsill clear and uncluttered. The more sunlight that comes into your bathroom, the better. 4.

4. Incorporate smart lighting fixtures.

Second only to natural light, the lighting you add to your bathroom can make a big difference. Look for ways to open your bathroom with task lighting, such as over the shower and around the sink. You may even use lights to create height and depth in the vanity area. 5.

5. Save space with a pedestal sink.

Even a tiny bathroom feels larger when there’s open space available. Clear some floor space by switching from a vanity to a pedestal sink. With a pedestal sink, you not only have a sleek sink, but you also have a timeless style that works in all kinds of homes. 6.

6. Add functional storage space.

There are lots of ways to add storage space to a small bathroom without cluttering the room. Maybe you use a medicine cabinet tucked behind the mirror to house daily toiletries. Perhaps there’s a single open shelf where you have jars of cotton balls or cotton swabs. Anything that you’re not able to conveniently, attractively work into your bathroom’s storage space should be stored elsewhere — in a nearby linen closet or cabinet, for example. 7.

7. Maximize mirrors.

Because mirrors reflect light and expand a room’s sense of space, you’ll want to use them to brighten your bathroom. Whether you go with a collection of mirrors arranged artistically or one large mirror above the sink is up to you. Keep in mind, though, with more mirrors, your bathroom will get more light. 8.

8. Go with a glass shower door.

If you have the ability to renovate the room, always opt for a glass-enclosed shower in a small bathroom space. A glass door creates a longer visual line of flooring, making the room feel larger and less segmented. If this isn’t an option, choose a clear shower curtain or, at least, a curtain that you keep pushed to one side when not in use. 9.

9. Shop for smaller fixtures.

From toilets to sinks to lighting fixtures, there are all kinds of bathroom products on the market today that are designed to maximize space. When you know your bathroom is small, opt for space-saving features that will give you more room to move in your bathroom. Every small change makes a difference. 

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